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  1. I have tried the solution optioned now 3 times and still have the trees on the runway. Not that I am flying so much from this airport but is a beauty. Only these trees are making a mess of it....
  2. Hi there! Just took off from RWY 02L and there are massive trees on the RWY. Also on taxuway V there were a lot of trees. Anybody aware of this issues? I also have Singapore city pack installed and for the rest nothing in this area. Also not a season add-on or something that affects the trees.
  3. Probably you should have a look at the official MSFS forums? I think there you'll find some answers. Personally did not have these issues.
  4. Thanks for the tip! Will give it a try when I am safe at the ground in Dublin (in sim ;-))
  5. For me, like said before, it happens with the Malmo airport. Tested variouas other airports that I bought via Orbx Central, like Goteborg and now Strasbourg. They work fine. So apparently it is indeed a problem per specific airport that loading might freeze. I still can't enter Malmo (ESMS).
  6. Hi there! Following your nice recommendation on the socials to fly Malmo to Nis with the WizzAir, I am trying to spwan in at the Orbx ESMS Malmo scenery but loading time takes ages!!! Spawning in with FbW A20N WizzAir livery. Then I treid to spawn in at, just a wild chosen airport, at EHGG (Groningen airport), which is not payware or in the communty, and there it took normal time. Am I the only one or could this issue be replicated?
  7. Very strange update to my opinion. I have both Global Shipping and Anhanced AI bought from Orbx Central. They both downloaded an update. Does this mean I have this South East Package now also? Or is the update for these packages not yet, let's say, "formally" released
  8. Looking great! Now if only Asobo stops the popping of the scenery when flying over it, it will be a buy for me!
  9. Indeed, after every Sim Update MSFS installs this LOWI back again. So everytime it is on my checklist to remove it afterwards in the Content Manager.
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