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  1. Thanks Daniel! I can agree on that. Thank you so much! Sorry, no, there will be no enhancements outside the main airfield. Thanks! Glad to hear! Finally someone longing for ESKS Sorry no.. was starting to look in to that but got alerted by other devs about memory constraints on Xbox, which might cause issues as ESSB is quite texture intense, so might be a bigger operation than I would have hoped. So it's not abandoned but need to look into how we would approach it. Than kyou! Thanks Kevin! Hejsan Lasse, Sorry, no. Don't think there are any ESSB freewares/paywares released for P3D at all as far as I can recall.
  2. 1. Yes. For the Orbx store one the module will install automatically, not sure if the customer needs to download the module separatly if bought on Marketplace. Need to talk to the backend guys. As we are using T-jetways they are a bit more complex for guidance and we need a separate module for that to work, which I don't think was the case with the Flightbeam version. But short answer: yes it will work for marketplace. The statics option will only be available for Orbx store versions though. 2. Haha, actually thought about something similar but instead to add the restaurant on one of the top floors. Would be fun to have, but fearing this project will never complete if I start adding these kind of things. But I will keep thinking about it and we'll see. 3. Personally I enjoy the Sturup name, but it's inaccurate of course. I thought it already was Malmö Airport, but can check if we made a miss somewhere, would assume MSFS2020 would read our project and change name if neccesary. Anyway, yes we will change that if we can change that. Thank you! Thanks Landon!
  3. I can keep the statics for ESGG & ESMS. They were not gonna be completely removed anyway, it was just around terminal area. For ESMS that would mean that 80% of the statics are still present. I will keep it as an option. This option will only be available if purchased at the Orbx store as Marketplace doesn't support configuration tools. Worth noting we have a statics option for ESSB already for those that have missed that. Yes, it will work on Marketplace version as well. For the Orbx store one it will install the module automatically, not sure if you will need to download it yourself if bought on Marketplace, not sure how the backend stuff works.
  4. Interesting, will have a think about that. We can't have the option for people that buy at Marketplace so it will only be at the Orbx store in that case. I've got tons of people wanting me to remove the statics and you must be the first one asking for us to keep them, I'll have a look and see how to proceed
  5. Thank you! For the ESMS & ESGG update I'm using the Nool-system. Very fond of it and how much accuracy that is added to each VDGS-type. The developer is a super enthusiastic guy and I'm keen to stick to that system.
  6. Thanks, makes me happy to hear! Not sure if I misread, you mistyped or you actually say "no thank you" to the bonus airports?
  7. Good day everyone, Just wanted to share a brief update on my Swedish airports series and what I've been up to lately. Worth mentioning these are MSFS2020 updates & things might change. First of there is a patch coming for ESMS Malmö Airport (or Sturup as most of us still refers to) which will contain: - Functional moving jetways - Functional & correct VDGS units (not in the current screenshots) - Some visual updates on the terminal - Removed statics at terminal & cargo area - Animated airside traffic - Some minor bug fixes Then we got a patch for ESSB Stockholm-Bromma airport which contains: - Interiors for departure & arrival halls - Interiors added for the old tower, which is still functional in real life as back-up if the new tower would go offline for whatever reason. - Animated airside traffic - Included Frölunda airfield so you got somewhere to fly close enough when you've haven't got too much time And some of Frölunda airfield: Also wanted to share some first previous from ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda, still just renders but we are slowly getting there. No ETA on this yet, but this year at least is the plan. If you are interested in keeping an eye on this project you are welcome to follow the progress on my Facebook page "The Arlanda Journal" where I try to post updates every now and then and is also a great place if you want to help out in any way with information, photos etc to support the project. You find it here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100077462715941 Thanks to new references I will also soon start on a patch for ESGG Gothenburg-Landvetter which will include: - The new terminal pier open up, - New high-res terrain data added for the airport - Interiors for the new terminal pier - The hotel (being constructed in current release) will be included as it has finished now - Animated airside traffic - Semi-functional moving jetways (all depends on what we can do about the N-jetways, the T-jetways are working ok now) - Functional & correct VDGS units. - Removed statics in terminal & cargo area A final teaser is that I'm also porting over ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport and ESNQ Kiruna Airport, which will be pretty much straight ports from our P3D scenery with just some additional PBR where needed. These will be included for free in one of the patches for either ESMS or ESGG.
  8. Hey! Sorry about this, haven't fixed that yet. Thanks for the reminder, might be something I should prioritize.
  9. If you are interested in keeping an eye on the Arlanda version 2, the best option is to follow the Arlanda developer diary at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100077462715941
  10. Hey guys, I just had a quick chat with the guys involved in this and I'm sorry to say that the layout changes are currently put on hold. It's still in the plans, just not currently being worked on. Cheers, Marcus
  11. A static and no static option has been prepared but need to look at that ai taxi issue as well before having it sent to testing.
  12. I have made an option to turn off statics that just need to go through proper testing. Will check the AI issue
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