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  1. Out of Dornoch, Scotland on the northeast coast up from Inverness. Famous for their castle, cathedral and outstanding golf course - burned their last witch in 1727. Overnighted there at a nice B&B on our way up to John O'Groats.
  2. The Islander looks fifty years younger than the terminal but it's a fine shot nonetheless.
  3. Just the tail - nothing important .
  4. Now if they can just figure how to keep that fire in the hole .
  5. They're all completely clothed and none appears to be using a cellphone.
  6. Way back in the 70's - Danair ready to go off Manchester.
  7. The gorgeousness increases as the clouds disappear .
  8. Thanks Iain, I've almost lost count .
  9. Tough when you have to split it with your former though - likewise poor Bill Microsoft.
  10. As an old guy I choose to ignore 'D'. Kangaroos are Australian - no concern of mine - likewise Komodo Dragons. I've always admired the wolf, especially as a tanned hide.
  11. Mine too - hope yours was as or greater than mine.
  12. First they announced delivery by drone and now the 'Flying Box'.
  13. The Brits acquired one towards the end of hostilities - gave it a couple of roundels and a Flt Lt to put on a demo. He rolled, the tail didn't.
  14. It wasn't the wood so much as the glue. Apparently someone dropped a bomb on the glue factory so they came up with a substitute - wasn't very good.
  15. From me to me. The Heinkel He162 - one of Germany's "almost" entries in the jet era. Partially built with wood, it had some glue problems but the 'Beemer' engine on top was good. It's fun to fly especially when it doesn't flame - had that a couple of flights - time to read the manual. These are in the Llanbedr area of northwest Wales.
  16. Thought I read somewhere the senior discount only applied to Orbx products and not Partners.
  17. Not a bad place to avoid an unpopular war - wrong word .
  18. That Kingair is sorted out at last and a challenge to fly - love the repaint -where?
  19. Your shots are consistently great and all that Cumulus doesn't hurt.
  20. If I ilved in Rome, I'd be LXXXIII today or do they still do that? .
  21. Immaculate colors John on a super scenery. Have it for XP and had it for FSX.
  22. I saw your title 'IN the Black Forest' and thought that's gonna require some maneuvering .
  23. I just stuck my head above the blankie here in the often glorious PNW. No rain so I may have to cut the grass but I'll have incentive knowing cold ones are waiting Thanks for all the kind wishes.
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