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  1. Hi Guys. Thank you so much for your help. So I was thinking of getting a bigger hard drive later, say a 4 tb one, so I think that would be great for now. Thanks Derek.
  2. Hi greybeard thanks for your reply. So it’s not that big then, but then again it’s down to what we can afford. Thanks for your help. Derek.
  3. Hi Guys. At the moment I have MSFS on a 2tb hard drive with space to spare. I will be getting a bigger hard drive later. My question is if I bought all the Airport and Aircraft plus the all the scenery that’s available what size hard drive would I need. Thanks Derek.
  4. Hi Guys. Thanks for your help and downloaded Spadnext but yet to get it working. I see on YouTube there’s people that show you what to do and it seems I’m going to have to setup each individual switch. Thanks Derek.
  5. Hi Ken. Just seen the post about your illness and glad your getting better. Stay safe my friend. Us oldies have to stick together .Thanks Derek.
  6. Absolutely fantastic thanks for that. Thanks Derek.
  7. Hi W2DR. Thanks for that. Will give it ago. Thanks Derek.
  8. Hi Guys. Not sure if I’m in the right place but I’m using the above to check my frames but half the time I’m having a job Just seeing it. My question is can you change the colour of the frame rate counter. Like at the moment it’s green but for me a better Colour would be Red. Thanks Derek.
  9. Well I got rid of the G1000 and that seems to have sorted the 99000 alt thing and I can control the buttons now and I can select each of the buttons but nothing else. As I can not select an Altitude and the AP button do not seem to be working. Cannot set a heading or anything. So what is going on. Thanks Derek. Perhaps I have to reinstall the drivers ?
  10. Thanks for the information. Just going to try it now. Thanks Derek.
  11. Hi Steve. Thanks for that. Will I have to get rid of the old Saitek drivers and do know where they are. Plus is this the G1000 that you got for free, as I have that installed as well. Thanks Derek.
  12. Hi B12. Thanks for your post and no plugging it in or out has no effect. Plus I did not know that was more up to date software for it, so thanks for that. Will have a go tomorrow and thanks for the link. Thanks Derek.
  13. Sorry guys just found out it’s called the Multi Panel. Thanks Derek.
  14. Plus anybody know where the software would be. Thanks Derek.
  15. Just asking here if anybody has had the same problem. At the moment my Siatek Control panel is stuck at 99000 Alt and I can seem to get rid off it. Anybody any idea’s. Perhaps I will have to delete the software for it and start again. Thanks Derek.
  16. Happy Birthday to all you guys who have a Birthday this day. Thanks Derek.
  17. Seems Milviz are doing one, with a few Screenshots, and supposedly Aerosoft, but no shots yet. Thanks Derek.
  18. Hi Guys. Anybody know if there’s a Beaver in the pipeline for MSFS. That would be great to have. Of course with wheels or floats. Think I asked this awhile ago. Thanks Derek.
  19. Hi Guys. Just did a flight over New York and averaging between 58 - 64 so I’m very happy with that. Plus settings are set at high. Thanks Derek.
  20. Hi Pete. Yes still using the 2560 x 1440p and settings are on high. Mean that will probably drop as I haven’t tried New York yet which I will try today some time. Plus like I said I do not think I will be buying anything else, though thinking I might need a bigger like hard drive, maybe a 4tb one but that will be it. No more spending on Computer stuff. . Thanks Derek.
  21. As above very pleased with my setup as getting 60 to 80 plus in my MSFS. Thanks Derek.
  22. Thanks Guys for your help. Much appreciated. Thanks Derek.
  23. Hi Brad. Thanks for that but we’re do I go after I’m in, Is it the profile section where it says about me. ? Thanks Derek.
  24. Hi Guys. Well all up and running at last, well in the last few days anyway. Have installed the new patch and no problems at all like some people seem to have. It was pretty straight forward actually. The only thing I have to do is sort my new specs out which I have forgotten how to do. Some one did tell me not long ago but I cannot seem to find the post. Thanks Derek.
  25. Hi. Just found your your local Airport. Wow that is out in the Sticks as we say. How’s your internet connection. . Just to say some times I like to find where people are from and what Airport is near to them. Thanks Derek.
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