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  1. Thank you all guys so much for your support!
  2. Hello to all fellow pilots! I'm excited to announce my new project - Glasgow Airport. It's been a while and my mailbox has become full of "when, what, where" e-mails. For all those who have been asking , this "little" announcement should answer most of your questions. With some 30 airlines serving over 100 destinations worldwide, including Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Europe and the Gulf, Glasgow is Scotland’s principal long-haul airport as well as Scotland’s largest charter hub. I've prepared a few shots of Glasgow's gorgeous terminal building and its interior as well as some static aircraft models with airside operations vehicles. As always I am aiming for a feature-rich rendition of this airport that will bring it to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator. No release date and price questions, I don't know any of these either . More pictures will follow later. Stay safe, cheers!
  3. Hi there, a 1.1.5 hotfix was issued two days ago and I just wanted to be sure if the issue is gone for you? Thanks!
  4. Hello, a hotfix is on the way. Apologies for the inconvenience. Runway was disconnected from taxiways.
  5. Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. WU6 has finally fixed SDK and made things manageable again! On this note I'm happy to finally bring you an update for EGPH with lots of fixes and new features. - I've added new double-decker busses in front of the terminal entrance and also touring busses further down the parking lot. - Spitfire memorial has been remodeled and retextured thanks to avsim users who pointed out that's it's not a battle unit but a model made of fiberglass. - Tree lines near the new terminal extension have been fixed and made lower. - Glitchy fencing near 24 threshold has been fixed - Tower lights now have greater draw distance so that you can see that majestic purple on your approach - Added more dirt to all aprons for a more "worn" look. - You can now Disable/Enable static jets - Quite a few cars were missing, so more were added near the ATC tower and FastPark areas. - You will now be greeted with static 3d scanned people inside the terminal. - For those who own UKOO and EGPH and experienced "shared" textures between the airports after SU5, this problem should be all gone now, textures have been renamed and re-exported. - Cargo apron now has darker pavement to closer match its real life counterpart - Added glass rain effects to terminal windows for those awesome rain mood screenshots - Stands 4A/4 labels have been swapped - And finally, DME has been moved to the same position as the ILS antenna. I sincerely hope you like this update and enjoy Edinburgh. Soon a new project will be revealed as well, so stay tuned. Take care, cheers. Update should be live on orbxcentral soon.
  6. Having a refreshing evening, all he needs is a cup of coffee. I’ll fix that, thanks!
  7. Thanks Carlos Final tests complete. Update should be live on orbxdirect soon.
  8. Hi guys! UKOO update is complete and is going through final testing. This is a free update as always and features a lot of new things: - New custom glass jetways - New Apron S redone - Added 3D Scanned static people models to the main terminal - New glass with rain effects - New runway 16/34 - New taxiways T6, C3, A1 and A5. - Fixed taxiway edge light issues - Fixed LOC beam offset issues. Added DME. - Fixed mesh issues under 6th Element and METRO store. If all goes well this update should be live tomorrow and later on in-game Microsoft Store as well. Cheers
  9. A few pictures of EGPH update in progress. New Spitfire (Now made of fiberglass), people inside main terminal and some buses.
  10. Hi guys, some news on UKOO update. As some of you might've heard already, new runway has entered into service together with the new apron S in Odesa's Airport. Sim Update 5 has broken the SDK quite a bit, editing/creating a scenery is almost impossible, constant CTDs and object issues. While I've managed to get some stuff in, UKOO/EGPH update will be delayed until SDK is fixed. For now, some previews of recent UKOO upgrades. (All WIP, not final results by any means). Cheers
  11. Can’t think of a possible solution, AI is doing whatever it wants at the moment, I’ve also updated to SU5 yesterday and SDK appears to be totally drunk. Projects on hold for now.
  12. Hi, can you specify the locations where it’s bugged? Thanks Hello, thanks for your review. Currently working on a solution to add some people to the terminal. Cheers
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