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The Cessna C-170B tail wheel across Canada


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with the arrival of the new virtual C-170B from Alabeo, I could not resist to post three shots, two real and one virtual. Both real and virtual aircrafts have the same painting, which made me pretty happy. The two first shots are from a flight that I made from Quebec to Northern Alberta in 1981. In that old aircraft, the fuel gauges were barely functioning, there were no VOR, ADF or anything else that could help fly (don't even think of a GPS). I used 14 VFR maps that were folded and numbered and corrected for the drift when flying on top. This aircraft took-off and landed on a dime. Here is the link to the completed story with pictures of that flight:







I posted the picture below in the monthly contest for February. But this time, the runway length did not represent a problem...






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Thanks Rodger, glad you liked. I have wished for a realistic virtual C-170B for decades. The Alabeo one performs like the real one on take-offs and landings. And it has the same stick right of the pilot's seat, that you can use to get 40 degree of flaps. Landing in the Manitoba field (in the first shot above), I probably had a groundspeed of 15 kts as there was such a strong wind!

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4 hours ago, Rob Abernathy said:

Wonderful story!  Glad I stumbled onto this thread.  I don't get on this forum as much as I would like.

Thanks Rob, glad you liked. It's the same for me, I did not notice the Neil Hill Memorial Lounge until a few days ago. That is when I decided to post!

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