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  1. In Orbx Central click on the Discover option on the top toolbar.
  2. A couple of years ago I wrote a tip about installing True Earth addons. It related to installing into XP as that is the Sim I am responsible for in regard to Support queries. In that piece I mentioned the importance of potentially relocating your Temp folder as that is the folder that the initial download goes into and will temporarily start to fill your hard drive. This can cause issues of lack of free space which in turn can cause an unsuccessful installation. Now we have MSFS and the largest files to download are currently Mesh files as there are no True Earth addons. When we download we are downloading many, many zipped files in order to save bandwidth. These have to be unzipped in order to install. You may have super fast broadband which will deal with the actual download, but the Unzipping/Extracting can take quite a while. This is depending on your PC specs but mainly on your disks read/write speed. So, the best solution is to place your Temp folder on the drive that has plenty of space but also consider putting it on to the fastest drive where possible. The folder is emptied at the end of the installation so all free space is recovered. You will be surprised how much of a difference in installation time it can make.
  3. This is how the Hungarian fire fighting team dealt with fires. The vid also gives a much greater impression of the effects of the smoke causing daytime to be like a dark night and also the sheer noise caused by the well head pressure. Many fires sounded like Concorde was taking off in your back yard
  4. Timeline: August 1990 I returned to Baghdad where I was working and was detained as a hostage for 4.5months December 11th ( I think) released as a hostage and flew back to UK. January 16th 1991 Desert Storm operation commences February 28th 1991 Cease fire declared. 2nd March flew to Saudi to organise purchase of 2nd hand ARAMCO ( the Saudi Oil Company) pickup trucks and essential provisions to take to Kuwait for the few company workers who had arrived in Kuwait City around 3rd march. Left Saudi Arabia leading a convoy of 5-6 pickups and drove to the Kuwait border where the vison of apocalypse became evident. Daytime but all the thick arid smoke from 700+ oil well fires turned day to night. After arrival, got to work in the firefighter support section where we assisted in supporting the eventual 27 firefighting teams. Unforgettable experience but paying for it health wise in my senior years. I just thought some maybe interested also in the linked video made by the company I worked for and available on Youtube here:
  5. I respectfully suggest that if your "issue" is with an installed addon or problems trying to install then you raise a support ticket. If you question is a "general" one for example "will this airport addon work with this Orbx scenery", or similar then you can ask that type of question in this General Discussion forum where all our members can get involved. I would regard that as a pre-purchase enquiry rather than a technical Support issue.
  6. There have been occasions where disabling the Asobo LOWI has been effective in removing a runway bump that some people were experiencing when using the Orbx LOWI addon.
  7. Please use Orbx Central to uninstall TEGB South. Now go and Clear Temp folder and remove Backup as advised in the instructions from the email you get and quoted in your first post. Then open Orbx Central/settings/downloader and check that the disk drive setting under "Concurrency" is correct for your set up and then change the "Conversions" setting to Moderate or Low. The attached pics how you what is required: Restart your PC (don't choose Shutdown, but choose Restart) Now try installing TEGB South again via Orbx central. This process can take up to an hour depending on your PC specs so please let it run its course. Report back when installed.
  8. Have you run the Verify Files option for TE SoCal? If not please do so. Is your World objects set to max in XP11? If not please set to Max. @Sentry11 are you suggesting an installation error of TE SoCal?
  9. To my knowledge there are no plans but we can check with @Ed Correia about any planned updates to TE addons.
  10. No Problem You have not answered my 2 questions so please do so. I have opened one of the logs you attached so far and there are references to missing 3rd party libraries like 3D people etc. Anyway, please answer my 2 questions and then I can decide what we need to do. Thanks
  11. I also suggest that prior ot the update you rename your Community folder to Community.x so that it preserves all your existing addons negating the need to reinstall all the addons you have.
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