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  1. Especially #2 with the sunlight on the tail.
  2. That is a good looking mesh - reminds me of FTX NZ South. Lovely colors on the helo.
  3. It was a much better looking plane wearing a prop.
  4. Hang a jet engine on a Yak3 and you get a 'Feather' - the Yak15, Russia's first post ww2 jet fighter.
  5. Speaking of pretty shots - my first thought when I saw your title.
  6. Not that I can be of much help but, as a fellow XP'er, I wouldn't mind a little portover action or (be still my beating heart) new True Earth products. Unfortunately, with '2020' being the 'name of the game' right now, us smaller market simmers are in a virtual holding pattern with a vague EFC time. Orbx can relax and enjoy since they pretty much have a lock on scenery products so heave a sigh and expect a wait.
  7. The Henschel 123 preceded the Me109 during the '30's. This freeware is a great flier doing a little demo at Manchester Barton.
  8. The St Andrews Cross (saltire) is white on blue - maybe the "Rampant Lion".
  9. I'm familiar with the meteorological term "Sh!t Storm" but, until now, had never seen an aircraft that'd flown through one.
  10. When I no longer had to pass (nobody failed) the annual Second Class' physical for ATC work, I discovered I was a waiking time bomb for cardio problems. First a quintuple bypass followed ten years later by an abdominal aortic aneurism repair. A handful of pills a day along with some good Lager and I'm hanging in there - 83 in six days.
  11. Ted Smith was a genius designer based in Bethany Oklahoma. The Aero Commander became a jet finally produced in Israel but the rest went to Rockwell and the great Robert Hoover showed us what the plane could do.
  12. This one makes Jack's 747 look tired - surprised he hasn't been on with one.
  13. With a couple of RR Trents pushing out 78000 lbs of thrust each, my deck angle of 15 degrees seems fairly modest. You reallyt have to back off to remain at or less than 250 kt below 10 grand.
  14. 'Scottish Wings' airline out of Edinburgh.
  15. What I know of 'Aeroplane Heaven' is from old FSX - they had several super aircraft for that so I imagine the quality is still there.
  16. Good looking P40 - loved their explanation that though it has an Allison V12, it's father in the Curtis lineage was the 'Hawk' with a big round P&W.
  17. A little power, back pressure and perhaps some opposite aileron against the rudder - not much changes but it keeps the ball in the center .
  18. That's what that "Bank, bank, bank" was all about - thought it was a commercial .
  19. A couple of new paints (for me) of the 'Magknight' B787-9. Austrian Airlines off Innsbruck. United/Continental off Portland.
  20. UPS ground would have been a lot cheaper but then we wouldn't have your shots which I like a lot.
  21. A thing I miss from FSX - their DC 8's were terrific and where else could you find a 'Caravelle' That 727 looks as good as anything current - may not have all today's bells and whistles but that's not in the shots which, by the way, are excellent.
  22. I had a gadget which was essentially a plastic can with an appropriately shaped funnel - on the can was printed H.E.R.E for Human Element Range Extender. Came in real handy many times .
  23. Back to MSFS and only a week or so ago you were back to XP - fickle but nice shots though.
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