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  1. Hi Caleb, just like you, I bought a modern (gaming) laptop to replace an older desktop. I use it for P3D v5. It gets very hot too (regularly above 80 degrees), so I bought a cooling pad. It's difficult to measure the effect (in my case, the temp reduction can't be 10 degrees, otherwise I would have noticed!). But I'm confident the cooling pad must help somehow, because it keeps the air moving (so hot air keeps moving away as well). Regards, Mathieu
  2. Hi Aspen31, Reading about night textures during day rings a bell to me. Hope this helps.
  3. A bit different here: Technically, I have quite a nice experience with MSFS: I installed it on two different PC's, the first one kind of mid-end (I7-7700 CPU @3.60GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1050TI GPU) and the other high-end (I7-9750H CPU @4.50GHz (turbo), 16GB RAM, RTX 2070 GPU), and I can tell it runs perfectly on both, and it looks wonderful just out of the box. In theory, MSFS solves all "problems" I had with P3D. But how it feels is another story. Because in practice, I hardly ever fly with MSFS, and when I do, I always switch back to P3D within a few minutes. So, of course MSFS is wonderful, no doubt about that! But in my case, it turns out that P3D is still my “favourite toy”! Cheers!
  4. Look there: C:\Users\<YOUR_NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central\central.log
  5. I @adaniel, I'm wondering if you're flying with locked FPS or unlimited? I remember I got blurries in the past when my FPS was set to unlimited. I believe locking your FPS to 30 (for example) allows your PC to spend more time loading textures etc., which prevents blurries.
  6. Hello @HappyHippoMichael I regularly fly with EU Germany North/South in P3Dv5.1, and as far as I can see it is fully compatible.
  7. Sorry, I just noticed that the files were also posted in the Misplaced Autogen thread. My question is answered. Thank you.
  8. Hello Nick, Thanks for your efforts. Are the files you sent a solution for the Misplaced Autogen thread too? (I mean this : )
  9. Hello @aig Thank you very much for your full report. It's very kind of you to make the effort to share such a detailed report with us. On my side, I must report some good news, although I still don't feel very confident. As you could read hereabove, I tried lots of things to get global working in p3dv5 HF2 (in vain), so on the 26th of July I was so fed up with it that I decided to switch back to p3dv4, which works perfectly with Orbx. However, on the 1st of October I decided to give it a new try. I downloaded a fresh new copy of p3dv5 HF2 (, installed it and re-installed my Orbx scenery in it. This time it worked... I can't say it 'feels' very reliable, as you might understand when reading the thread hereabove, but at least it works now, and being able to fly again with Enhanced Atmospherics (p3dv5 only!) really feels wonderful to me. The question remains: what causes the problems described in this thread? Obviously, between my last failed attempt to install my Orbx scenery (26th of July) and my succeeded attempt (1st of October), something must have changed on my PC. But what? My backup of 'global-base' and 'global-openlc-europe' dates from the 25th of July. On the 26th I reported in this thread that I still couldn't manage to install global correctly. Since I now managed to install my Orbx scenery properly with the very same backup, I'm not so sure global or openlc-europe are the culprit (at least not the data; Orbx central is another story). Also I inspected the list of software installed or updated between July the 26th (my last failed attempt) and October the 1st (succeeded attempt): - I installed a fresh copy of p3dv5 HF2 - My copy of Orbx Central was updated on the 3rd of September. - On the 9th of September Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64) 12.0.30501 was installed/updated (I remember that some Visual C++ Redistributables are needed for Central to work properly: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QqebVX8fUFdFtOOEMR1ZULkhhieenQHNopfNY-5_K0Y/edit ) - I bought and installed MSFS2020, which must have installed all kinds of packages and/or modified the Windows registry too. Which did the trick? I can't say. (I don't think that the fresh copy of p3dv5 HF2 brought the solution: if my previous copy of p3dv5 HF2 was corrupt and caused the bug, I can't imagine that the others (like @aig, @Amsor @pezi) have a copy of HF2 corrupted in the same way causing the very same bug. I think that's impossible.) Regards
  10. 'Until august the 18th'... You probably meant until MSFS2020 was released... well, it's released now, I bought it and I can tell: I still prefer flying P3D with Orbx. So... yes, come on with openLC Asia! (please!)
  11. Hello Dickkya, Did you try the usual steps in Orbx Central, like 'Verify files' (in products section) and 'Sync simulator' (in Help section)?
  12. Hello Nick, Thank you for your efforts. I did exactly what you wrote. I hardly dare to write it, but... it didn't work. I too run out of ideas. I suppose we have to consider this a 'rare bug' (only three of us mentionned it in this thread). Since Orbx works absolutely fine for my P3D v4.5, I guess it might be a bug in P3D v5. I leave it for now.
  13. Hello Nick and Carlos, Thank you very much, Nick, for sending your files. I replaced mine with yours, sadly with no difference in the result. Carlos, I mostly tested without any add-on, so I'm sure that doesn't play any role.
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