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  1. Hello, after you have renamed lclookup.bgl, you must then run verify files for the Orbx Libraries. That is the specific product, Orbx Libraries, not a general name for all of the Orbx files. This will write back the Orbx version of this file. Indeed, the simulator will not work without it. In case you cannot do this, I attach a copy of the Orbx file with which you can manually replace the lclookup.bgl file. lclookup.bgl
  2. Hello, your e mail address at Orbx Direct is the same as the e mail address that you are using in the forums. Is that that you wanted to achieve?
  3. Hello, here is the answer to your first question: MSI Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB MECH 2X OC Video Card Compatible Motherboards - PCPartPicker here is the answer to your second question: UserBenchmark: AMD RX 6700-XT vs Nvidia GTX 1070
  4. Hello, Eugene has given a definitive and detailed answer, so there is no further need for speculation. Here is his answer: Until the next update, I will suspend this topic.
  5. Hello, there are three EDWS files, did you find them all? There is no Vector AEC, so that will not be the problem. Is your EDWS in the German airfields folder?
  6. Hello Pete, I find that the Ultra and Low settings work as expected, on the trees. The tree models are not particularly sharp and it looks like there are only three of what the simulator defines as "trees" in the picture. Ultra Low In the Usercfg.opt file, setting trees to Low, shrugs and bushes at high, produces these entries. which would suggest that the settings are working as they should be expected to. It is the case that the Ultra setting for "Texture Resolution" produces this: but it is the Usercfg.opt entry that is different, 0 instead of 3, not the in game setting, which does indeed produce Ultra textures.
  7. Hello, I wonder if running Orbx Central as an administrator might help? Either that or lowering your user account control setting. It seems that Windows is preventing your settings from being saved.
  8. Hello, there is no sign of GEN or GES in your scenery library image.
  9. Hello, the latest comment from the developer was that threre are no imminent plans to add the new taxiway. That was some time ago.
  10. Hello, version 1.0.0 is the current version. As you did not buy from the Marketplace, the Marketplace does not know whether you own it or not and assumes that you do not. Similarly, if you buy from the Marketplace, your product will not show as owned in Orbx Central.
  11. Hello, if you have an ORBX folder containing all your files, please run Orbx Central\Settings\Help\Sync Simulator.
  12. Hello, welcome to the forums. This is the text from the last marketing e mail that I received,
  13. Hello, did you also replace the shortcut and have you tried starting it from C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Programs\orbx-central\Orbx Central.exe Your error message appears to be connected to hardware, rather than software. https://www.intel.co.uk/content/www/uk/en/support/articles/000028099/processors/intel-core-processors.html
  14. Hello, please first try reinstalling it. Uninstall Orbx Central using the Windows Control Panel and then delete C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\orbx-central-updater and C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central. Then reinstall it from any of the "Get Central" links at Orbx Direct
  15. Hello, I cannot replicate that. Can you try a complete uninstall and reinstall of LOWI and this: Thanks.
  16. Hello, this product is in fact by Gaya Simulations. You can access their support here: http://www.gaya-simulations.com/
  17. Hello, the migration troubleshooter is now redundant and should not be run.
  18. Hello, as long as you select this or its equivalent all your software will continue to work as it did before, unless it is incompatible with Windows 10. If it is, you will be notified. All of the flight simulators that are Orbx compatible work in Windows 10 and all Orbx products are compatible with Windows 10.
  19. Hello, apologies for this delay. I have made another request.
  20. Hello, you can search the OneStore folder for the ICAO code.
  21. Hello, this problem has nothing to do with Orbx who do not make a model of ESTA or ESDB. The Global Base pack does not contain any airports at all. The problem is this: If you add a version of ESTA, its excludes will not exclude ESDB, which is the ICAO code in P3D. You will therefore see both airports. The most common cause of this is an updated navigation data base.
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