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  1. I have downloaded and installed, sadly not had much time to fly any of it yet. I had a quick go but kept getting a connection lost message, even though my internet was all on and working, wondered if it was a Microsoft server issue due demand. Has anyone tried it yet?
  2. A most beautiful part of the world - I’m jealous. Spent some time in Seattle years ago but mainly north of the boarder in Vancouver and British Columbia and the Islands (hence my excitement for the WU11 Canada update).
  3. At least I’m not going mad then.
  4. Thanks Mooze, has that changed I thought it was originally 28th Sept or have I got my dates wrong?
  5. Thanks, are you in Washington State BradB? I am UK I have a feeling it’s delayed. Wonder if a Hotfix post SU10 may also be coming out causing the delay?
  6. Hi Anyone have visibility of the update yet? normally release around 3pm-4pm but not seen anything yet. Looking forward to this one.
  7. Over the moon to hear World Update 11 will be Canada.
  8. Have a look on flightsim.to, there is a file on there (search Skiathos) to find it.
  9. Seen one of your shots in this months Screenshot Competition and really wanted to comment (but know it is wrong to). But since you have posted many here let me say how fantastic they are.
  10. I thought you must have, good to know we are both on the same setup now. The file you now need is: MADERIA TERRAIN FIX FOR AMSIM - LPMA AIRPORT ONLY !! Let me know what you think.
  11. 130 and 200 seems low, (but your photos are outstanding) out of interest are you on a 4K display?. I am on a none 4K display but have settings at 150/250. Since WU 9 my PC seems to struggle a little so if I can lower anything it would be good. I’m away at the moment so will have a go lowering mine when I get back.
  12. No need for apologies, I can certainly recommend the file plus another has also been released in FlightSim.to which puts the high terrain to the north of the runway into place. Both are excellent freeware files and worth trying.
  13. Sensational shots, very hard to tell the difference between MSFS and Real World these days. Waited 40 years since FlightSim originally came out for it to get this good. Your screen shots of Orbx products working within MSFS just proves how good it now really is.
  14. UPDATE PROBLEM FIXED. Some really clever person on flightsim.to has made a freeware file called: maderia waterfix, which cures all the water and tree problems in LPMA Madeira. I would recommend it for anyone who doesn't have it as it really does improve the whople island. @BAW9DV do you perhaps have the above freeware file installed already, hence why you were not seeing the issues I had?
  15. Hi Thanks for your reply. I've deleted and reinstalled the LPMA scenery, and emptied my Community Folder and I still get the issues. Anyone else got water everywhere? Thanks in advance.
  16. Sorry for the delay, belated Birthday wishes to you. I hit half a century this month also.
  17. Hi Saw this on sale so decided to purchase. Had a slight issue with water either side of the runway. I altered the Scenery priority and that seems to have fixed it. But I have water in about 4-5 different areas coming down the hills (lavada) I guess. However, in the video above the scenery doesn’t seem to have these water issues and I am wondering what I am doing wrong. I have already deleted the Asobo version and have no add on mesh. I also deleted my rolling cache and scenery indexes plus the Content.xml file. (Sorry not near PC so can’t provide a screenshot at the moment) Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi John I kept playing with this, incase others were having similar issues. Kept LOD settings at 250/150. Checked my Community Folder and found an old FlightSim.to add on for Los Angeles area. Only about 1.5GB but had over 10000 items in it. Deleted it, installed KBUR 2 and Van Nuys Airport again and all now seems good.
  19. Interesting, my LOD are at 250 and 150 which seemed sweet for most things, including London and Seattle (both big FPS hitters). May try your idea and go 200/100. thanks
  20. Hi John I also have Van Nuys Airport add on from Orbx installed. I have uninstalled that (as it always seemed bad on performance). It has helped make KBUR V2 and LA Basin area flyable again.
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