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  1. Hi, As the title says, here is my review of this scenery product. YouTube seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time to process the HD versions of videos these days, so please wait for the HD version to finish. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for watching. regards, Lee
  2. As the title says . . . I managed to complete my review of this airport product and here is my verdict. This is a second version of this Airport for MSFS and whilst the object of this review is not to compare, there will be small observations made between the two. Overall, this is a nice product. Thanks for watching. Regards, Lee
  3. Paul, You know what? This file *IS* installed!! I can't even remember where I got it from! But of course it must have been Flightsim.To ! Sorry - my head is not performing well! Which is the other "high terrain" file? regards, Lee
  4. Hello, I looked at this scenery in depth and worked to some extent with the developer, AUSCENE, to correct some problems. I was initially unable to land the FlyInside Bell 47G on any of the pads; It mostly sunk in then the Sim crashed. It seemed that only the Airbus H 135 Helicopter Mod would work. Then we had Sim crashes while moving around using the Drone Camera, so I was unable to get video footage for a review! With some effort, this all was pretty much solved when Auscene release Version 1.0.2, the latest version - and now we have something of a beautiful little vacation spot just 30 minutes away from Hamilton Island! Video One - is the Main Review in which I discuss issues . . . In video 2, I show the results of installing the new version, 1.0.2 which pretty much fixes almost all of the issues. Note that I have also contacted FlyInside to discuss the issues raised in this scenery - and they do plan to release a float equipped version of the Bell 47! Hope you enjoy it Regards, Lee
  5. Hello Folks, Reviewed on my channel for your viewing pleasure . . . I really like this - hope you enjoy it. Regards, Lee
  6. Paul, So sorry to come back so late on this - but no, I do NOT have this installed! It never ceases to amaze me how different results are obtained by different users with the same scenery/elements/installations . . . . Lee
  7. Paul, Sorry for the late reply. I'm not entirely sure. I saw the water climbibg up the hillsides with the Asobo version, but it disappeared when I deleted the Asobo scenery. I cannot duplicate your issue I'm afraid. Maybe try doing a fresh install of the scenery and see if it helps. Lee
  8. Ok John, Thanks for that. Just thought that Orbx might have some influence or that Auscene would view these pages . . . Cool - cheers, Lee
  9. Well, I'm not bad at flying the FlyInside Bell 47G, but I simply cannot land at any of the helipads!! The skids go right through the ground ! And, whilst it would be nice to shoot some drone footage for a video, you also cannot "place" the aircraft there either! C'mon Orbx - give us not-so-skilled heliheads a chance! How about setting up a "start" position at the Reef World pad? Thank you Lee
  10. Thanks Wayne, Glad you enjoyed it. They did an update that appeared in my Orbx Central download today - but no mention of what it fixes or does! I'll have a look. Lee
  11. Hello, As stated, a review of this little gem in the Emerald Isle. As of today (12 MAY 22), I see there is an update. Hopefully it solves the "vehicles on the runway" issue. But it is a nice little scenery. Thanks Lee
  12. Hello, Once again, I have completed another video review - and this time I have reviewed this lovely little airport, tucked away in the Serbian countryside. It seems to have gone largely un-noticed, so I decided to have a look at it. I really like and - and the only thing missing is the GRASS strip. Maybe an update? However, as a debut scenery by the developer, it's great! Enjoy! Lee
  13. Hello Paul, Thanks for your kind works, glad you found it useful. I wanted to stress that the default is not that bad - but that this offering does improve things a lot for this somewhat iconic airport and I think it's worth the investment. And with two updates recently, AmSim do seem to be listening. I hope you enjoy it. Take care, Lee
  14. And . . . An update to this scenery has been released - update to version 1.1.2 which fixes the approach lighting to runway 23 and also the issues with the moving stairs. Regards, Lee
  15. Hello, I have just posted a video review on my YouTube channel of this new Madeira LPMA scenery by AmSim, released by Orbx. In the review, I compare it with the default Asobo offering and discuss some of the issues raised by users and I add my thoughts. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Thank you, regards Lee
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