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  1. Hi. I thought I had replied to this post. Yes all went well except when we were paying for the Hospital car park I happened to look down at my arm and there was blood pouring down my arm where the clot had failed. I soon managed to stop it again. Like the Doctors said no more DIY for me and no sharp anything. Hey you guys with the watches. Are they special watches or just something you can set an alarm to, just wondering. Thanks Derek.
  2. Hi Friends. Well had the CT scan and now just waiting for the results to come back. For anybody who doesn’t know they stick a needle in your arm with a dye type stuff and it feels warm. Plus yesterday I just realised how funrable I am as I was waiting for my wife to pay for the car park at the Hospital when I happened to look down at my arm and saw blood pouring down my arm as the clot had failed. Like they said no more DIY for me. Look after yourself. Thanks Derek .
  3. Yep got a letter today with an appointment on Tuesday at 14-30 and seems to be a full chest and Stomach CT Scan, plus I have to drink 2 Lieters of waters before 2-15. Tried to change leiters but would it come up no. So hopefully I will find out how I stand. Thanks Derek.
  4. That’s just what I have done on my IPad as at the moment it’s sunny here in the uk and we are sat outside in our garden. Thanks for all your support Guys. Think next week I have to go to the hospital for another CT scan. Thanks Derek.
  5. Do not sit at your computers for hours on end. Unfortunately I have had a second bout of blood clotting again. I thought I had been quite busy in that I had erected a shed for my son as he has gone mad in cleaning stuff for his car. Plus I had erect a new fence as the metal bottom bits where you put the posts in had corroded away. So I sorted that out. So I thought I had been quite busy. But probably it was the evenings where I sat at my computer all night, well most of the evening. It doesn’t help that years ago I had cancer and lost one of my kidneys and to top it all when I retired I used to sit around watching all my DVDs that I had. That’s when I got my first blood clots. I’m okay now at home and thinking what I could have done better. So let this be a warning to you all get up and have a walk around every hour or so. Stay safe guys. Thanks Derek.
  6. Wow lucky you. . But the trouble is they do get some people. We get them on the phone some times. You have an account with so and so, na don’t think so. I always put the phone down. Derek.
  7. Love the rusty van. Definitely be on my list but there’s so much to buy these days and I cannot keep up with it all.. Thanks Derek.
  8. Hi. Think this was brought up a while ago about the Needles being missing. Not on my computer at the moment so can not check to see if it’s a sorted or not. Thanks Derek.
  9. Hi John sorry for not replying to you earlier. One thing how big will the app be, small I guess and seeing as I already have a Windows app on the drive where I hope to install MSFS, will be ok to put it in that app folder or ok to leave it out of the folder so there will be two Windows apps folders. Thanks Derek.
  10. Okay thanks Nick but I thought John was saying that you could not have the App folder on the same drive as the Fltsim drive. Derek.
  11. Right I’m confused here. So just checked my drives and there’s no Windows Apps on my C drive but there are Windows apps folder on my D drive and my G drive and that’s the place I was going to install MSFS the G drive that is as it is an Ssd with 201 gigabyte free. Are you saying I will have to move Windows App folder off that drive. Think this because I probably use them for Steam games. Thanks Derek.
  12. Hi wolfko. I don’t think there’s any difference between 4 sticks of ram or two sticks of ram, that is if you buy them from the same supplier. They are both 32 gig of ram. But one thing is I have heard especially using just the two sticks it’s easier to fit the cooler to your Cpu as some coolers fit real low on the M/Board . I take it your thinking about the new sim as I have been. At the moment I’m just hoping my system will be able to cope, maybe not at full resolution but to be ok until I have the chance to update my computer. Thanks Derek.
  13. This is looking absolutely fantastic. Definite buy for me. Come on Orbx cover the world. Derek.
  14. Hi. You lot are the best there is . Had a good laugh this morning reading the comments posted here. Stay safe everyone. Derek.
  15. Looking good and I must say that we didn’t see that coming. I thought that after Northern California the next one would be Southern California. Well done Orbx. Derek.
  16. What holidays, we are permanently on holiday according to our kids. Plus our Granny Smith apple tree has got a disease or something so no more apple pie or crumble as it will probably have to come down. Plus we have some decking in our garden with a bit of decorative Grey stones and our little grandson who’s four fell over on it as he runs every where like a four year old does. So that has to go and we started this morning to remove it but after an hour or so we were knackered. So stopped that, probably carry on tomorrow as it will have to go, and it’s only five months till Christmas. Bah humbug . Derek.
  17. Hi John do you have your sim on a Ssd or an ordinary hard drive. Mine is on an ordinary hard drive and before the update it took about 10 mins, but now after the update it now takes 15 minutes. Would I benefit in using simstarter. Derek.
  18. Darn, so many airports to buy now and just when our 55” tv has packed up, great pictures but no sound. Life is some times a bummer. Derek.
  19. Not sure if I’ve already requested this but so this is my request seeing as it’s my local Aerodrome. Lee on the Solent as it was in the 70’s and 80’s. But sadly soon to be closed as an airport forever if it hasn’t already. The gliding club has gone as is the small flying club. Derek.
  20. Hi John. Yes it is nice here or was but after hearing about all the houses they want to build here, this is around a Fareham and Gosport. Mean we get gridlocked here most days, when the schools are in and they want more. Can never understand the local councils. So after being in our bungalow for just 8 years the wife wants to move again. Her thinking is if we move now we can give our kids at least a small deposit for a house is the main reason. So we have been looking west again as the wife is from Devon. So watch out we may be coming your way John.
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