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  1. Whistling past the cemetery, eh Karl? Better keep this one.
  2. Testing ESSB was a labor of love. Always look forward to what Marcus is working on as they all have that wow factor and amazing modeling. Nice to hear about the ins/outs of msfs developing too as it helps us to test with more knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes. Thanks Marcus and I hope y'all enjoy ESSB as much as I am.
  3. O, I always point out a cruising shark or Orca as we get lower. Keeps 'em in their seats.
  4. Any Orbx scenery with a water landing. My pax don't like it when I bounce them around.
  5. Correct Wolfgang! This one would have been too obvious! I'll have to find a few more up that way next visit.
  6. Ok you lot, you're all getting too good at guessing the correct airports. Here's the last one.........
  7. One more.................2nd pic probably won't help but I couldn't help but post it.
  8. Smaller Orbx airport just SE of Seattle. Was a bugger to find a way to get there!
  9. The two pictures earlier were from Paine Field (thus the Boeing reference) KPAE
  10. Dublin? And the two pictures I posted are from the same airport. Think Boeing.
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