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  1. Come visit every available freeware airstrip for the mainland of fantastic Papua New Guinea. Landings & turn-arounds, overflying, and touch & go's galore. Experience some scud-running, and enjoy a night-time landing. Hopefully this encourages Orbx to make some beaut scenery for PNG in MSFS. Cheers. https://youtu.be/G9Nzg7HGqsw
  2. Hop into your freeware Pilatus PC-6 and visit the crazy airstrips in the spectacular French Alps. Short runways & limited go-arounds, so make sure you know how to use your reverse thrust. Daytime flight with beautiful, snowy, dusk final landing. Using Orbx's LFKX Meribel. Cheers.
  3. Pilatus PC-6 at Orbx's LFKX Meribel Airport, French Alps. Cheers. (Click on Pic. and then full-screen for full windscreen rain affect.)
  4. Come visit former Issy airfield in Paris, France, est. 1905, now LFPI Issy Heliport, and see how this "cradle of aviation" rivalled the Wright Brothers and other early aviation pioneers. Also, enjoy a guided sightseeing tour of Parisian landmarks. Using Orbx's Paris Landmarks.
  5. You may have noticed I started making videos in MSFS about airports - history, geography, maps, old pics. etc. - with very basic video editing skills (because really more interested in content than production skills, and I committed to a new one each week!). The videos simply reflect one of the ways I have been using simulators for years because I am into history, maps etc. Of course, Aussie videos are going to feature. The videos are so much better when there is great Orbx scenery to include, like my recent Sydney and Melbourne ones. Brisbane and Adelaide are also in the pipeline. But there is then not much Aussie Orbx scenery left. My last one was on the Aussie Outback and the fantastic Royal Flying Doctor Service (https://youtu.be/Y4KxuQSQhtg) but there was no Orbx scenery to include. So, c’mon Orbx, more great Aussie scenery please - if only so I can keep making videos! Love Orbx! Love the Forum! Love MSFS (warts and all)! Cheers all.
  6. Hey @Scott Harmes, we crossed each other! Cheers.
  7. @bradb, thanks for the mention, much appreciated. @John Heaton, the Duxford video you mention is here: https://youtu.be/WdriA2RuiNo The maker of that video then made another video to explain how he does it: https://youtu.be/XTDe9cXsL_8 It is basically using this: https://joinfs.net/ So with the above, as well as use of drone camera and, of course freeware and payware add-ons, you can achieve that sort of thing. It seems to be quite complicated and time-consuming, but you could make virtually a whole movie or documentary if you were so inclined. I guess, in my own case, in my relatively new YouTube channel, I keep the production values much simpler and concentrate on other values such as history, geography, maps etc for those who, like me, are interested in such stuff. But I can see there is space for both types of production. https://youtube.com/channel/UCqCzobOlQLeGycCFnavVrPg
  8. Nice pics. Here’s a bit of interesting history. Cheers. https://youtu.be/YM7fQTg-Gk8
  9. Great scenery from Orbx and great pics. from @renault. Here’s a bit of history in case you missed it a few days ago. Cheers. https://youtu.be/d-9cpm2Jmm0
  10. Using Orbx's YMEN Essendon Fields Airport scenery. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  11. Best wishes fellow oldie Aussie! Cheers.
  12. Thanks John. Of course you are correct, ie his first point of contact in Australia was Brisbane and then he went on to Sydney, Melbourne etc. He had to get that adulation wherever he could! He will feature again in my Melbourne/Essendon video which should be out in 3 or 4 days. Looks like I will have to do a video on Brisbane as well! Maybe all the Aussie capital cities! I love this aviation history stuff, especially when there is some Orbx stuff to go with it. Cheers.
  13. @paulk, thanks for your comment and question. No perceived performance hit with the Junkers, as far as I could tell. Had High-End setting on my medium rig for the whole trip with good fps - probably could have used Ultra setting as I am doing now for my next video on YMEN Essendon history and Melbourne City and Bay tour. Cheers.
  14. de Havilland Dragon Rapide evening under-fly of Orbx's Eiffel Tower, Paris. Cheers.
  15. Yeah, thanks Brad, knew about them, but no Spit unfortunately. I think UK and NZ are only places where you can go in a Spit. BTW, how the hell did you get to 36.6K posts! Cheers.
  16. To fly in a spit has always been my dream. My wife says go for it, but I think too expensive. On my last visit to the UK I was standing on the top of Dover Castle with my wife and son when two spits flew by. They thought it was OK - but I nearly peed myself! Anyway, hope you have great weather and it is everything you want it to be. How long is the flight and how much? Cheers.
  17. I love visiting this airport when in the UK from Melbourne, Australia. Will you be including the beautiful RAF Chapel and new Museum, and the Spit and Hurricane at the entrance gates to the chapel and museum? How about including Winston Churchill’s nearby home, Chartwell - he was a frequent visitor to the airport - it would be a nice bonus, but now I’m being greedy! Cheers.
  18. Nice for my home town of Melbourne. I got my Recreational Pilot License at Tyabb along with X-country Endorsement, and then went to Moorabbin for CTA Endorsement which required some flights into Avalon and Essendon. I pop in to the pilot shop at Essendon every now and then - next time I might pop in and annoy the Orbx staff! Cheers.
  19. Visit KBDR Sikorsky Memorial Airport to see the birthplace of helicopters and the mighty WW2 Vought F4U Corsair fighter-bomber, and enjoy a quick tour of New York. Using Orbx/SamScene New York City Landscape. Cheers.
  20. I read somewhere recently, not sure where, that Orbx (and I think Gaya) are heavily involved in MSFS World Updates. Cheers.
  21. I fear this may turn into yet another fruitless it’s bad/it’s good debate. Orbx taking over MSFS? - pie in the sky. Cheers.
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