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  1. Hi John I also have Van Nuys Airport add on from Orbx installed. I have uninstalled that (as it always seemed bad on performance). It has helped make KBUR V2 and LA Basin area flyable again.
  2. Hi John I always do the above anyway and did in this case. As you say LAX basin to a big piece of scenery, I will try a small LOD reduction. Just to confirm V2 should be on better than V1 you are saying?
  3. Firstly, the free update is appreciated so thanks to Orbx for that. Sadly on my machine it’s now a slide show so I’ve had to go back to V1.
  4. It was so close for one of the Concorde screenshots, but the JustFlight release of the BAe146 has resulted in my vote going to: digital896 Sensational Qantas 146 shot.
  5. Hi Jack How you doing? long time no see. Thanks for the compliments, think I’m beginning to fly like you very low and fast. Since the early days when we beta tested MSFS it has really come on. Some big names like PMDG are bringing heavy metal to it as well. Have you made the move across yet? It’s now my sim of choice.
  6. Lovely video - very relaxing.
  7. WOW thanks really appreciate you supplying the links. Over to flightsim.to and let the downloads begin.
  8. I have turned the heating up after looking at your screenshots - great images.
  9. Great shots, nice to see an old favourite - Canadian B744.
  10. I believe Huddersfield (UK) will be the next Cityscape to be released.
  11. Singapore - Bahrain that was the dual BA/Singapore Airlines Concorde G-BOAD I think. I believe BA Concorde had a good wine cellar. But to be fair 30-40 years ago many wines were French. Hats off to the new world wines, I love a good Australian (and dare I say it New Zealand) wine with dinner. Let me throw one more into the equation. Officially it has to be known as a Australian Sparkling Wine, because I’m told as the grapes and process are not from the Champagne region of France then it can’t be called a real Champagne. However, one of the best Champagnes I have ever tasted (in my opinion) was Canadian. It has won many awards against French equivalents and although, the grapes are grown in Canada and the Champagne produced there it can officially be called a Champagne. (Some home work for you there John if you would like to research). PS I’ve met many fellow Concorde travellers but none who did the Singapore - Bahrain- London route. I think it was allowed to fly supersonic over Saudi Arabia and the Adriatic Sea but when reaching landfall near Venice had to go subsonic the rest of the way to London.
  12. It’s nice to meet a pilot who flies as high as me (very low ). It’s great to recreate the same images of Concorde we saw in real life years ago, flying over famous land marks and cities etc. I’m sure with the roar of those 4 Olympus engines in some of your screenshots I can see many Parisian’s looking up at you flying over.
  13. Sensational shots, loved everyone of them. The Air France livery looks good over the home city of Paris.
  14. I don't normally buy aircraft add-ons, but this was a must. It's so nice just to see it in flight again. Back in work tomorrow so the Big White Bird will be having a rest for a few days.
  15. as long as they don't send me the bill, especially with today's prices.
  16. Fly Past Edinburgh Airport.
  17. Carlos Every image is a screenshot competition winner. Really enjoyed them. Which add-ons are you using for Hong Kong? I would like mine to look like yours. Thanks.
  18. Yes they are nothing special compared to todays premium seats. Although, the last seats to be installed must be over 25 years old now, I suppose a lot has changed since then. You were not in them long I suppose. I flew the Concorde on a service from London to America, flight was too short in my eyes, busy eating drinking then it was over.
  19. So many airlines originally did plan to have the Concorde. Such a shame, if more had, some form of Concorde version may be about today. The 21st production Concorde was going to be the B version but sadly production stopped at 20.
  20. Thanks for looking at my other posts, no need to ask what I've been doing all day today.
  21. I also lived under the flight path, London - New York (and Washington). Everyday I would look up to see it.
  22. Thanks lifejogger I wish I could add sounds to the images for the full effect. Some how I have managed to land it, need to find the gate and have a beer. (hope no one sends me the fuel bill).
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