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  1. Hi guys, some news on UKOO update. As some of you might've heard already, new runway has entered into service together with the new apron S in Odesa's Airport. Sim Update 5 has broken the SDK quite a bit, editing/creating a scenery is almost impossible, constant CTDs and object issues. While I've managed to get some stuff in, UKOO/EGPH update will be delayed until SDK is fixed. For now, some previews of recent UKOO upgrades. (All WIP, not final results by any means). Cheers
  2. Can’t think of a possible solution, AI is doing whatever it wants at the moment, I’ve also updated to SU5 yesterday and SDK appears to be totally drunk. Projects on hold for now.
  3. Hi, can you specify the locations where it’s bugged? Thanks Hello, thanks for your review. Currently working on a solution to add some people to the terminal. Cheers
  4. Get close and it will lit up, sometimes the lights don’t load in at a distance. As for the trees, noted. apron lights - nothing can be done, afaik, maybe custom modeled lights but that’s quite a tedious job…
  5. I’m running out of adjectives with all these comments guys, I’m melting, thank you all so much for the support!
  6. Thank you guys for your comments! Very happy to hear you like it
  7. Hi there, I'm here to bring some good news, we're into testing now and are preparing to release this week. Here are some pictures of Edinburgh in all its glory. Images are hidden under the spoiler to keep this thread manageable.
  8. It will be available for both platforms. XBOX will follow later after PC release. Thanks
  9. If you can provide some pictures then I think we can do something about it.
  10. Hi there, a small update on our progress and special thanks to @Donka @Mac Smith for providing some of the best photos out there, this wouldn't be possible without you guys. Digital Scotland is about to meet the world soon.
  11. Can't PM due to forum restrictions, if possible please attach your email or fb.
  12. I'll take that into consideration, thanks! That's really good news, if possible, the new valet parking thingy near the main terminal entrance, thank you!
  13. Hi there. It's been a while since my first post, and I also promised some more shots from the simulator itself, so here's a little treat. It's still a work-in-progress thing so something can be missing or look empty. No worries at all though, everything will be there before release.
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