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  1. I think Nick has the answers to this more than anyone but if you search the forums I'm sure this has been answered before... limited swap drive or limited room on the drive where the temp files are processed comes to mind.
  2. I think most of the current crop of updates like this are just to make the product compatible with XBox and maybe MSFS Marketplace.
  3. Looks like you've been eating dodgy mushrooms before take-off!
  4. Sorry no idea. I have only the same information as you, and I think the expected schedule has been posted in this thread further up hasn't it?
  5. If Eugene says work is continuing then yes, work is continuing. It might not be front and centre on the entire team's morning schedules but it will be progressing as resources and other priorities allow.
  6. I was seeing this in testing. However it would only do this in VR . Switching to 2D with just the Orbx installed and the problem went away. Did you use your Content Manager to uninstall the Asobo LOWI? If you removed the folder as was previously recommended the sim will put it straight back in when you start up. Needs to be uninstalled via the Content manager in Marketplace. Is your MSFS Microsoft Marketplace, Steam or XBox? Different variables seem to generate different results. Quite frustrating.
  7. I noted at Frankfurt in testing for the update that there were areas of flat autogen on arrival but a minute ort two later the areas had filled in with autogen buildings. Something strange is going on in more than once location!
  8. I believe that if you have MSFS with WU6 and the Germany Austria Switzerland pack, it includes a Landmarks Frankfurt package as standard. The update is only for people who have the Orbx package and wish to retain it.
  9. In my experience, having done it, the answer is yes. As I recall it just updates to Windows 10 and at least 95% of my installed programs saw no change.
  10. You can uninstall your products using Orbx Central. Once uninstalled they should have zero presence on your machine. But given that thousands of users around the world successfully run Orbx in X Plane 11, wouldn't it be a better idea to see what's causing the problem and seek a solution?
  11. No it's pretty well a one off, due to some issues with the Asobo LOWI not being fully excluded when the Orbx one installs. I'm sure if one day the MSFS SDK provides enough information on file structures permissions and hierarchy, the problem will be solved and an update provided.
  12. Yes the Asobo LOWI is removed from the Content Manager within MSFS. If you just remove the LOWI files from the MSFS Official Folder it will simply put them back in. From MSFS go to Marketplace and then Content Manager, it will show you all your installed products. Highlight LOWI Innsbruck Airport and there's an option to Remove or Delete or Uninstall I've forgotten which. You can always go back to Content Manager and reinstall without a problem
  13. The exe file should be here: C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe This should allow you to start MSFS. If it's not there then maybe the install went wrong. It'll probably show as a 0 KB file if your MSFS location is actually on another drive.
  14. I don't know anything about the airport but I've seen cases like this where P3DV5 has been given a new ICAO code to an airport. So maybe check the net for possible changes to the airport code? Another option of course is to get the airport lat and long coords and type them into the start screen and see what P3DV5 has in the airport location, it should show whatever airport it has there in its on board map.
  15. I loaded up Bristol after reading your post and it was quite stuttery as you said in VR. After some trial and error I realised I had Orbx Central and my browser and a couple of other things open on the desktop. I closed everything and it was running better. I did some more trials and I've now turned of re projection and the render scale in OpenXR Tools, and set the VR settings in MSFS to the default VR with a couple of sliders up a bit, and now Bristol is as smooth as any other airport. Cheers John
  16. Yes I'm seeing the transponder dark as well. I'm guessing the Optica team will get a fix out in due course.
  17. If you want to emulate Svetlana over this airport here's a video of how to do it!
  18. I don't think there is such a thing in MSFS, it deals with scenery in a different manner to the FSX/P3D/XP method. I can virtually guarantee that your problem is with a conflicting add-on, probably a freeware scenery or other add-on. One well known source of problems are any programs or file edits to do with scenery LOD distance or tree heights etc. Another reason ight be as simple as a repaint or any add-on that has a duplicate filename of an existing file in its structure. If you search these forums for something like "rename Community folder" Nick has a guide on ow to check for conflicting add-ons. I suspect you'll find a solution there.
  19. If we had to list every possible tweak and setting to accommodate every user's pc we'd not only have a User Guide a mile long but the devs would have to find computers that mimic every conceivable configuration, leading to a drain on the electricity supply similar to Bitcoin mining. Flight sims have always been and will always require users to tailor the options within the sim to suit their own computers, and software. The PMDG aircraft are well known resource hogs and do require lower scenery settings, however which settings need to be toned down cannot be predicted given the vast array of scenery and other options that can affect it.
  20. I just flew a test to the north of PAKT and I see slow loading and popping textures. I don't think textures would be affected by the mesh though. Same thing on a flight out of PAJN. What I seem to be seeing are two different sets of textures, with the lower LOD textures (distant view textures) different to the higher LOD textures that pop in as soon as their draw call distance is reached. I suspect strongly that this is an Asobo/Bing issue. If the higher res textures are taken from a different set of Bing imagery to the lower res, as perhaps happens in an update, then I would expect to see what we're seeing. I just rant he same flight with the mesh disabled and it's the same, so It appears to be an Asobo issue.
  21. Just my 2c worth: Orbx started as a collective of developers who were hobbyists and were offered a way to basically get pocket money for their efforts. The model was unsustainable for a business, which Orbx has become. In addition, MSFS seems to have constraints on what can be put in to a scenery and what doesn't work. Put all that together and it may appear that standards have been allowed to drop, but I think it's more of a case of reality catching up with dreams as the flight sim marketplace matures into a fully sustainable model.
  22. Had such a blast flying this first time I jumped in it I thought I'd jump back in and make a video to add to John Heaton's review posted yesterday
  23. Just to add a note: the aircraft appears as a Grob 115 in the MSFS aircraft list, took me little while to work that out!
  24. Bung a world map up on the wall near your sim station and keep a dart handy. When you enter the area, grab a dart and throw it at the map. Choose the airport nearest where the dart lands. (assuming you can even hit the map). https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=16TLldaoxxmFv7wOWfYyM8zV-bgM&ll=-3.81666561775622e-14%2C-123.3489990234375&z=1
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