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  1. Sorry late to the post but I hope you had a Fantastic Birthday Jean Marc. Thanks Derek.
  2. The Twilight zone. I remember that series. That is going back a bit John.. Good series though. Thanks Derek.
  3. And a Happy New Year to you John. Let’s hope the New Year will be better for all of us. Thanks Derek.
  4. Thanks for the reply Guys and I will definitely give them a go. Thanks Derek.
  5. Has anybody tried the Return to Misty Moorings scenery yet. Thanks Derek.
  6. Hi Guys. I love them also but also like Roast Potatoes. Anyway have a great day Guys and may all you’re Dreams come true. Thanks Derek.
  7. Meant to say did any of you miss the great offer from Captain Sim where they were offering the Aircraft for just 10 dollars for MSFS. I did, dam. Thanks Derek.
  8. You all beat me to it. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a happy New Year. Not so my Son as he found out after going on a date he has now got Covid. Me and the wife are okay as we had the booster jab but it’s ruined our Christmas as we cannot have our Grandson round now. This is the second year we have had to isolate at Christmas. . Any way you all have a great time and stay safe. Thanks Derek.
  9. Looking good but my main concern is the grass looks a bit to green really. Maybe it’s just me but I think it would look better if the grass was toned down a bit as well. Thanks Derek.
  10. Thank you Guys for my Birthday Wishes and yes it was pretty quiet. At my age all things are quiet now. . Thanks Derek.
  11. So sorry Guys that I missed your Happy Birthdays to me. Been a bit hectic this week with all the shopping to do and all the other stuff. Got a nice pair of Corsair Wireless Headphones from my two boys as I was getting fed up with the long wires on my other headphones. Thank you guys for the Happy Birthdays. Thanks Derek.
  12. Just watched a video of the above and it looks fantastic especially with the double Throttle quadrant. Very nice. Thanks Derek.
  13. Looks very nice but getting it delivered before Christmas, not on your Nellie you won’t. That’s an old English saying. . Thanks Derek.
  14. Hi me again. You know when you setup a profile for a certain Aircraft, do you have to select that profile or does it come up straight away when you select a certain Aircraft. Thanks Derek.
  15. Well I have the C172 is it at last working but that took all afternoon. . But at least we are getting there. Thanks Derek.
  16. Hi Guys. Thanks for your help and believe I have found the cause for the C52 mixture playing up as I believe I did not clear the current input. At least that is what I’m hoping the trouble is. Thanks again for your help. Thanks Derek.
  17. Hi. As above but having trouble setting up the C152 as the mixture seems to have a mind of its own. Plus what throttle do I use the one with the button on it or one of the others. I have a basic idea to change stuff like I thought I had sussed the mixture control but then found out that it was moving on it’s own for some reason. Have watched a few videos but I’m not getting any where. All help will be appreciated. Thanks Derek.
  18. Hi Brad. Why do we have to trouble just for an update. These Flight Sims are getting to complicated for my brain. Mean you have to setup all the controls for each Aircraft you have. My brain hurts. . Thanks Derek.
  19. Hi wain71 . Yes as it did not finish loading, mean the blue line got right to the end and then stopped. So I had to restart my computer.. Thanks Derek.
  20. Yes all ok. Though will have to sort the Aircraft controls out as I don’t think I set them up right. Thanks Derek.
  21. So deleted my rolling cache. So waiting to see if it loads ok. So looks like it is ok but seems my controls are all over the place. So that to sort out first. Thanks Derek.
  22. Hi Guys. Right just tried again, when it First starts up you can select safe mode which I did and it’s working. So what do I have to do know. Thanks Derek.
  23. Hi Guys. Went to load my MSFS this morning as not have played it for awhile and it loads but when the loading has finished nothing happens. This is the first time it’s done that as have not had any trouble before. Is it right you have to clear the cache or something. Thanks for any help. Just to mention my comp is alright as have been playing Far Cry 6 the last week. Thanks Derek.
  24. Hi wain71. Perhaps something has gone wrong the potentiometers some where. I had this trouble with my X52 Pro so had to give it up. Then my sons bought me for Xmas last year an X56 which is still working thank goodness. Hope you manage to sort it out. Thanks Derek.
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