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  1. Thanks for the feedback I will give it a try today.
  2. Hi Just wondering if it all worked for you? If so I will download in the morning and try. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, that’s good to know. NYC is very fluid, I don’t look at FPS just measure it by how fluid it all runs. Looks like everything runs well for you.
  4. I purchased NYC and was most impressed with SamScene Scenery (my first purchase from them). Your Hong Kong shots look sensational think I may look to purchase Hong Kong next what’s it like on FPS?
  5. Good luck getting an XBox X took me over 4/5 months to get my son one. Also got him a Samsung 32” 4K Monitor to go with it. Don’t give up because MSFS looks sensational on the XBox X (performance is a dream).
  6. You must be jet lagged after all that flying around the world, bet you are ready for that cold bed now.
  7. A few of us have also noticed this and commented in another non dedicated posting. Yours is perhaps best to have a dedicated posting so wanted to add that myself and 2 others have also come across this.
  8. Hi what are your settings, mine are mostly set to High but not Ultra, I am wondering if the amount of POIs we see is settings dependant. I am away from PC at the moment so unable to experiment myself.
  9. This gets harder every month. Some fine shots I had it between 8 favourites. I have decided on: digital896 MSFS Liverpool EGGP It looks real
  10. I also suffered a strange collision in Newcastle, same as you. I have no freeware add on’s just the Orbx Central UK add on.
  11. Firstly many thanks to the Orbx team for this add on. It’s impossible to add every POI but you seem to have got most of them. I’ve had a quick 5 min look at the cities and they look really good. Most of my Settings are at High, just wondered if there is a certain setting I need in Max/Ultra to see everything? Thanks.
  12. Hi Nick it doesn’t crash for me using your above situation but it does crash if I select London as a discovery flight all very strange. Not trying to jump here ref. above but seems we are having the same problem so thought more info helps.
  13. Hi I’ve seen sceenshots but didn’t know there was a trailer. Struggling surfing on my phone do you have a link to the trailer please?
  14. EGLC and London CityPack work great for me if I select to fly from EGLC. If I select London as a Discovery Flight starting point I get CTD every time. No idea why. This is the only CTD I get now.
  15. There not screenshots that’s real life mind blowing the realism.
  16. Hi Me also but I have Hollywood Burbank also installed which is fairly close to KVNY plus LA default area is well detailed could these be the issue?
  17. Congratulations to Carlosqr love the lighting on your 747 shot. Congratulations to iliasr love the fact I could imagine myself sat in your shot looking out of the plane window with Singapore below. Both well deserved winners.
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