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    Retired flight instructor and FSS. I enjoy flight simulation, piano, sports, photography. Trying to learn German. I manage a little website for fun, about photography, aviation and flight simulation: https://francoisouellet.ca

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  1. Very well done. Great scenery. Enjoy your free gift! Where will you go now?
  2. KBUR with MFS2020. Departing for Santa Barbara. Hopefully the weather will stay VFR until arrival! Good luck to everyone!
  3. Thanks Larry. Since I use FSX and MFS2020 and not P3D or X-Plane, I realize that my list could be more confusing than anything else for the general users. I realize that my best move here would be to stop updating the list for the general public. I'll keep it for private use only, since it was the primary purpose. So the March 29th 2021 is the last public update. Thanks again for informing me Larry.
  4. I have reviewed and edited my list of the Orbx freeware and payware airports, with runway description and airport elevation. It includes most airports that were created up to March 29th 2021 by Orbx, but does not include the airports from commercial partners. I have added the airports according to what Orbx releases on its “Orbx Release Announcements” section. There are airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MFS2020), X-Plane, P3DV4+, AFS2 and FSX. Payware airports often come with secondary, smaller virtual airports included in their package. The data is included in the list. There are several airports included in the older Orbx regions on the west coast of USA that are not shown here. So the list is not perfect, but it does help the flight simmer and shows a lot of airports that were made by Larry Isenor and Neil Hill for FSX. Over a long period, they added a human touch as much as hangars and aircrafts on hundreds of airports. For the rest of the planet, the list is pretty accurate. Again, it is only a list of Orbx products and not the commercial partners. You have access to a free download PDF file on my website. Just click on the following secured link: https://francoisouellet.ca/en/Orbx-freeware-and-payware-list/ Have fun!
  5. Very beautiful shots indeed, what a light!
  6. Really beautiful shots, Adam. Great looking REAL clouds!
  7. Beautiful shots, the clouds look so real! The last shot is my preferred one.
  8. Very nice shots, you never stop moving around the globe!
  9. Excellent captures, there is something for everyone!
  10. Super shots,John! I have just bought MSFS2020. Lots to learn...
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