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  1. I’m also thinking along the lines like Brad and other people where you don’t need all the Airports, mean I have a few like our local ones and a few in America. As long as the land is right what more do you want. Thanks Derek.
  2. Another update. My 250gb Ssd is now working as I forgot to initialise it. My son called in and he spotted it straight away. I put it down to my age again. You can put loads of stuff down to your age. . Now to get some games on. Thanks Derek
  3. Hi Guys. An update to what’s been happening. My Windows was a no go unfortunately could not get it to install. Mean I’ve been using Windows ever since it came out. Any way and thank you John Dow and my son did exactly as you said and I’ve a fully functioning Windows Pro 10 now on my system for peanuts. Let’s hope it lasts. Unfortunately one of my 4 hard drives packed up. I managed to get Windows on my 110gb drive but my 250gb drive seems to have packed up. Plus my 1tb and 2tb drive I cannot fit as I have no means of fitting them at the moment. So hopefully in time I will be up and running but not looking forward to reinstalling MFSF. Thanks Derek.
  4. Thanks guys. Hi Nick probably ages ago but now on Windows 10 Pro or I was. I have the key for that but still no go. Thanks Derek.
  5. Hi Guys as above. I don’t have actual disks which I might have to buy anyway. The reason is I’m having trouble activating them, mean I had a key for Windows Pro but it would not activate. I’m going out of my mind. Thanks Derek.
  6. Absolutely Fantastic shots. Must get the Aircraft too. Thanks Derek.
  7. Yep you can sign me up too. I’ve been told that it’s our Golden Wedding Anniversary next year. Don’t time fly when you’re having fun. . Derek.
  8. So what you are saying is, I know I will have to reinstall Windows but will I have to reinstall say MSFS as well and like just been playing Crysis again. Will it be best to reinstall them again. Thanks Derek.
  9. Thanks B12. I have a new Asus Tuf Gaming H570 is it m/b together with a new i7 11700K Rocket Lake Cpu and I’m hoping this should see me out so to speak. So I might have to reinstall everything again. As they say Bar Humbug. Dam I thought I could get away with out reinstalling everything. Thanks Derek.
  10. Hi Guys. I’m just about to upgrade my computer with a new motherboard and Cpu and been thinking about my games like FS2020. So obviously they are on hard drives so as long as I keep the same hard drive letters there should not be any problems should there or will I have to reinstall everything again. I hope not. . Thanks Derek.
  11. Yes a big old slow update though I had to change drives as well. So thinking my computer will be going all day. Thanks Derek.
  12. Just tried to update my MSFS and says not enough drive space left. This is on my G drive which has 232GB Ssd but only has 43.4 left on the drive. So going to have to move MSFS some where else. Dam.
  13. Just checked online and your right. Well I never knew that. Mine was put on an Ssd because that was what I had spare. Just takes a bit longer to load. Thank you Nick. Derek.
  14. Hi Nick. Just seen your post. I was under the understanding that you could not use an ordinary HDD as MSFS would be as slow as hell in flying and loading. Are you telling me I’m wrong. Thanks Derek.
  15. Thank you Nick for that, the only trouble now is can I afford to buy a new Ssd which will cost over £300. It’s a shame we can not use just a just an ordinary hard drive. Hey ho. It is what it is I suppose. Thanks Derek.
  16. I found out how to uninstall MSFS but not how to change my signature. Can anybody tell me please. Thanks Derek.
  17. It’s okay I have found out. Thanks Derek.
  18. Plus can someone show me how to change my signature as I have to change the Nvidia 1060 to Nvidia 1080ti. Thanks Derek.
  19. Thinking of getting a bigger Ssd as my one is filling up fast and I cannot be bothered mucking around with sim lincs or whatever it’s called Like at the moment I have a 2tb one so thinking of a 4tb Ssd. So how would I go about uninstalling MSFS. Thanks Derek.
  20. Thank you Pete for your help in trying to help me. I was okay when John just said to move the Community folder to another drive but a symbolic link now. Think I have heard of them somewhere but it all seems to be getting to complicated for me. Must read up on it somewhere. Thanks Derek.
  21. Hi John thanks for the reply. So I just copy the Community folder to a bigger drive and leave the rest on my Ssd. Probably knowing me I would much it up . Might get back to you and ask what folders do I have to leave on the Ssd. Thanks for your help Derek.
  22. At the moment I have my MSFS on a 2TB Ssd and as you can imagine it’s filling up fast. Been looking at 4tb Ssd but your looking at about £400 or there about. Is there anyway I could use another 2tb Ssd some how. Probably not but if you don’t ask you will not find out. Thanks Derek.
  23. Hi Guys. Awhile ago I bought a H570 m/b the Asus tough gaming but no Cpu yet. At the moment my specs are as below but now with a 1080ti card. Sorry have not changed the specs below but do not know how to change it. Now I’m doing okay in MS2020 but of course would like it to be a bit better. I was thinking of getting an i7 Cpu to go with the m/b but then discovered to save some money I could get the i5 Cpu which starts at 3.9ghz up to 4.9ghz. At the moment my Cpu starts at 3.6ghz. My question is would that be the better option. Thanks Derek.
  24. I agree with you Sniper, it’s a great little plane. I’ve had the free one for awhile now plus where we used to live near Dadelus Airport, it was a Navy base and the Police we’re trying them out for Aerial Recon, like the Motorway near us. As you say a fantastic little plane for low and slow flight. Thanks Derek.
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