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  1. Hi Friends. Well had the CT scan and now just waiting for the results to come back. For anybody who doesn’t know they stick a needle in your arm with a dye type stuff and it feels warm. Plus yesterday I just realised how funrable I am as I was waiting for my wife to pay for the car park at the Hospital when I happened to look down at my arm and saw blood pouring down my arm as the clot had failed. Like they said no more DIY for me. Look after yourself. Thanks Derek .
  2. Yep got a letter today with an appointment on Tuesday at 14-30 and seems to be a full chest and Stomach CT Scan, plus I have to drink 2 Lieters of waters before 2-15. Tried to change leiters but would it come up no. So hopefully I will find out how I stand. Thanks Derek.
  3. That’s just what I have done on my IPad as at the moment it’s sunny here in the uk and we are sat outside in our garden. Thanks for all your support Guys. Think next week I have to go to the hospital for another CT scan. Thanks Derek.
  4. Do not sit at your computers for hours on end. Unfortunately I have had a second bout of blood clotting again. I thought I had been quite busy in that I had erected a shed for my son as he has gone mad in cleaning stuff for his car. Plus I had erect a new fence as the metal bottom bits where you put the posts in had corroded away. So I sorted that out. So I thought I had been quite busy. But probably it was the evenings where I sat at my computer all night, well most of the evening. It doesn’t help that years ago I had cancer and lost one of my kidneys and to top it all when I retired I used to sit around watching all my DVDs that I had. That’s when I got my first blood clots. I’m okay now at home and thinking what I could have done better. So let this be a warning to you all get up and have a walk around every hour or so. Stay safe guys. Thanks Derek.
  5. Hi Jack, just seen this post and a Happy Birthday to you Jack. Hope you have many more. Thanks Derek.
  6. If you look on the Just Flight website they have a list of all items for MS2020. As for being on the Orbx site, well it might happen. Thanks Derek.
  7. Thanks for your help guys. Thanks Derek.
  8. Hi Brad sorry John. What do you prefer. I have downloaded Imgur but can I still use my IPad to take photos of items and put the photos into Imgur. Thanks Derek.
  9. Or any other program I can use, I mainly use my IPad to go on Orbx Forums and whatnot. The reason is I want to share what I have collected over all the years that I’ve been playing Fltsims. Thanks Derek.
  10. Well done John, another as we say a Brucei Bonus. Derek.
  11. Sorry but why have we all got a Rocket on our name. Just wondering. Thanks Derek.
  12. Hi Brad sorry a bit late but Happy Birthday to you. Hope you had a good time. Thanks Derek.
  13. Why are English Sausages nicknamed Bangers. Just wondering. Thanks Derek.
  14. Yes please keep it going at least for us youngsters. Young have you looked in the mirror lately. Thanks Derek.
  15. In MSFS should you setup the Controls for each individual Aircraft be it a single prop or whatever as the other day I had a quick flight in my JustFlight Arrow and the Aircraft seemed to be all over the place as I do not think I had set the controls for that particular Aircraft. Thanks Derek.
  16. Wow big boxes of them. Mmmmmmm. Derek.
  17. Just checked our Amazon and yes you can buy Tim Tams here in the UK. Must admit they look delicious. Derek.
  18. Ok I have to ask. What are Tim Tams. Derek.
  19. Much better with Chocolate Penguins. Which if you don’t know is a sweet here in the UK. Thanks Derek.
  20. Still happening. It says there is an update but the same thing happens it keeps spinning and spinning. I think the last time I found a way to do it but I cannot remember how I did it. Plus can someone tell me how to update my specs please. Thanks Derek.
  21. Hey B12. Not sure what Country you come from but here in the UK the Honeycomb Throttle and the Yoke is as scarce as they can be. We have the Yoke which my son bought when they first came out. Plus I use a couple of Siatek throttles, and I bought the Saitek Autopilot which is a great help. I did think about buying the Throttle from the good old USA as they seemed to have loads there, but some of them seems quite expensive, plus I did not want to pay over the price for one. Thanks Derek.
  22. Okay so how do I change my specs again. I hope I do not have todo it all again surely. Thanks Derek.
  23. Yes great shots John. Have been thinking of buying the Aircraft, so how does fly like. Thanks Derek.
  24. Wow lucky you. . But the trouble is they do get some people. We get them on the phone some times. You have an account with so and so, na don’t think so. I always put the phone down. Derek.
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