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Birthday Blues

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Firstly - a belated  "Many Thanks" - to those blokes who wished me a Happy Birthday on my 87th last week - and thankfully - not too many

wished me "Happy Returns'  because on that infamous day - ------


My mid range PC went belly up in a massive crash - that eventually wiped out 4 HDDs which has meant a complete rebuild with all new bits and pieces

and I am at the moment downloading everything again - this time upgraded all the important bits and mS have designated it "Ultra " all through on 

my SSDs


The bright side of this is that she who must be obeyed - readily agreed to the huge cost - as a Birthday present to myself;):):D

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Great that you have a wife who supports your hobby John :).


I too started with a new pc earlier this year and had to download everything. The good news was that the new pc gave me more power and storage space. It sounds like you are finding that as well.


Have fun with 'Ultra' :D.

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that's a right pain there John, glad you got it sorted....I hope your downloads and installs go well....I have warned the wife that in 3 years when I hit 60 I will be buying a new system, she did not contest my decision, I think that means it's okay...

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Sheeesd - thanks everyone for the comments 

She so fast my old eyes can't keep up with the FPS - and Eg - the ssd makes one helluva difference in that 

I can now fly around the world in 1/4 of the time;)

as far as SHMBO is concerned  - come Jan 1st - she has been my other life for 70 years

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