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  1. Hello, I just have these, from my grandfather's career with Reckitts. He was a WW1 fighter pilot, right at the end of that war and did have various mementoes of then but I have none of them.
  2. Hello John, I assume you mean this officially announced rumour? Official News 2022 - Page 2 - Official Updates - ED Forums (dcs.world) Not much to do with "Any P3D news?" though.
  3. Hello, I can't speak for GSX, as I don't have it, but everything else that you mention will work with it. I don't do beta testing but I do lots of product testing when customers report problems. You can of course get orbx Central to add links, if you have used an Orbx Central Library, but you can also discard them and use the Addons Linker to make the same links from your Orbx Central Library. If you do that, you can deselect them all at once, if that is useful to you. The way to do it with your other add-ons seems to be to move the files into folders, organised as you want them to be and then add them back to the Community folder as links, as and when you want to.
  4. Hello Don, they are all "Northern Sky" airport products. It's just a naming convention, just like orbx-, or auscene-
  5. Hello, an adblocker will dispose of the advertisements. Regrettably, there is not yet an argument blocker.
  6. Hello, as far as I am aware, there isn't a timeline. I would imagine that the first step would be the release of the finished version of X Plane 12.
  7. Hello, some time ago, Orbx made the decision to remove product support from the forums. 1. writing as someone who spends a great deal of time responding to support tickets, investigating customers' problems, communicating with developers and in most cases, providing the customers with a timely solution to their problems, I wonder at your remark. As well as in England, we also have customer support staff in Canada, the USA and Australia. Between us we provide virtually 24 hour and 365 day cover. Looking at the system this morning, there is but one unassigned ticket. This is where the new "radio" is and if you have a question ask it here. Submit a request – Orbx Simulation Systems (orbxdirect.com) 2. Product updates are provided in a timely manner by opening Orbx Central and seeing the update notifications at the top before installing them. Development updates are supplied in these forums. Usually, they are supplied once and then they are there for any enquiring customers to find. 3. Complaints are received and dealt with using the support system as well. I can tell you that there are relatively few "complaints" versus requests for features and requests for help.
  8. Hello, that aerodrome is by "Burning Blue Design" and I would guess that they will have told both Orbx and Microsoft how much to charge for it. It appears to be a different price again at their own site. You would need to ask them what their pricing policy is.
  9. Hello, are you sure that you are comparing like with like? There is a difference between product prices for different simulators.
  10. Hello, Indeed there is a fault, which I have reported. In the meantime, there is always the recommended method of posting screenshots: Upload it to a screenshot hosting site, which the Orbx forums are not and post the direct link to the image, also known as its url:
  11. and this: bandicam 2022-11-18 10-03-36-394.mp4 Stunning.
  12. Hello, I have a friend who has it installed on two PCs with only one purchase. The only proviso, I gather, is that you cannot run both at the same time. I would imagine that he has both Pcs registered here: Microsoft account | Home
  13. Hello, YMML is a product that is now six years old and clearly the developers did not use SODE for the jetways. It is rather late in the day to be posting such disparaging messages for its developers.
  14. If it wasn't so far away, I would go round to Don's house and try to sort it out.
  15. Hello John, not really wishing to start an argument here but I am also a logical person and my version of logic tells me that there are (tens of) thousands of Windows 11 users, just like me, who do not have the problems that Don is having. There are also (tens of) thousands of users of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft Store version, like me, who do not have those problems either. In the light of that, the logical solution does not rest in replacing either Windows 11, which in my experience is the most stable Windows version yet, or Microsoft Flight Simulator, Microsoft Store version with the Steam version. If you are prepared to accept that then the problem must be local to Don's PC. Whether that be software or hardware related, or both, remains to be seen. I do agree that going to, or getting in an adviser, to look at the troublesome installation is most likely a good idea.
  16. Hello John, I don't think it can be relevant here, it supposedly only affects "some games" and even then only their performance. Don has a problem that for him, the "game" does not work at all. I have the aforementioned update and MSFS might be a little more jerky but if it is, it's very little.
  17. That's my understanding as well, but I don't have it, so I can't give a definitive answer. I have read, I think, that what is bought from Steam is the "game", that is the first part that downloads, around one and a bit GB. Then, once that is installed and running, the "game" downloads all of the content, from Microsoft, just like it does when you buy it from the Microsoft Store. Perhaps John can put us right on this, as a Steam user.
  18. Although it is a bit drastic, this webpage tells you how you can "Refresh" MSFS with a few mouse clicks. Microsoft Store version - How to Repair or Uninstall Microsoft Flight Simulator – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com) That might well be worth a try. Once you have set it off, you could go away and do something else while it sorts itself out.
  19. Hello Don, I have merged your two topics so that advice does not get lost.
  20. Hello, you can do all of those things with the Microsoft Store version as well. All of mine is also installed on the G drive and there is only 2.36 MB on the C drive. I am not sure that the Steam version will solve these problems. Don't forget that thousands of MSFS users have managed to update without these problems and if they are all local, buying and installing a second version of MSFS may well not put things right.
  21. Hello Don, if MSFS has created a new and empty Community folder in the same place as your renamed CommunityX, then that is the only one that it can see. If, with an empty Community folder, MSFS now works, then you will need to find out which of the addons in your Communty folder was causing the problem. Trial and error is the only way though.
  22. bandicam 2022-11-13 19-08-54-739.mp4
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