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  1. I'm sure it is Doug, thanks a pile --Louis cyyc
  2. Some years ago now some one here made a pretty good job of cyyc. Fsimstudio made a fantastic job of cyeg and are supposed to do cyyc but isn't out yet . Some how my cyyc got knocked out and i can't find the original one i had from here .Does any one know where i can get it ,download and get it installed ? Thanks Louis cyyc
  3. Maybe I posted this in the wrong forum section (P3d ) and got no response but for sure some must know why all of a sudden the ATC coverage do not show up any more on the world map .It sure is handy to see what controllers are on . I just have the plane free version and don't recall changing any settings for it not to show up. Does any one out there have any idea what it could be ? thanks, Louis cyyc
  4. Glad you posted this Tak .I posted on Milvix to see how good this Porter is and 3 days later no answer . Hopefully dome one answers you cause there's a few things i want to know about this Porter before i buy it. I just opened up Central and the Porter is there Louis cyyc
  5. When I used to leave the Thunder Bay flying club to go home in Thunder Bay around '70 going for my commercial license, there was an 'ol Beech 18 on the corner. As far as i know i don't think there is, but maybe there is a real good model for our sim ,it would have to be a real good model before I'd buy it though .
  6. I got my license in the late 60's John so I'm kind of partial to that old stuff, Ha -- Ok thanks guys good enough
  7. I noticed Orbz is now partner with Aeroplane Heaven. I'm thinking of getting the Sebreliner jet from the 60's , but not sure of their product quality, but assuming if Orbz grabbed onto them they must be pretty decent. There some aircraft outfits out there who put out aircraft like puppy mills and I don't want any part of them. Since i don't know anything about these guys I'm just seeing if someone here has experience using their products . thanks Louis - Alberta
  8. Yes thanks Ben , was flying with a guy last night on Vatsim ,and he told me what it was on team speak .
  9. Looked be can't find out why i see a lot of red square boxes with a T in it . What is this for ?----Louis
  10. My friend says this uses a one gig of memory, so he's not gonna use this is, if this true cause i might bail also
  11. Eventually for sure I'm gonna switch to the 2020 sim, probably in a year when all the aircraft like PMDG are all settled in. So I'm really holding back on spending now cause of this .My question and I'm sure its been asked before but cant find it , is what's the deal on all this product we now have , do we have to rebuy ? I'm hesitant on buying with this sale on now cause of it. Thanks Louis -Alberta
  12. Ya, thanks Nick, i had no clue , worked fine -----Louis
  13. This pops up loading terrain in P3Dv4.5 ,not a real big deal cause i just click on it and it loads up fine . Path not found V4-Orbx\ftx_au\ftxauv2_05 scenery\scenery\_objectflow.xml i must of installed something but don't really know if i should uninstall some thing. Louis
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