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  1. Welcome to the forum(s). Hardware has sure changed a lot in the six years since the original post .
  2. Welcome to the forum(s). I don't think your FPS will change. But, that said, there are just too many variables involved to be sure. The best way to find out is to install them and see what happens. They can be uninstalled at any time so there's no real risk.
  3. The best sim? Easy to answer. It's the one that you can still use when you're over 80 and suffer from CRS.
  4. And then there is the worst one of all. This isn't pretty but it's a critical part of motor racing history. Many of today's safety standards came about as a result of this tragic accident:
  5. That crash video should be mandatory viewing for anyone who complains about having to sit behind the catch fence.
  6. And here's why they did it..... https://avgeekery.com/united-727-made-a-sporty-final-landing-at-meigs-field-for-museum-exhibit/ .
  7. E for me. One more drink (or, maybe two...or three...) at my favorite watering hole...Bloody Mary's (Bora Bora).
  8. Is there another use for the Hooker Harness?
  9. I'm with you. I never had that problem until the bank increased my daily withdrawal limit to $10,000.
  10. KMRY - Monterey CA. That's the place where I took my first lesson way back in 1958 (at the tender age of 16). It's my Orbx home airport.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20220802-why-some-aircraft-had-downward-firing-ejector-seats . There's a lot more there than just the ejector seats. Doug
  12. She was, indeed, one of the best. RIP Sandy, you'll be missed by millions........
  13. I'm starting to feel it too. Most days I feel I'm just about too old for anything. I'll be 80 years old in a few months and about the only thing I really enjoy these days is sex 2-3 times a night.........Doug
  14. Not that it effects me, but Sandi Lee, Patti Ann, and Donna Jean all told me size doesn't matter.
  15. And I know just the person to hire as our coach........
  16. It's not a joke here Carlos. I live in the USA and price matters very much to me. The latest data I can find shows the average salary in Costa Rica to be CRC 27,395 933. At today's exchange rate that's the equivalent of USD 44,220. The average salary in the United States for the same period was 51,736 USD. So, for many people, AUD 26 is also a lot of money.
  17. I know exactly what you mean Don. Back in February my wife and I drove from San Diego, CA, to Orlando, FL. A really boring 3956 km. And we did it in four days. And we'll never do anything like that again. It took us three months to recover. One thing we did learn though. The scenery in West Texas isn't nearly as bad as people had described it to us. It's much worse. My family moved from Missouri to what is now Tarrant County in Texas back in 1858. And now I know why they never moved any further west .
  18. Yes. You'll be OK as long as it's USB3 (which it probably is).
  19. You could always put v4 on an external drive. Other than the initial load time you won't notice any difference in performance.
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