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  1. Hi Everyone. Thanks so much for all your comments and advice, it's been really helpful. I finally decided to go for the following spec...probably not perfect, but it -almost! - meets my budget, and I'm hoping it'll give me good results. I'll be installing MSFS to the 1TB SSD, and P3D 4.5 and 5.2 to the 2TB HDD... Intel Core i7-10700K CPU, 8 Cores / 16 Threads, 3.8 - 5.1GHz NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card Noctua NH-U12S Chromax Black CPU Cooler Asus TUF GAMING Z590-PLUS (WI-FI) Motherboard 32GB DDR4 3200MHz Memory (2 x 16GB Sticks) 250GB Seagate FireCuda 510 M.2 PCIe SSD 1TB Samsung 870 QVO Solid State Drive Seagate 2TB BarraCuda 7200RPM Hard Disk 24x DVD-RW Drive Corsair RM650x 80 PLUS Gold 650W PSU Windows 10 Home 64-bit T
  2. Nick, excuse my ignorance... an M2 drive is not an HDD, but a faster SSD drive than an "ordinary" non-M2 SSD drive? Don.
  3. Nick, your speedy response, and practical advice is much appreciated...food for thought! Thanks, Don.
  4. Hi All. I'm looking at the following new rig spec for flightsim: Intel Core i7 11700K 8C16T, O/C up to 5.0GHz ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-F GAMING WIFI, Intel Z590 Chipset 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000MHz 12GBNVIDIA GEForce RTX 3060 512GB Intel 660p M.2 SSD 2TB Seagate BarraCuda HDD, 7200rpm, 64MB Cache 1TB Samsung 870 EVO SSD Windows 10 Home 64 bit Apparently, if I have multiple HDDs/SSDs RAID configuration is an option - do I go for that? My plan: Install MSFS to the 1TB SSD Install P3dv4 and P3Dv5 to the 2TB HDD. Is the spec good enough? Does my plan make sense? Comments/advice appreciated, Don.
  5. Nick, thanks again. I accept and totally agree with your views about unscrupulous landlords. Perhaps we could both agree that seeking to maximize one's income, per se, is not unscrupulous, but the method by which one seeks to do so, eg the examples you cite, might well be. Regards, Don.
  6. Thanks for you speedy response Nick. I agree totally that the examples you cite define unscrupulous landlords. But with respect the comment in your response that "the definition of unscrupulous is the person whose only aim is to maximise their income" is a generalization which is questionable. Consider this. A person holds a cash ISA. Typically, the current annual interest rate for such an ISA is 0.4%...well below current UK inflation rates. The holder would lose money...so this person decides to switch to an investment ISA, managed by a reputable, FCA accredited investment management company. The company offers low, medium and high risk portfolios. This person, being risk averse, opts for a low risk portfolio. But a less risk averse person might opt for a high risk portfolio, seeking to maximize their income. Question: Is this person "unscrupulous" for seeking to maximize their income? Is it acceptable to seek not to maximize their income but to increase it via low or medium risk investment?
  7. Nick, this discussion seems far removed from flight simulation. However, as even you have been drawn into it I would be interested to explore your comment quoted above. What, in your view would be a "scrupulous" investor? How, if able, would you change the law to criminalize "unscrupulous" investors acting "in the name of business"? Regards, Don.
  8. Vitamin D pill, bran flakes with sultanas, plus glass of water. Usually followed by a flight in VR - I know how to live well! Don.
  9. Anyone using P3D 5.2 in VR with Oculus Rift S? Don.
  10. Try Rikoo for a nice freeware Optica - I have it in P3D 4.5, think it's ok for 5 too, Don
  11. For me...prostate cancer - kills 10,000+ men each year in the UK! Diagnosed eight years ago, ...I'd paid £149 for a Well-Man health check...passed with flying colours...but was advised to get it on my medical records...so went to my doctor with the good news...long time since you had a blood test, he said...so he took some blood...next day, back from my morning walk, wife says call Dr Williams - now! Called Dr Williams...not good news, he said...you have prostate cancer! Biopsy showed it was caught early...hormone injections + 35 sessions of radiotherapy, five times weekly over seven weeks...since then, blood test every six months...eight years on...clear, no prostate cancer. I was so,so lucky...If I hadn't gone to see my doc with the Well-Man results, no diagnosis until who knows when...and possibly too late. I'm a lucky man...lesson for all my friends here on the Forum - and men everywhere - get checked regularly for prostate cancer! Back to flying VR in my Orbx world now, with P3D4.5...fantastic! Don.
  12. Iain, I have a great mate who I worked with for 35 years, until we retired. I am 78, he is 75...he had a pacemaker fitted three years ago...and we play tennis every couple of weeks! Go for it Iain! Best Wishes, Don.
  13. Hi Nick. Thanks for the advice - next time I opened Central the new version had installed, I didn't need to do a thing: Brilliant! Don.
  14. Can I install latest version of Central over old version, or should I uninstall old version first? Don.
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