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  1. Indeed! That's a must! Thanks for considering it.
  2. I too have this problem , and it's all around various sceneries! Please help!
  3. Hi Carlos! Thanks for your answer, Actually I meant MRPM. There's this "ghost" runway and it does not sit on the land like yours, maybe the Sabretooth corrections fixed it? Mine is pretty awful, with mid runway sitting under water and incorrect runways positions. Top Down view: Nothing but Global / Vector/ OpenLC NA and SA activated. PS: Drake (MRDK) is correct on my sim.
  4. Along with the vector and the runway over water, the airport is all wrong by default, so a new Freeware Version from @larryisenor would be very much appreciated!
  5. This problem is back again with the new central. Any chance on giving this issue a good look? Thanks!
  6. Yeah babe!! Thanks John! South America next please!! (Ok, I know... just dreaming )
  7. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3d v4 Not a issue, but more a request, and it's been discussed before. 1. Why not a "Install ALL" button or even a "Control + Mouse Click" to select multiple sceneries to install in a row? These would TREMENDOUSLY help in full sim re-installs and come on, it's not that hard to do, is it? 2. It's still confusing to know (differ) what you own and what it's not installed. Maybe different color, font, or checkmarks. Other than that, the new Central is blazing fast and looking great! Thanks
  8. Just to add here, I've seen this bug since early FSX days, on airports with hills near thresholds. It's a pain in the ...
  9. Ohhh sad news! May he rest in peace!! His work was sure fabulous and he will be missed!
  10. Impressive performance!! And I loved the clouds also! It's time for big companies like PMDG, A2A to start thinking about this platform!
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