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  1. Lot's of smiles here! Hope it was a good one Gerold.
  2. Thanks you guys, I have a lot to be thankful for.
  3. Happy Birthday Joe! Hope it was a good one.
  4. I don't fly helos since I only have a single joystick. Besides, helicopters don't really fly, they are so ugly the earth repels them!
  5. Phewwww! Thanks Rod, though I was losing it for a minute..lol
  6. I'm seeing the same but I can't find EGCC as an Orbx or Partner product. Am I wrong?
  7. Top notch! Great atmosphere Adam...wow!
  8. Again, very nice shots Jack. I just had to go see for myself. Quite surprised that the ceiling fans in the terminal were spinning! Don't see any trees out of place though.
  9. Very nice Jack. Quite a feat to do mesh for an entire continent.
  10. Blurring the edge of reality in your shots Filou!
  11. Lovely shots Paul. Been there IRL and you've captured the vibe.
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