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  1. Thanks for the update John - sounds like there's lots to look forward to!!
  2. Thanks indeed for this great deal John - will be picking up a couple
  3. Fantastic video guys - very well done!!
  4. Fantastic roadmap there guys, looking forward to it!!
  5. Very much deserved guys, well done I can assure you I'll also pick up my copy of PNW once I get home from uni for easter
  6. Merry christmas, hope everyone has a good one!! Looking forward to what's coming next year John
  7. Hi Guys, I'm doing a re-install and have managed to confuse myself about the right order in which to install the orbx products, you can see what products I've got from my signature. From what I've read round the forum is this approach correct? - Install all regions & airports - Install SP3 patch 1 - Install orbx libs Does it matter where OZx is installed in this process or not? Thanks in advance
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