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  1. Hello, perhaps you have a firewall or anti-virus software that is getting in the way?
  2. Hello, can you try without the "Inetc plug-in"?
  3. Hello, thanks. I would think that this is the result of the by now well-documented problems with Orbx and other developers' mesh products introduced by SU9. Our developer is hard at work on updates and the NZ mesh update has already been released. Perhaps it would be better if you temporarily put the Alaska mesh to one side pending the release of its update.
  4. Hello, can you clarify which exact products you are referring to, where you bought them and for which simulator please?
  5. Hello, the prices shown in my images are for someone in the UK. Local taxes, of course, vary from place to place, so not everyone will see the same final price.
  6. I see this in Orbx Direct. and this in Orbx Central
  7. Hello, which stuff are you trying to buy please?
  8. What a shame that the ten years was up last January.
  9. Hello, the product that you bought is for Flight Simulator X and P3D. It is not compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can apply for a refund here: Submit a request – Orbx Simulation Systems (orbxdirect.com)
  10. There is a lot that most of us don't understand about each others' countries of residence and indeed each other. That's one reason why we seem to be incapable of living together without constantly starting conflicts, whether armed or otherwise. One day, we will all reap what is being sown but until then, a bit more live and let live in the world, however odd the other person's ideas are perceived to be, would not go amiss.
  11. Hello, there is not a way to do as you wish and I don't think that "Megascenery" will be of any benefit to you either. Orbx do offer a 20% discount on an already lower price for MSFS products that are already owned for P3D.
  12. Hello, while I appreciate that a few beers is for many people a good thing, perhaps we can move on a bit as the world doesn't revolve around drink all the time and beer really doesn't have much to do with Rodger's topic of this week, or last week or the week before, or the week before that or the week before that etc, etc. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I see several tickets and posts in other forums on this subject. I have notified Orbx but you should also send a Zendesk ticket to Asobo please. The solution will lie with the Marketplace, over which Orbx, unfortunately, have no control. May I ask you to be patient while this is rectified.
  14. Hello Joerg, as a guess, I used your first name as a search parameter and found a ticket from 11th May. It has been allocated but, as you say, no one has yet replied. I cannot handle the request myself, as I do not have sufficient access to customer accounts. Apologies and I have sent a message asking for it to be expedited.
  15. Hello, please provide your ticket numbers, as there are no unassigned tickets from more than 24 hours ago, as promised and I cannot find them in any other way. Thanks.
  16. Hello, you can reinstall P3D into the same folder that you used before the crash. You might find that you need to send a request to LM to reset P3D so that you can install it. if you used an Orbx Central Library, then just install Orbx Central and run Sync Simulator. If you installed into P3D, then this topic will help:
  17. Hello, there is a topic here that answers your question in detail. Microsoft Marketplace and Orbx Direct - FAQ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Forum - Orbx Community and Support Forums
  18. Hello, yes indeed. Have you tried this yet?
  19. Hello, these debates seemingly have no end but it may be worthwhile to point out that as FSX Steam Edition has been available for £5, or around 7 AUD, pretty much all addons have been more money than that simulator. There must be hundreds of addons that cost more than the simulator that they are designed for, some of them made by Orbx.
  20. Hello, I would suspect that the jetway that you are seeing is from GSX? I understand that there is a setting that will lower it to the ground for you. You will find that answer here: with thanks to Iainceline
  21. Hello, here is a short series of images that should provide the solution to the excess trees. 1. the problem. 2. the cause: Bing Data World Graphics are off. 3. the solution: Set Bing Data World Graphics to on and click on Apply and Save 4. the result
  22. Hello, at present, there is no control panel for EGNM for MSFS.
  23. Hello, the file should no longer be there but here is one solution to the problem: There might be a similar solution to EGML.
  24. Hello, please try this first. 1. Delete any rolling cache. 2. Delete the Content.xml file. (AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Content.xml) 3. Delete the simulator .dat files (AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SceneryIndexes\*.dat)
  25. Hello, the workaround is as follows. 1. rename the folder that contains your library by adding an X to its name. 2. create a new and empty folder in the same location with the same name, without the X of course. 3. add the new and empty folder to Orbx Central as a library. 4. close Orbx Central, delete the new and empty folder and remove the X from the original folder name. 5. restart Orbx Central, it will now recognise your new library.
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