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  1. I wouldn't count on YPPH seeing the light of day. The developer hasn't been active on the forum for over a year.
  2. Is the YMML project mentioned targeting P3D and MSFS?
  3. I turn photogrammetry off as well. Unfortunately my 50mbps connection struggles to keep up and I prefer to see actual structures rather than obscure polygons. However even with photogrammetry off the buildings look very well represented in shape, size and color. When upping the terrain LOD everything is very crisp. The algorithm works very well.
  4. Great work nonetheless Frank. Been waiting years for a Sydney scenery like this!
  5. Hey Frank - actually after some further testing - disabling the dynamic lighting spotlight effects on the Sydney Harbour Bridge made a significant reduction in stutters for me. This was maxing out my GPU.
  6. Agree! Although strangely I have stuttering. Determined it's exclusively caused by the City Engine buildings. Removing those (files with "CE" in the naming convention) fixed it for me. Still epic even without the City Engine buildings.
  7. When was the last update from Orbx about LC Asia with screenshots? Last year?
  8. Hi Orbx Team, I just wondered - is the Sydney CityScene for P3D still being worked on and hopefully targeted for release this year? I do recall seeing it on the roadmap and I've been eagerly awaiting it. I think @Ed Correiais often across this. Thanks! David
  9. It's because they put PBR on basically every surface which kills fps in v4. I do think they went a bit overboard but on v5 it would be better.
  10. Also no taxiway centerline lights.
  11. In the end, it's better to have something than nothing. Orbx could have easily not upgraded YBBN. I'm thankful for the fact that they did and even if it's 90% accurate with some things missing. The things pointed out by QFA1213 shows he has very good knowledge of the airport and it's quirks. However even with these things missing, it won't take away from the experience of arriving/departing out of the airport in the simulator for most people. They haven't ever claimed that this will be a 1:1 representation. Yes it might not have the attention to detail that some other developers deliver, but all up, it's tremendously improved.
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