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  1. Hm well depending on how you turn you can end up outside coverage quickly. Can you check the map i added and see if you are still within that zone?
  2. Here you have a rough coverage area, are you seeing green roads inside that area?
  3. Thanks guys for the nice feedback! Makes me very happy to hear And I try to be as transparent as possible so I'm glad that is being noticed, and also to be present and approachable if there are questions (as long as the tone is friendly of course ). We are all in this together!
  4. We are working on an update to fix the ILS issue and add moving gates.
  5. When i made the reference photos early this year the tram line actually was not active yet, they were still building it i got off at the stop just underneath the approach runway 30. Had a burger at Max which is also part of the scenery So the time table i got no clue but it is active now at least. I think my tram turns up every third minute or so,
  6. Just have to say though that number 2 could easily have been a product page screenshot Nice!
  7. Hey! Thanks for the nice words! Just to comment quickly on the shots. Things like the one in photo number 1 can be fixed with just some overlays, as you can see on the left side of the taxiway it looks like i have another opacity on the patch than on the right side which of course can be adjusted so they look less blurry. In my humble opinion not really a big thing but can see for some areas if I can improve that for the patch Number 2 is yeah that is just limitation of the imagery we got combined with the limitation on how MSFS2020 shows textures. The alternative would be to hand draw all textures and create them as 3d objects instead of terrain, think that is just a bit too much and not even sure the end result would look better. However, I have a strong feeling those things will look better in a P3D edition if that happens, just something about how it renders that bugs me in this simulator. Number 3, a great example on how we combined different imagery assets for it to be up to date but still sharp, that patch you find there is from the newer imagery weirdly enough, that fire station is newly built so that whole area looked different just a few years ago. Can't do much about that, but when I compared to either having a very dated version or a blended version with the different resolutions then I thought this was the better alternative at least Hope that explains it, Cheers, have a nice weekend!
  8. Will fix that church, forgot to remove the autogen one. As for ground textures, depending if you talk about 1) The satellite material We spent months on just mixing different assets together to get something that is up to date. The up-to-date material we had was really bad in quality so we mixed it in with material that was a few years older to get as crisp as possible but still as true to the current state of Bromma as possible. 2) The asphalt textures I chose to let the original satellite material shine through quite much as there is so much variation in the real asphalt that would go to waste if having just a set of asphalt textures on top like we did for ESGG & ESMS for instance. Maybe that was a mistake? Personally I have no problems with the ground textures at the airport but if the majority want them to be more repetative in favour for getting more "crisp" textures then sure we can look at it. 3) The taxilines etc There is a limitation in MSFS2020 on how highres ground textures are allowed to be, the same textures would show super-crisp in P3D. Why is that limitation? No idea. As for interiors: I'm looking into maybe adding the terminal area. No promises though and I still think this package holds so much details as it is. I will probably never ever get back this investment and should probably have moved on months ago Hope that answers the downsides you felt about the scenery. And hope you continue to enjoy the airport! Cheers, Marcus
  9. Får ta och fixa kyrkan! ASOBO har varit lite slappa med att lägga in alla broar i Stockholm, får hoppas de kan patcha upp det.
  10. wow if the solution would be that easy that would be great:) thanks for reporting back. Im not at my msfs computer over the weekend but if you can report back on if it works and if anyone else wants to give it a go please report back!
  11. I understand it’s frustrating issue. I will check with the managers if they can bring this up with ASOBO when they talk to see what can be done.
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