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  1. Orbx's Brisbane, Australia, city landscape. Cheers. (full screen for best night lighting affect)
  2. Cheers Jack, from Melbourne, Australia.
  3. Re-installed but still get apartment building instead of Arc de Triomphe - must be a little bug somewhere. Cheers.
  4. Good question because I still have the apartment building after the update. Cheers.
  5. I am similar to @BradB above. Been on MSFS every day from the first Alpha test day! Totally addicted! Never been back to my beloved XP, but keeping it a bit longer just in case. If ever they charge again for XP, I probably will drop it then. Now even have my beloved Spitfire in MSFS! Many seem to be having technical problems with MSFS, but I have had hardly any. I suspect alot of people with MSFS are creating problems for themselves with too many add-ons, software and hardware tinkering etc. There are certainly bugs in MSFS, but the MS-Adobo team really do seem very, very committed to producing the best Sim ever. The on-going bug fixing, updates etc is really very impressive. It is a technological marvel IMHO. I really was hoping that we would not need so many add-ons with MSFS, but that is turning out to not be the case, so that is great for Orbx and we all love Orbx. Cheers.
  6. I received the sale offer for Paris Landmarks from Orbx almost immediately after WU4 came out. I wondered whether or not Paris would be in the same situation as London. Because my much respected and beloved Orbx did not address the issue in their sale offer, which I thought was strange, it left me with the impression that maybe Orbx had prior contact with the developers and that the advertised Orbx product was immediately compatible with WU4. Now I still do not know and everyone here is guessing! But I am buying it anyway! Cheers.
  7. Great. An official update on progress with Melbourne would also be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Hi Nick. I suspect you will keep getting these posts as it is a bit confusing. For your sake, may I suggest the addition of a note alongside the Config button on the download page. Cheers.
  9. Thanks Nick. All clear now. BTW, lovely scenery. Cheers.
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