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Just watched the movie Bullit with Steve McQueen.  Can't believe it has been 51 years since that movie came out.  I remember going to see it in 1968, great movie.  I think the sales of Ford Mustangs increased after that movie came out.  Anyone else remember it.

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Do stop bragging!  I had a second, or third, perhaps 4th or 5th hand 1939 Ford Prefect I bought for £100.  I was robbed and I hated that car.  Many's the time the damn thing tried to kill me.  It had wipers that only worked properly if you pressed hard on the accelerator.  And brakes that only worked when they were pumped on and off.   Yeah, go figure! 


About two years later I had saved enough for the deposit and was earning just enough for a rent to buy new Morris Mini.  We loved that car and having paid all the instalments kept it for about five years.


Then we got our dream car, one of the first Ford Fiesta's.  Brilliant car and we've been with Fords ever since, except of a short six months rusty disaster of a second hand ex reps' Vauxhall Victor.  Later, for my Company car, I even chose the top of the range at the time the Ford instead of a Merc'.  My boss had Merc's but I always found the seats too hard.  I was doing a lot of mileage at the time so comfort was the premium concern.


Sheila stayed with the fiesta's though until we retired.  We now have a really nice Ford Escort that we've had for fifteen years and its still good!


I'm 86 next week so I don't s'pose we'll change it now.





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