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  1. I have just read about the rehab treatment. Apparently you remove or uninstall one unnecessary addon per day from your Community folder until you reach a more socially acceptable level of addons as deemed by your fellow addicts, Harsh but no pain no gain as they say.
  2. I would save some money for rehab Flight sim rehab clinics can be expensive !!
  3. Very nice selection which shows off the lifelike aspects that MSFS addons create
  4. Try Iain's suggestion as Global Airports needs to be at the bottom of the scenery_packs.ini I also note that your latest log file now only shows one entry for KPSP
  5. Please attach a copy of your scenery_packs.ini for me to look as I see potential anomalies in the log file like 2 entries for KPSP: 0 Custom Scenery/KPSP Palm Springs International Airport/ 1 Custom Scenery/KPSP_Palm_Springs_Axonos/ Is KPSP installed direct into XP12 or into a library?
  6. It is over TE, hence I posted it as this feature was not available in XP11 except via a sort of season addon.
  7. Seasons were not officially in the default XP11 but are now in XP12 Here is snowy conditions over Exeter (TEGB South)
  8. @sarahb Late to the party but I may be able to help. The "library" you made has far too long a path with too many subfolders For example if you make a library like you have on D drive then just name it something like Orbx Addons or similar. Then that path to that Library folder would just be D:\Orbx Addons vs your current path of D:\Software\Software Backup\Library\xp11\EGSG Stapleford Airfield As we are referring in your pics to XP 11 then you need to attach a copy of what is called the scenery_packs.ini from your Custom Scenery folder which you can find located as shown in the pic below.
  9. Many thanks to those who posted birthday greetings. Yes, my day was a good one thanks.
  10. Try renaming the Community folder to Community.x Then make a new Community folder, so that MSFS sees one existing. Now try moving the Community.x folder to the HDD you want, When you get your new rig, you just need to move it back to your new MSFS installation on your new rig. The new installation will have created a new Community (empty) folder. Move your Community.x folder to MSFS and delete the newly made Community folder. Now rename your Community.x folder to Community.
  11. If you are not a regular Steam user, (like myself) then the Microsoft Store Premium Deluxe. Personally I used to get fed up with having wait for Steam updates before i could start my game
  12. Just to clarify Jack, it is Himalaya mesh not Asia mesh as in your post title, hence no Japan coverage.
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