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  1. Hello, thanks for your support. EGNX pictures will follow soon after EGPF update. Currently I'm making EGNX surroundings and terrain/ortho work together with EGPF update.
  2. Hello, @p0zorishe. At the moment I've got quite a roadmap to complete, it is to early to speak about any other direction other than UK. Cheers
  3. Thanks for your support! Jokes on them I'm not stopping Dev is life
  4. Great catch, thanks a lot. Will add this. No estimates yet but I'll do my best.
  5. Hi there, my satellite imagery did not have these. If you can get a picture I will happily add this to the scenery.
  6. Doesn’t seem to show anything. Please resend your request to pyreegue#7777
  7. Hi there. It was indeed there but I will not be able to complete it within this 2022 roadmap, war is still here and it is still impacting day-to-day operations to a certain extent. East Midlands is expected to be out this year. Hi there, please remind me your Discord name because I've got quite a few requests recently.
  8. Hey Will! As always I'm super happy when I see feedback like this, it makes me ultra excited. Luton has been suggested many times now and it is indeed a possibility now for the 2023 Roadmap. Cheers!
  9. By UK I do mean United Kingdom, apologies if this caused some confusion. While being actively involved in helping our Armed Forces I am actively developing as well so no worries. Currently a few updates are in the works together with East Midlands which is probably one of if not the most exciting airport I have ever developed (apart from Edinburgh which I have a very soft spot for). The hills, giant warehouses, aircraft museum and many other tiny yet super cool things, can't wait to share more. Cheers
  10. Hello. It is undeniably beautiful, but UK needs me right here right now
  11. They are marked with numbers on turn-ins. You might have missed them Hello. I'm planning to update UKBB, UKLL and continue work on EGNX. Great news that taxi instructions work now, thanks!
  12. Hm I believe they are of the same quality as other landside vehicles. Crisp textures and good amount of geometry, not too much to keep things optimized.
  13. Wow what a read! Thanks for taking me back in time haha. Though I’m not sure what buses you’re talking about, the landside ones or the ones parked near stands 9-11.
  14. EGAA was updated to 1.0.1 tonight. Please confirm whether taxi instructions work now.
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