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  1. Hi Sophia Sorry about the problem you are having. The screen message you are getting is typical of there not being enough free disk space available to download, etract, convert and install the addon. I suggest initially you take a look at the post I wrote here: You need to pay particular attention to the parts in the post relating to free disk space requirements. I need you to tell me how many disk drives you have and what free disk space you have on the drives. Clicking on Properties of the drives should give you y=the info like this example: If you don't have enough free space you could also think about installing the SD version (which I use) as it is a smaller download abd requires less disk space, loads faster and is just as good in visual quality from 1500-2000ft as the HD version is from slightly lower altitudes. The assistance I can give really also depends on your PC aptitude as some of the requirements can seem a bit daunting if you have no basic PC knowledge. We will try and assist as much as possible.
  2. @Lionhart27 Orbx Central will show available updates for installed addons. If an addon is not installed but waiting for an update that info is available on the Orbx Release Announcements section of the forums. This is where the announcement of the Paris landmarks update was announced. As you say you had uninstalled the addon, then Orbx Cenytral would not have notified you via that app
  3. I have just installed LFLB plus the France VFR Obstacles & VFR Landmarks to check out the quality of the buildings. I attach 3 pics of what I see plus my graphics settings and viewed at 3840x2169 on my 4K monitor i My XP11 Graphics settings: I would say that my pics are very similar regarding the visual quality of the displayed buildings as indicated in the original post here. Please note that the Partners aspect of Orbx Central is purely a retail outlet for those Developers who wish to use Orbx as another source of purchasing their products. Regarding the topic of whether Orbx "vet" the Partners addons I need to refer that to @Ed Correia who can maybe assist. Support for this addon is as @Doug Sawatzky highlighted, down to FranceVFR but i don't think you are referring to any support requirement but commenting on the quality of the product. You could also state your concerns/observations directly to FranceVFR. Should the addon be unacceptable to you I believe you could ask for a refund considering it is a very recent purchase. Refund requests need to be raised on Support Ticket as per the link here: https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. I will take a look and post pics of what I see. Also my XP graphics settings.
  5. Using Orbx Sydney Cityscape, Fly Tampa YSSY, Seafront Shipping addons, Global Shipping AI and FBW A320 NX. Live Traffic, Live Weather:
  6. Hi. Your log is showing a missing object from the download: lib/airport/aircraft/general_aviation/jet_c.obj At this stage I would suggest a couple of options. 1. Verify Files for KJAC via Orbx Central and see if that resolves the issue. 2. if Verify Files doesn't resolve the issue then Uninstall KJAC,. remove any Backup copy you may have (see pic for location of Backup if you have that option enabled) Reboot PC and reinstall KJAC If the above options fail to resolve the problem I ask that you contact Axonos as they are responsible for support on their product and will be able to offer better assistance as I am unable to locate the folder that the missing object should be in. Developer This product has been produced by Axonos. For Axonos product support, please to go https://discord.gg/WfKebUM
  7. Difficult to find what is causing the issue for you as I too cannot replicate what you are seeing. The pic below is what I see having renamed my Community folder to Community.x and a new community created with only Orbx LOWI in there. I have no elevation issues apparent.
  8. Just to add that this issue is ongoing and Asobo related. Reported since the UK World Update, Nordic World update and now the latest update 6. It does improve if you delete the Procedural Buildings in each of the Updates; https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/egac-and-belfast-issues-from-su5-still-not-solved/452807 To delete that file you open up the Content manager, click on one of the World Updates and click on Unselect. This allows you to choose which or all elements of that Update to unselect. Choose Procedural Buildings
  9. Do you have a 3rd party freeware mesh also installed for Austria?
  10. Those blobby bushes look like the ones you can get with photogrammetry enabled
  11. Sorry about your issues, but to answer your initial question, use Orbx Central to uninstall your Orbx addons
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