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  1. @Tony Wroblewski @Ed Correia Gentlemen; You pulled off a miracle last time delivering the great new SF/Oak Bay Bridge within six weeks of committing to the project. Thank you again, I look at it often with great appreciation. Granted, it is on loan from FTX and hopefully didn't require the complete rebuild that you have promised for Alcatraz. I don't expect to hear Alcatraz going to be done in a similar time frame and acknowledge that I may be premature in this post. I also reconfirm that Orbx has never let me down and has made good on all promises and commitments. Your word is always good with me, no worries. That being said is there any progress that you care to report? Cordially, Roger Halunen Shout out always to @Jon Clarke for your never ending assistance. You sir, are appreciated.
  2. @Jon Clarke; Would you be so kind and add any comments you may have about @Gorum79request. Cordially, Roger Halunen
  3. George; If I remember correctly the issue with GG Bridge came down to two choices: 1. Have the bridge become a "hard" object and have AI traffic but be unable to fly under it. 2. Have the bridge become a "soft" object and be able to fly under it but unable to support AI vehicle traffic. AI Traffic would run on the surface of the water and look rather unusual... If someone else in the community has a different version of this please correct me. I have used Mr. X's version in the past but I don't remember if I could fly under it. You can locate your change log here: Orbx Central/Settings/Help/Open Log The Orbx Roadmap is just setting target projects for the future. They, more than anyone, knows this is a moving target in a continuing and evolving environment and subject to change. The best source for current information is right here in the Orbx forum. Roger
  4. George; To my knowledge there has never been traffic on the GG Bridge. It has something to do with the way it's designed/constructed that does not allow that function. I say again; Someone (not me) should start a new topic "Alcatraz" to pursue this specific anomaly. And, if the community is really behind this action it will happen. Keep the faith.... Roger
  5. George; The impossible we can do right now, miracles take a little longer... Orbx has honored it's commitment to replace the bridge, and did it in record time. For this I am truly grateful. Don't let good be the enemy of perfect. Perhaps someone should start a new topic entitled specifically "Alcatraz" if this is going to be the next focal point. In the meantime revel in the fact that we have a new beautiful bridge to grace our scenery. Anyone for Alcatraz? Speak now or forever hold your peace. It's not up to me. The community will need to step up in unison for this to occur. Who's up next? Keep the faith. Oh, last but not least, thank you @Jon Clarke for guiding this through the process. I apologize for not including you in my last post, you were and are an integral and important player in moving this forward. Thank you again, you are a champ! Roger
  6. @Gorum79; It's here. Just open Orbx Central and update. Special thanks to @Tony Wroblewski and @Ed Correia for all your efforts!!!!! Thank you all for your patience. Roger
  7. Back at ya George; First off, welcome to the forums! Answer #1: When it's ready and I don't know. Granted, this is not the answer you wanted to hear. Orbx has a long and storied history of ground breaking products with a focus on quality and realism. Their excellent customer service is unsurpassed and the forum moderators are knowledgeable and helpful. They also have a very, very full plate right now. @Ed Correia has made a commitment to the SF/Oakland Bay bridge replacement a month ago and I have no doubt that he will make it happen when he can get it into the que. I do not know about the status of Alcatraz or the other identified anomalies. Full disclosure; I do not work for Orbx but they've kept me a happy camper for the last decade plus. Answer #2: This one you'll like. When the update is available a notice will appear when you open Orbx Central. Just click and and Central will do the rest. Again, welcome to the forums and keep on posting. Be Well, Roger
  8. Greetings @Gorum79; We've been going around and around this issue for awhile with @Tony Wroblewski and @Ed Correia. Progress is being made. Cordially, Roger Halunen
  9. Sourdough aileron roll over the Golden Gate... Yakovlev Yak-55 by NDA Orbx TE Nor Cal
  10. @Tony Wroblewski On 5/28/2020 at 12:35 AM, Tony Wroblewski said: This was the original bridge in the beta that was given to testers and where that shot came from: The bridge was way too high and looked like a rollercoaster at the end, so we sent it back to be fixed. The fixed bridge is now not correct also. It will be redone for the update. Forgive me Tony, I know you take great pride in your work and your integrity is beyond reproach. Rightfully so, it's the best and put Orbx where it is today. I think this anomaly bugs you more than anyone since you take such pride in your work. I know this is just crumbs and there's bread to be made elsewhere and that the decisions come from above... What would JV do? Respectfully, Roger Halunen
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