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  1. I've been getting this error from the normal way I get to this forum since Monday. It happened at home on my desktop and now I'm on the road and still the same on my laptop. I got here now by searching orbx forum and then connecting here directly.
  2. The ones recommending Lutein and Zeaxanthin are spot on. I got Preser vision areds 2 thinking it was just a good idea. My sister asked her eye doctor about it and he said only if you already have wet AMD so I quit taking it but those who have the wet AMD I have heard this stuff really stops it from getting any worse.
  3. I love talks like this. I'm 62 and having "senior moments" of my own. This lets me know I'm not alone. That gif above is priceless. Thanks for the good laugh everyone.
  4. Just wanted to share this. I'm a truck driver and I was heading north on I-65 north of Indy a couple days ago. I was watching the traffic in front of me when out of the corner of my I saw something swoop down right beside me. It was a helicopter!!! He was spraying a crop. He wasn't more than 30 feet from me and we stayed side by side for about 1/2 a mile. It was sudden and like to give this old man a heart attack. Just don't expect anything on the right side of the truck when in the right lane. Unfortunately I was late grabbing my phone or I would have had a really cool pic to post.
  5. LOL!!! Well I cleaned everything out of my sim. Good thing there wasn't much installed. Cleaned up appdata and some other places and did get the sim running again. I just refused to believe Vector was the culprit. I first installed Global and the library. Ran the sim and then went for it and installed Vector again. I started the sim with no problem and then ran the auto configuration and started the sim again and had no problem. Then I installed OLC NA and ran the auto configuration again and so far so good. I had 8 or 9 addon airports from FSDT and Flightbeam installed before but don't know why they would have been a problem after installing Vector - if that's what happened.
  6. I looked at the folders and all was there. Installing from FTX Central 3 is pretty simple. I installed it and then I ran the auto configuration. Didn't do any thing else. I ran the troubleshooter tool in the ORBX folder and it shows everything is ok.
  7. I did some flying in P3D v4 this morning and then decided to install vector. After that the sim starts and disappears. It's the only thing I installed after successfully doing a flight.
  8. ORBX enthusiasm for this sim possessed me to get it and I now understand that enthusiasm. I downloaded the free DLC's for it and thought it was great. This sim has a lot of potential. If more developers take an interest in it, I think it could be the sim to beat. The VR in it is great. I have only flown the cessna 172 in it and having flown it in RW I thought it was very good. Can't wait for next gen VR and better resolution.
  9. This would be an interesting airport to develop. It's in Charleston, WV. and it sets on top of a mountain. Must have been quite a project to build. I bet in some weather and fog conditions, it makes for some dicey approaches.
  10. This looks real good and all the buzz is exciting but for now I go where my pmdg goes.
  11. I don't think flying in P3D or FSX is a game. If it was, I'm pretty sure I would have lost interest a long time ago.
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