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  1. Yes that's right. The PAPI angle has been set wrongly. The glide slope however appears to be correct. I don't know what CAT this ILS is but unless it's CAT III, the decision height is 100' or 200' minimum, the GS is designed to get you to a point where a manual landing is straightforward with sufficient visibility, from where adjustments in height and angle are often necessary to land on the runway. They are not designed to get you all the way to touchdown. The developer can look at the PAPI lights for a future service pack, in the meantime, flying the glideslope accurately according to your instruments, and not worrying about the PAPI lights for the time being, will bring you to the decision height at 3 degrees from the touchdown point, and from there you can perform a normal stable landing.
  2. No not necessarily. If the glide slope is set correctly, as it appears to be for this runway, then the approach will allow you to land on the numbers by following the glide slope in your instruments. In this case it appears that the PAPI lights are set to the wrong slope. The fact you are seeing the wrong indication from the PAPI lights does not alter your ability to follow the glide slope to the runway art 3 degrees.
  3. I just ran a test and the PAPI lights are red all the way when on GS but the ILS GS appears to be set correctly, see screenshot. It brought me in to the piano keys reasonable accurately, certainly didn't push me into the trees. The problem with the PAPI lights might be because the 05 ILS is 3.5 degrees not 3 degrees so if the developer used the same frequency for both ends, it would explain the discrepancy. If you use the PAPI lights rather than the ILS GS, it'll put you above the 3 degrees GS and you should be high at the threshold, not low, and with no chance of hitting the trees. Anyway the PAPI lights could be looked at for an update, and for me, the 111.30 frequency brings the Bonanza in at around 3 degrees and it's accurate enough to ensure a safe landing at decision height.
  4. Ah yes but we did allow kiwis to come over and see the plane in action and some were even allowed to sit in the cockpit, green with envy, so I think it's a fair representation of the state of NZ military aviation.
  5. There may be commitment to completing the project but an inability to proceed that is expected to be overcome, but no idea when. All I can say is if and when Orbx is in a position to move forward on a project, they will advise, until then assume that there's some impediment to proceeding and leave it at that.
  6. Well that assumes that there is any progress or commitment, which there may well not be, if there are problems with source matrial or a developer's ability to complete the project. I'm not sure releasing a statement such as "there's no news on this project at the moment sorry" would serve any purpose. Best to assume that if and when a project is on track for a release date there will be notification, until then I'd say assume that the developers have no idea on whether it will proceed.
  7. Something I thought of overnight. You said you have MSFS installed on another computer? My guess is that you need to uninstall that one, I doubt that Microsoft allows two copies to be installed concurrently.
  8. It's possible it's a folder permissions thing, or virus software, or administrator access, any number of things. In my experience it can be best to completely uninstall and reinstall, with a guide of all steps you should take from go to whoa, including ensuring virus software is disabled orr configured correctly, that you install with administrator access, your folder paths are optimised etc. If you have been using the Orbx Central backup feature, you'll have minimal downloads to reinstall Orbx software and overall you will probab;y save heaps of time. I would have thought that there would be at least a couple of MSFS and/or Orbx users in the Amberley area who could come to your computer and see what's going on, how you'd find out or contact them I don't know, is it possible to search for users in your area here on the forums I wonder?
  9. I'm on Windows 11. Never had a problem. All my initial problems were caused by me fiddling with files :-)
  10. I have in the past completely downloaded a new install of MSFS, maybe it's time? Can e good for the soul despite the wasted day to get it back. The good news is most settings are retained somehow, control preferences etc.
  11. You're definitely running MSFS as administrator? Just a thought.
  12. Just rename it to something like NotCommunity and then make a new empty Community folder for MSFS to recognise.
  13. This is where it's at on my pc: G:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-2472195004-4180338828-1079957864-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community Your pathway should be similar just the drive letter might change. Assuming you have the Microsoft Store version installed. You can also find the path by going into your User folder in the C Drive and findding the appdata path as above.
  14. within the sim dowsn't seem to be active just shows the screenshots
  15. You have something in your community folder that's conflicting almost guaranteed. I had the same. I put all my community folder stuff into a hangar and MSFS loaded. Put all Orbx files and other add-ons that I guessed would be safe back in, and MSFS still started. I've got maybe two dozen files left, eventually I'll check them but I don't need them, I'm enjoying the DC3 in VR too much.
  16. I can understand your frustration but without actually being at your computer it's extremely difficult to diagnose your problem. With that in mind, I would do the following: 1. Uninstall all your Orbx add-ons using Orbx Central. That way you can start with a clean sheet. (If you have the Backups function already activated in Orbx Central your products can be reinstalled from the backup location rather than downloading the whole thing.) Then use the sync function, and the scenery_packs.ini file does not list them, confirm that XP11 is working. 2. Check your disk space and choose a drive, in your case it's probably D Drive. 3. Create a folder in D:\ with a simple name like XP11 Library. Don't bury it in a complex folder structure, keep it top level. 4. Choose one Orbx product from your products in Orbx Central and install it, choosing your XP11 Library as the install path. 5. Confirm that you have the scenery folder for that product now installed into your D:\ XP11 Library. Confirm also that there is an entry for the product in scenery_packs.ini file. 6. Start XP11 and the product should appear in the sim. If so, go ahead and install the other products into the XP11 library. If not, it may be a Windows folder permissions issue, or not running the various programs as administrator, or some other setting to which we are not privy.
  17. It's a good idea. In the meantime it's very easy to create a 'hangar' folder next to your community folder and move the scenery or the link to a library location into that hangar. I do it all the time.
  18. Ummmm I think politics doesn't belong in this forum in any shape or form. @Nick Cooper
  19. Orbx doesn't develop the Samscene sceneries. Orbx offers a secure and reliable download and installation service through Orbx Central, but product support for non-Orbx products rests with the developer. It's a pretty common commercial arrangement between the developer and the retailer and Orbx and its partners are no different.
  20. I can't understand what Sam Scene are trying to say on the Orbxdirect page, I think you might need to contact them directly to get the information you want: This product has been produced by SamScene3D. For SamScene3D product support, please to go https://samscene.com
  21. Interesting. I was always under the impression that the airport surfaces are supposed to be 'hard' which means they are what the aircraft sits on, not the underlying mesh. Perhaps Asobo has only hardened the runway here not the rest of the tarmac?
  22. I didn't check apron behaviour, so it might be there for me. I'll have a look later, but in reality I never use external view and tend to start flights on the runway when it's not a fully modelled airport.
  23. I've just loaded up a test flight at PAVD with the Alaska mesh installed and I see no problems at this airport. The only issue I see around the area is that some of the land textures appear to go into the water, which is a common issue with MSFS. I also didn't see any evidence of mesh popping during a circuit over the town and back to the airport.
  24. I'm nearly finished the southern France bush trip from Bordeaux to Megeve and wow what a trip! If you have time, do it! One of the airfields is almost impossible but I made it in and out, you'll know it when you get there. Anyway a bit further on is Corchevel high up in the Alps, you probably know it, with its steep runway, but I'll bet you didn't know that Saudia flies one of its large passenger jets (B777 maybe? I forgot to check). Yep, got to the top of the runway to park and there's this massive wide body airliner there. I suspect the ground crew were there to dismantle it and take it out piece by piece. Methinks Asobo might have forgotten to select the right attributes for the tarmac parking there
  25. For P3D? I have it and I don't regret my purchase, I use it for the camera shake effects rather than the camera settings. If there's no demo then I'd be looking at Google and Youtube for user reviews and make your decision based on what you read and see.
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