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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there! First of all, Happy New Year to everyone, and if you are celebrating Orthodox Christmas, Merry Christmas to you as well. I don't usually do this kind of announcement but I guess it's time for something new and exciting, time for a little change, change for the better. With tons of emails, direct messages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc., I thought it might actually be a good idea to share some progress and future plans with all of you in one place, and what better place is there than Orbx. 2022 is looking promising so far, and with that said, I have come up with 2 lists of airports that are planned to be developed. List #1 is for those airports that are already being made or are in the queue for development. List #2 is a hypothetical list that is subject to change and is of course open for your suggestions. Cheers. 2022 Development Roadmap Aldergrove/Belfast International Airport East Midlands Airport 2023 Development Roadmap TBA A little preview of the upcoming Belfast Intl. If you're located in Belfast or have photos of it (Main terminal exterior/interior), please DM/email me, thanks!
  2. I'm running the latest stable XP11. It seems as though the pan lights stay on no matter the time of day and it gives me terrible FPS. Or it's just the scenery. I have a GTX 1080 and an i9 10700k and performance in the zibo hovers around 20fps with meduim settings. All other airports I get around 35-50 FPS but this one is unusable, especially when looking at the buildings. Are they any plans to try and improve the FPS here?
  3. Hi, As you can see, my textures are messed up. Any advice for this? Note: Orbx Libraries is located on the last position on scenery_packs.ini
  4. I recently purchased Orbx EGNX scenery for P3Dv4.5 hf3. I am horrified by the low frame rates I am getting. I often fly from EGLL in the FSL A320 using Aerosoft Professional scenery without problems. Yet at EGNX I get under 14 fps with a default aircraft. I tried reducing graphics settings to extremely low levels (very sparse scenery complexity, terrain resolution 5m, special effects minimum), and there is no effect on fps. Not suprisingly really as the scenery detail is hardly affected by these settings changes. The only scenery configuration possible with EGNX is removing static aircraft, but that doesn't make much difference to fps. I have a lot of other Orbx scenery, including recent products such as Edinburgh, and nothing else gives me performance problems like this. The scenery is not usable as things are. Kevin
  5. In order not to stop learning, I used the current sale and purchased the DA62 with G1000. And I have zero experience to use this G1000... At least I do have some experience at the airport of East Midlands, having travelled often enough from there... ... on the way from office to office. Looking sharp. Birmingham is the alternative airport for travels to Nottingham. Milton Keynes. Didn´t they build the lovely litte Aston Martins down there? Arriving in the performance grave #3: London. (I call Seattle and Barcelona the other two.) The only significant industry that is left in England, so-called "financial industry". Optimizing their Excel sheets and algorithms. My setting shows big waves when I come close to water surfaces. Which means London City airport confuses me a bit. And the ILS is a real challenge with this steep angle! But now I am ready to explore the bars around. Virtually, as this happens to be these days... Sorry for using repeating perspectives. That just shows how much I struggled with use of the plane .
  6. Before going to Africa (obviously!) I´d like to share some pictures of my previous flights. In this case with one of my recent sales puchases, the Do228. I tried to understand her logics during a flight from East Midlands... ... over the Conneries Ponds... ... towards Nottingham. Below us is Beeston, and the green fields are the initial Boots site, where most of the worlds Ibuprofene was produced until 2001. Now it is a parking lot. In the city of Notts, just under the belly of the plane is Pennyfoot Lane, with the R&D labs where Ibu was invented. Unfortunately I did not master the Dornier good enough to show you some pubs like the https://www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk/food-and-drink/ye-olde-trip-to-jerusalem-p529041 , which is located basically IN the walls under the Nottingham Castle. But at least I managed to bring her back to the airport... ... and even landed her safely!
  7. Here we go for a quick hop from Edinburgh, Scotland, ... ... departing to the north, ... ... but quickly turning to the southwest, to encounter the Irish Sea. Starting the descent over Manchester... ... and approaching our destination over Long Eaton. We were called for a series of holdings ... ... before I declared emergency because lack of fuel, so that I could enjoy Donington racecourse... ... and my first virtual visit to East Midlands airport. I have landed there in real life at least a dozen times (with BMI, not BA) when we had a sister company nearby. @bernd1151 will probably know.
  8. Just picked up EGNX today, running on P3D v4.5 and seeing a strange issue with what looks like part of a building raised very high in the air. I did one flight with EGNX as destination, and saw the issue. Decided to restart, went back to the airport to see and it looked just fine. I then did another flight to EGNX and it reappeared. Another sim restart sorted it, but it'd be nice if it went away completely. It seems to wait for me being on final! My settings are the same as or higher than those stated in the user guide, and I also tried a file verify which was fine. Help! thanks Dave
  9. My jaw drops every time I return to this wonderful airport.
  10. I am unable to download and install EGNX East Midlands. I did manage to download and install EGLC London City with Orbx Central. I never had a problem with FTX Central. I have made 3 attempts so far: On the first attempt the download got to 82% 439/514 extracted before freezing. On the second attempt the download got to 93% 459/514 extracted before freezing. On my third attempt the download got to 73% 459/514 extracted before freezing again. I also attempted to UPDATE my EGHI Southampton scenery but with no luck! Please advise me how I can download and install EGNX East Midlands. Thanks.
  11. Final approach and landing at East Midlands. This is another super immersive and photo-realistic scenery.
  12. Hello! I bought EGNX and it's very nice with practically no impact on FPS. I don't know how that is even possible considering the amazing details But I really wish there was an option in the control panel to toggle the smoke fx on or off. It does not look very good, it's moving to fast in light wind and looks out of scale somehow. /Magnus
  13. Hi, Entering 09 via G1/G2 the approach lighting is raised above runway level. Cheers Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  14. Just Installed ORBX EGNX however the airport is covered in default scenery. Ive tried removing tiles from global airports, Reinstalling the scenery and nothing has worked. Been trying fixes for around 7hours now. scenery_packs.ini
  15. Anyone else got empty car parks and a log.txt with lots of errors such as: Failed to find resource 'Vehicles/Veh_CivicX_white.obj', referenced from scenery package 'Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_EGNX_East_Midlands/'. I've attached my log.txt. Log.txt
  16. Hi Just purchased EGNX and as I run on Mac. I am looking for the cross platform download but it says it isn't available. Can this please be investigated. Thanks in advance Jon
  17. I have just purchased EGNX for X-Plane 11. Before I installed the scenery I would be getting around 30fps with the Zibo 737 and over 40 with a default aircraft, like the Cessna 172. Since install I am now getting between 8-10fps and the rendering warning keeps popping up. I have set the sliders a lot lower but makes no difference. My system is: i7 3770 @ 3.4GHz, 16Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 1050Ti I have attached 2 pictures. One shows a frame rate of just over 9fps at EGNX and the other is at the default X-Plane 11 Glasgow airport.
  18. EGNX... "East Mids"" is my local and has a great & busy Freight Hub, I often hear the MD11 freighters (mainly Fed Ex to the USA) going over...I know that sweet sound now Heading out over the coast, first stop Hamburg... Sure hope PMDG do an update for this awesome "three pot"
  19. Good evening guys a shot of TCX4MX "Kestrel 4 Mike X-ray". Shot was taken just before touchdown from Ibiza. Flying charters on the IVAO network. *Non-Edited* (Since I've mentioned IVAO before wont do another thread but this airport will be open on IVAO from 18z EVERY Monday with East Midlands Ground, Tower and Approach online as well as London and Scottish. Ill be on Ground so the first person you will speak to therfore can get 'Newbies' started On a vfr flight or something. If you need details,advice or help or anything at all for that matter message me... ) Thanks for Looking and hope you liked the shot. Cheers Guys. -Although I don't tend to comment on each individual picture out there, there really are some cracking ones guys!
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