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  1. Its been a while, but as long as you installed Emo after AYPY it should be there Heres a top down shot from Google Earth showing its position in relation to Kokoda
  2. Great set of shots John, and a nice route to do, MSFS really sings
  3. Lovely set mate, I'll have to check out the Stearman!
  4. Hi Calum, Higher autogen settings are best (this is specific to FSX/P3D based products) for good visuals, texture resolution at either 7 or 15cm so you can see the provided orthoimagery at its best And this is for any game really, anistropic filtering at 16x, this ensures texture display crisp into the distance, for example on some runways depending on how they were created
  5. Hi Calum, I'm not the developer of this airport, but since Orbx first started creating airports for Fsx and P3d, 5m mesh setting has always been the one scenery 'rule' we have for correct display of the scenery, all developers worked towards this one standard so that all scenery displayed as intended. I never personally noticed any performance issues with using 5m, but of course each users PC is different, and each user has different priorities visually. Looking through your settings one thing stands out to me and it's the 'dynamic 3d autogen vegetation' option, this has always been a heavy hitting scenery element that (in my opinion) doesn't look very good as it produces very bright looking trees that visually clash with most orbx scenery, I highly recommend unselecting this (you will need to restart the sim for it to take effect), and setting 5m terrain mesh, and see how you go, hope it helps Cheers, Tim
  6. Thanks for that, try this fix first And if it doesnt help, post a screenshot of what KAVX looks like in the sim with KAVX installed, and uninstalled
  7. Hi there, Sorry you are having issues, this is the first I've seen with KAVX for MSFS, can you clarify more what you mean by not rendering? And when you are installing with Orbx Central which option are you choosing?
  8. Great capture John, the lighting engine in MSFS is superb
  9. Love the atmosphere in these, well done
  10. Great shots Tiger, especially love the approach #5
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