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  1. Thanks Pete, I enjoyed the excellent video. Regards Ken
  2. Watch the video https://www.infodocket.com/2022/09/04/national-archives-authenticates-1908-wright-brothers-film/ Cheers Ken
  3. Herman, I enjoyed your flight, I assume its P3D. What software are you using for 1 ATC? 2 Passenger clapping 3 Copilot check list discussion etc. Cheers Ken
  4. Jack Sawyer, try and get YSSY data on your Airnav.com Ken
  5. Gerold (Stillwater), are the files you show above from TeeCee for P3D or FSX? I assume no MSFS because he never had this software. Advise Thanks Ken
  6. Brad, solved thanks, I clicked on to your link and it does indeed show all the MSFS products under "Products" It is in Orbx direct not Orbx Central. Regards Ken
  7. I am still on P3Dv4 and I am considering buying MSFS However as I do not have MSFS I can't see the availble scenery and airports that can be purchased and downloaded from Central. Is there a list available, or a path to see them? Thanks Ken
  8. This Audio Technica would be a gret choice. I have an earlier Audio Technica, and if it dies I will buy this one https://www.audio-technica.com/en-au/ath-g1 Cheers Ken
  9. Terry, passed yesterday in a hospice in Clinton MS He died from sever lung complications. We are all sorry to lose one of the long standing Orbx members. Ken
  10. Wayne, try MCE Multi Crew Experience, it does a fantastic job on voice recognition. http://www.multicrewxp.com/ Cheers Ken
  11. Don, well done but basically the only way to do Brisbane Melbourne is to break the journey into four pieces, did you do something similar? Bris to Coffs Coffs to Sydney Sydney to Albury Albury to Melb This gives you a chance to recover, enjoy a nice meal and a long sleep. Cheers Ken
  12. Herman, nice job, what was the software driving the passengers clapping etc. Regards Ken
  13. I called his phone and Caroline's (wifes) phone but no answer. I know he was on 100% oxygen and had limited mobility. Caroline has medical problems too. I fear thee worst but hope for the best. Regards Ken
  14. For weeks it has been Malmo Airport, it would be nice with so much good scenery from Orbx to change this picture each week. HNY Ken
  15. Cn't find one I get this message. Does one exist? If so where do I find it? Thanks Ken
  16. I downloaded the new P3Dv4 version of the city of Sydney. After a tour around in day time in a helicopter I switched to night and wow, what a great piece of scenery. Thanks Orbx for bringing us P3D simmers a great Christmas present. Merry Christmas Regards Ken
  17. Doug, some files were somehow deleted from C:\users\ken\documents\p3daddons e.g FSDG Thessaloniki But it is still listed in my scenery library in the greyed out area and cannot be deleted in the Scenery Library "Delete" option Since it does not exist in the addons file it cannot be deleted there. Or by any other method. When I start P3D it says - "Can't find FSDG Thessaloniki do you want to unload this area". Answering both yes and no on different occasions makes no difference it is still listed in the Scenery Library. Of course the answer is re-install FSDG Thessaloniki but I don't have that file either and would have to re-buy it. So the question remains - is there a way to delete the line item still in the grey area of my Scenery library? Thanks Regards Ken
  18. Doug, thanks, if I use your option three C:program files\etc won't I still have a "can't find Dublin" message on start up of P3D since it will still be on the scenery library list but no longer on the source file in the C: drive? Cheers Ken
  19. Some items are greyed out (e.g.Dublin) and some are in full colour (e.g JustSim LFMN), how do I delete a line item in the grey list see below, e.g how do I delete Dublin Airport, the mouse does not highlight the line item
  20. Admin you can close this as sloved. I re-installed the scenery. Turns out only eight were affected by One-drive. Cheers ken
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