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  1. I never imagine I would reach 80 and now I will be 83 in April (my is 81) we have been married 58 years. I was a real world pilot, now I'm a sim pilot . Would love to see a few more years! sidler
  2. Thanks for the reply rob It's log in my simulator in the add-ons page. It won't activate in Orbx Control, Im assuming it'S working! Thanks Dick aka sidler
  3. I uninstalled v5.2 and did a clean reinstall v5.3...now Objectflow will not install! What am I missing? sidler
  4. Hi Nick......uninstalled, reinstalled and got it to work Thanks sidler
  5. Hi Nick I have tried what you are showing, I tried uninstalljng reinstalling, also reinstalling into 0rbx library with no luck. sidler
  6. Updated to v5.2 and lost Freeware Airport Package....any way to bring them back? sidler
  7. Thanks Nick....reinstalling worked.
  8. It does see P3D v5 but when i tried to register I get a error. It say's the Manager need's to be fixed!
  9. It's loaded but I cannot register it! sidler
  10. Is SDOE needed in Prepar3D v5.2? Thanks sidler
  11. What has happened to the scenery blue balloons (kmz) in Google Earth? sidler
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