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This Week's Meaningless Topic (#189)(April 17)

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Hi all. I worked my way through college and graduate school by working in an aluminum factory. In the factory, I was part of a group of guys who produced the big carbon blocks used as electrodes in the smelting process. Those guys adopted me, and I loved them dearly. Fifty years later, I still remember them fondly and even have dreams where I'm back on the floor with them again. I suspect that most of us have been part of groups we really enjoyed -- sports, work, military, hobbies, and so forth. And that leads to this week's topic. 


THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC:  What team(s) have you been part of that meant a lot to  you?

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"sports, work, military, hobbies, and so forth


Phew! - what a choice - bin thur-  dunn that ! - so many memories and difficult choice - 18 years from apprentice to manager

at my Alma Mata employer for 18 years - 2 years national service with a most diverse bunch of blokes in Cyprus - however

as an apprentice - I went 1 day a week to my local tech. who were forming a new Rugby Union Team and my tenure with that

team lasted until I cracked my ankle at 34 - and took up sailing racing dinghies. We took that club from a small college team

to a full blown club in the North of England - with our own 3 pitch grounds and a modern clubhouse and training facilities.

I think I am the last surviving original member - and feel sad when I look at the old photos - and know all my mates are dead.:(

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my only 'team' was probably when I was in the Army....I had a very traumatic experience at 14 and fell out with everyone, became a pain in everyone's backside, I found the military, only did nearly 7 years but they were the best ever...met some really fantastic people, loved the life and really felt wanted and part of a team, met the wife to...when I left I felt really guilty, I now see a few about the City and one in particular that lives a few hours away, we meet occasionally, but I found it difficult to mix in civvy street, still much the same now.....I'm envious of all you with longtime relationships, I wonder if it's because I have no siblings....

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The Waverley Area Cricket Arena. (WACA). 

It was an indoor cricket venue no longer around.

Great fun with our hopeless cricket side but we enjoyed it.

Our side was called The Spitfires because we were,

nothing like one.:blink:




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15 hours ago, Rodger Pettichord said:

I worked my way through college and graduate school by working

sports, work, military, hobbies, and so forth.


 Hello Rodger,
when I was at college, tuition was paid for by the taxes that my father and every other working man paid.
He even received a grant towards my living expenses.
Today, due I think to someone from the government over here years ago seeing how much money could be made out
of students over there, my daughter has had to amass £64,000 of student debt in order to qualify as a nurse.
Then the same governments (this is not a political point, they have all done it) that made it this way complain that there is a shortage of nurses.
It makes my blood boil. 😡


I must have lived a very sheltered life.
I wasn't good at sport at school and even today, I have little interest in it.
I lack the competitive element that seems to be needed to gain one over my fellow beings.
I have never been in the military, apart from cadets at school, though my son has and he has some very worthwhile friends as a result.
My main hobby is flight simulation, I used to fly online with a group and that went well until we gradually
drifted apart and in some cases, though not yet in mine, died.
I do have other interests.
Like you, I have worked with some excellent fellow workers over the years and enjoyed being a part of those "teams".
Somehow though, we never seemed to keep in touch.
Really, I don't do acquaintances and I have a small core of true friends who are enough, beyond the mainly good people who I meet from day to day.

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Over the last 10 to 15 years our families have had various major home improvements done. We are fortunate to have a couple of brothers/brothers in law who know their building trades. We have collectively saved thousands of dollars through the whole extended family showing up to help in any way. Under the knowledgeable instruction of the boys the family team has pulled together and achieved some amazing home improvements. Teamwork truly does make the dream work!


Graeme :)

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Guys that drive and unload the beer truck and put it in the trunk of my car. Your probably wondering how is that part of the team,well someone has to put the trunk up and take it out, right?

Bartenders, well they serve it and I drink it to me that's teamwork. 

Brewers make it send it to the distributors I buy it take it home put it in the fridge and drink it, now that's teamwork I say.😄

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