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Paris Landmarks Update?

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It was suggested to uninstall Orbx Paris Landmarks after the MSFS Europe update.  I have no idea what is happening, but in the Marketplace and My Profile downloads there is still no update to this showing? I purchased this through the FS Marketplace.   I do now buy content drect from Orbx Central. 

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On 5/12/2021 at 11:18 AM, Nick Cooper said:


there has been a delay in the production of the update, so it has not yet been released to any customers.

It is being worked on and tested.

Shows as Version 1.1.0 in Orbx Central, is this the update or are we still waiting on a release? 

Many thanks.

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5 hours ago, FireRx said:

Still see that Arc de Triomphe as an apartment building, guys.  Gonna uninstall it all together and reinstall it again. 

Update Figured it out, all good now


The Arc de Triomphe appears ok for me but for the benefit of others what was the fix? 

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On 5/15/2021 at 11:11 AM, flsm (Frank) said:

Good question because I still have the apartment building after the update.  Cheers.

Re-installed but still get apartment building instead of Arc de Triomphe - must be a little bug somewhere.  Cheers.

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5 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Hello Frank,

have you set the control panel to match your installation?

I was also curious about this. I uninstalled version 1.0 after the France upgrade and reinstalled 1.1 recently but (contrary to the London pack) I don't see a control panel (which I actually expected). Made a check files already, all okay.


Kind regards, Michael

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