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  1. Last month I had an experience that I want to share with my oldie mates - and something called potassium Last month I had my usual Blood tests to check as normal 12 months - and that night at 12 30 we got an urgent phone call telling me to to the hospital without delay + Apparently my potassium had blown out and I was almost at the Heart attack state - I spent the next 4 days in the GC Hospital whilst they cleaned up the problems and return me to normal- I'd never heard about Potassium in the blood before - and what effect it has on the old ticker
  2. Good luck with the tests - last month I had my usual Blood tests to check as normal 12 months - and that night at 12 30 we got an urgent phone call telling me to to the hospital without delay Apparently my potassium had blown out and I was almost at the Heart attack state - i spent the next 4 days in the GC Hospital whilst they cleaned up the problems and came back to Normal -
  3. Don - G'day - now you have sorted your probs - you or anybody else with this great litle lady can maybe help me no matter how i try i cannot get the nav 1 numbers set up and the ADF knob is a mystery in that I can only get 2 of the 3 numbers up - 1st one OK but the 2nd and third - one only
  4. Don - if you do think that after trying all that Pete has said - and its time to dump the one you have - may I suggest that that you replace it with one that is a Microsoft one - and bluetooth - as Pete suggests This is what I have - and is battery driven with a rechargeable battery pack.
  5. Don - I know it sounds simple - but it has happened to me - Have you checked the batteries ??
  6. For all you older British pilots - our favourite British post war Military jet is now freely available on Hawker Hunter package ยป Microsoft Flight Simulator to bring back memories of this beautiful fighter aircraft
  7. isn't it just nice to fly an oldie with the only glass ---- on the steam Gauges Once you get the old fashioned Autopilot sorted out - she is a beauty no wonder they made so many - and she was born - 2 years after me
  8. My 2c worth Microsoft include in THEIR sim a number of default aircraft - and as far as I know - the sim recognises the aircraft you choose - and all the actual controller(s) you have set up in Windows The sim then offers you a DEFAULT set of bindings to the sim for the DEFAULT aircraft chosen If you have chosen to change - even one setting - then that's your problem - not Microsoft's and they facilitate your ability to make your own bindings Microsoft's responsibility "finger bowl" - as to its responsibilities - is then used - even more so and if the aircraft you choose - is not a default - then why should Microsoft/Asobo spend time on your self inficted problem ?? One cannot imagine the coding needed for it to immediately recognise the bindings on an infinite use of controller
  9. awww1! - here's a nice fur coat for you Birthday John --- for that cold - cold Canberra you call home I noticed snow in the background on yesterday's news
  10. Kiwiland is coming alive at last - via NZAA and others beside Orbx - so maybe time to invest in that HS 145 - to cover all possibilities of our neighbour across the ditch
  11. I always call her Auntie Betty - and when she knows I was visiting London on my many Business visits - she always stuck a flag on the roof to let me know she was home - because I always stayed just around the corner from Buck House.
  12. My mind thinks that that this is the right place to place an old codgers memory of 70 years ago because someone else might remember it as well - and what they did on the day. In my case - I took this photo on my Kodak 120 Brownie - in the pouring rain - sitting in East Carriage Drive - London - in a Stand - outside the Grosvenor Hotel. I was one of a group of 6 engineering apprentices - out of 45 - that won a trip all the way down to London to "See The Queen" and her coronation. Went to the Tower of London for the first time -------- to see if I could Qualify for the Guards The other memory of that day - was the news that came out that morning on our way to the stand at 6am - that Edmund Hilary - a Kiwi from NZ - and his Sherpa guide - Tensing - had climbed Everest - the first to do so - a few days earlier.
  13. Well -- it does include - the not yet built Queens Wharf and Freedom bridge
  14. My wallet - no Cash -just 3 credit cards - tools to open a cash dispenser - if I need cash - these days
  15. With the new update of Italy - I couldn't resist the temptation to dust off the Airbus 135 and a kwik flight around one of my favourite "Tour" cities
  16. Nice one Rob - sort of -, "Back to the Future" thinking and thanks for that I flew the single engine for a few hours in real life - and I have the A2a in P3D but your vid idea got me to go to XP 11 (for the first time in months) - and fly the TwIn A great time was had in so doing - and one day the twin might be in MSFS
  17. To day = US70 == $A99.9 + rate fee ++Bank fees ++ paypal fees = $A105 us75 =$A111
  18. My Quote of $A105 in the OP of this thread - was based on the Australian dollar equivalent to $US of $70
  19. Gerold --- your next visit down under - could be on something like this The Whitsundays are also famous for it's Yacht/Boat hire fleet I hired this one -a Hunter 42 footer- for 2 holidays before I bought my own for my odyssey in 2006/7/8
  20. Probably now an ancient thread - but I came on this Realty flight - and seeing these 2 working TO and seeing the real cockpit was quite stimulating watching them do all the bits that we endeavour to repeat in these "tube" cockpits - makes me think about the plane in XP
  21. $A 105 - a bit rich for my OAP at the moment I think I will stick with the Breddok - or if I wish to keep trying Tubes - Both the Salty 747 and the Asobo 787 - simply because I love Boeing and and all the 1000s of miles I have flown in them to repeat in the sim
  22. As an ex Marketing manager - I have been following closely the - "Carrot and the Donkey" approach to the production of their B 737 for MSFS - Quite frankly - I got fed up of the process - now glad to see that a release date has finally - been given "for Take Off" -----May 9th official --- https://youtu.be/_uvw2tSrKeM Now - should I join the Donkeys - or Stick to the cheap Braddok 737 -I already have been practicing on - or just stick to my love of low - slow Carenado and JF - GA aircraft - Not forgetting the F14/15/16 and the Spit and the Lightning
  23. I have read so many stories of that area and would have loved to have sailed it I too - started my sailing days in the local Sailing club on inland waters - Racing a popular UK Racing dinghy - GP 14 - and made Commodore as well --exhilarating !! English Lake district -and Norfolk Broads - were favourite camping / sailing holidays before we came to Australia - the it was the same GP Dinghy racing on Port Philip Bay on rougher waters - then a 23 foot trailer sailer -with my sons Oh !! Happy Days - and thanks to Rodger for making me - and others - to re-enjoy some great memories in our dotage
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