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  1. Thanks Landon! All up and doing flights now. Sure missed this twin and now MilViz has come through again.
  2. Hate to be so dense but I can't seem to find where to adjust the heading bug in the new C310 from Milviz. I've searched the internet for an hour now and don't see a reference. Should there be a manual that comes with this aircraft somewhere?
  3. Maybe give this a try. Seems to cure a lot of ills.
  4. I just flew the 08 approach and landed, rolled out to the end of 08 and didn't encounter any elevation issues or get launched into the air. I suspect you had version 1 of KBUR installed and then installed v2 over it. Try going back to Orbx Central and make sure both v1 and v2 are uninstalled, then install v2. Hope that's it.
  5. Had a pint o Guinness at the brewery in Dublin a couple years ago. Great taste and great view of Dublin from the top.
  6. PMDG 737 for me now too. As for the beer fridge, if it's stuck grab a hammer (number 2 tool besides duct tape)
  7. Just bought it this evening. Will install tomorrow and see how it goes. First aircraft I've bought in a long time!
  8. Amazing! Who knew that cooking french fries at A & W Root Beer was actually paying me the equivalent of $32/hr in 1965. Gas was 25 cents a gallon instead of 5 dollars so my 1.85/hr job would buy about $35 worth of gas in todays prices.
  9. Here's a screen of GE with the N Calif ands S Calif areas highlighted. Coalinga is just north of the southern border of N Calif so I'd get both for the best experience.
  10. You just know I had to stop everything and listen to this! Then an early Jimi Hendrix came up next.....love it. Saw Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival back in the day. Still amazes me that all his genius and great guitar playing that influenced others to this day was done in less than 4 years.
  11. Very nice shots Adam and the Vans is becoming my favorite.
  12. Thanks for that Jack! Made me go look it up...lol.
  13. Me too Rodger. Gordon Lightfoot was a nice surprise! Thanks Adam
  14. In a grove of redwood trees (actually has seats) that is a chapel near the coast of Santa Cruz, CA
  15. Very nice shots! Planes and boats, a double pleasure.
  16. Yeah, me too. Did a few MP flights with him and enjoyed his contributions here.
  17. Sorry Johnny, I think I wasn't clear. I did not edit the content.xml at all. Never even looked at it. I just installed LESU and went there to see and noticed I didn't have the double lines as in your approach screenshot. Here's the section in my content.xml that displays LESU. I left the entries above and below in place to show context. Now that I look at your content.xml entries it looks like you do have two instances of LESU. I don't have the microsoft-airport-lesu entry at all. Did that come from the Marketplace and not from Orbx? <Package name="shunts-ycdr" active="true"/> <Package name="simultech-airport-lesu-seo-de-urgel" active="true"/> <Package name="simultech-airport-lspu-muenster-vs" active="true"/>
  18. I liked your shots so much I installed LESU myself and it looks great! Strange thing is I don't see any double lines as you show in that approach shot. I have the latest WU8 installed and haven't edited any files. I looked in my Content Mgr and didn't find LESU there as default. Do you maybe have a 3rd party freeware version installed? Here's what it looks like for me.
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