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  1. Hey guys, I just had a quick chat with the guys involved in this and I'm sorry to say that the layout changes are currently put on hold. It's still in the plans, just not currently being worked on. Cheers, Marcus
  2. A static and no static option has been prepared but need to look at that ai taxi issue as well before having it sent to testing.
  3. I have made an option to turn off statics that just need to go through proper testing. Will check the AI issue
  4. Actually a friend of mine had problems loading at ESSB as well and tried several things to solve it. In the end he took a flight from ESSV and everything worked fine when landing at ESSB and since then it has loaded without any problem. I'm sorry I can't be of more help, just seems like a really strange problem. It loads fine for me, but understand that doesn't help much
  5. Im not working backend so maybe someone with better knowledge will chip in but im not sure we can even supply those files to an asobo build as they wouldn’t follow a typical installation. But happy to be proved wrong as i totally get the frustration! however you are of course also more than welcome to bring the idea of config tools to the marketplace as well to asobo.
  6. Hey! As previously mentioned ESGG doesn't currently have that option but I will patch that soon. Just wanted to mention that the statics option will only be available if you bought the scenery on our store as we currently can't have a configutor tool on the Marketplace, understand that is bad news for you & many other's. Have a nice weekend, Cheers Marcus, the developer.
  7. Hey! Not sure I understand the "world map" issue. The world map from where you can choose start up location in the MSFS2020 menu just reads the satellite imagery for our scenery, it has nothing to do with what is actually loaded in the sim in the end. We clean our satellite imagery from airside buildings, cars, etc so we can place our own objects there, therefor the map will show an apron without any terminal buildings. The map is also not correctly placing out the parkings, they are slightly missaligned compared to the project mesh we have in the scenery on top of the satellite imagery. Also the missing parkings are just parkings removed as we have static aircrafts at those positions. You can disable statics if you like in OrbxCentral if you bought the scenery at our store. That the flight won't load is for sure a huge issue, and I hope Doug and the team will be able to track down the issue, the map however looks like it should.
  8. Hey guys, Have not updated with the statics option yet. Not sure when the ILS fix is up at Marketplace.
  9. Hey Patric! And thanks Doug for stepping in. The base snow layer on the ground in P3D is not determined by weather but by the date. If Im not mistaken I think the FTX Global option in the ESSA config tool puts snow on the ground in november and if you are using FTX Norway and have that option enabled instead in the ESSA config tool the snow will appear in December instead. Then we also have the rain/snow effect that makes the ground reflect that is triggered by the actual weather but ftom the screenshot it looks like we are talking about the seasonal ground textures. Hope that helps! regards Marcus, the developer
  10. As far as Im aware this has not been supported by the SDK yet and there are several developers that has made a tweaked version of the current SDK to make it look as good as possible. We even have it on Brisbane if im not incorrect. however we didnt find it working good enough on a consistent level. As already mentioned it looked good many times but also very bad at others. so until there is an updated jetways in the sdk nothing will happen. will check though if the SU6 made any changes on that matter.
  11. Hey, Thanks Joe for stepping in! So yep that is the current case and it's a bummer as I understand as a customer you see jetways functioning on other airports and wonder why we haven't added them. It's simply a case of the SDK not supporting those kind of jetways. They have actually never been supported, not even in FSX, it's basically the same tech still. For P3D/FSX we got SODE in the end which made it possible to add them. There are work-arounds which with some tweaking can get them to connect, however for some of the gates they look ok most of the time, but it doesnt take much to make them struggle with the alignment and the whole jetway starts twisting. All initial testers I had trying it out for ESGG had the same opinion to drop it, so we did that for both ESMS & ESGG even though ESMS only one of the jetway types (the one that is actually usually performing better, but still it's not perfect). Feel free to contact ASOBO to see if they can add the functionality, we would love that! As far as I've understood they didn't even animate that kind of jetways on ESSA which was one of their custom airports in the World Update Nordics package. So that's the current status and in many ways just what we said from the start as well: when ASOBO adds SDK support for N-type & T-type jetways, we will for sure add that to our products.
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