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  1. CENTRAL AUSTRALIA - NEAR ALICE SPRING He is often on the road, walking in the bush, from place to place, following his dreams, parts of his story. He is on his Songlines... #01 #02 "Mamanha nyiya bandiku kankala Minkala..." : "When the earth was soft, creation spirits travelled all over the country, giving it shape and form, making the rivers, the gorges and the mountains.... #03 ...They created and named all the animals, birds and plants. They gave people their own language and laws to live by. Everywhere in the land there is evidence of their travels... #04 ...They sometimes transformed themselves into features of the landscape. They are the spirits ancestors of all of us, Aboriginal people. Their presence remains in the land today..." #05 I met Tommy many years ago near Uluru, in the Valley of the Wind of Kata Tjuta #06 #07 I was looking unsuccessefuly for a new kind of the very rare kangoo-mouse as well as possible "fossil living" dinosaur-ants...(the Graal for the entomologist !) He told me he maybe had seen such tiny marsupials (he said "kalunnytia" in Yinjibandi), a small group of them once in the Tanami Desert near Birindudu... and he kindly drawnt me a small note about the location... We came back together via Kings Canyon to Alice Springs. In the museum, we talked about the crash of the Kookaburra plane and famous Coffee Royal incident : - "Tommy, surely they should have learnt from aboriginal people how to survive in the desert..." - "Oh yes Peter... but it takes many years to learn, and a long practice..." #08 #09 I remember his words : "My strength, the strength of the land. I can feel it in myself, I belong there. It’s our country, our dust, our place. We remember the old people..." #10 WESTERN AUSTRALIA - SOUTH OF PERTH #11 #12 #13 I had to look for Tommy, stopping my survey in the karri forest. Anyway I did not find any new type of velvet worms - I was more lucky last month in New Zealand... #14a #14b Lucy called me this morning : "...It is about Tommy...his mother is dying, Peter. He must be back as soon as possible at Balgo Hills... He should be near Dongara in the botanical park, or in the Karijini Park...you know...as a ranger...and he still does not have any personal phone..." #15 From Manjimup, I would need about 1h30 to go to Perth Jandakot. There I will catch another plane I could load a lot of furniture for the Balgo Community, and I will try to find and pick up Tommy before the end of the day. It would take about 2 hours to fly to Geralton and 1 hour to drive to the Lessuer botanical park...1 hour to fly to Kalbarri, and finally 4h to fly East to Karijini...quite a long road...! WESTERN COAST #16 #16b #17 #18 I remember when Tommy told me while visiting Perth, how its Grand-Grand-Father T. Windich left the city with John Forrest, and all the details of the 6 months expedition along the Nicholson and Musgrave Ranges upto the Overland Telegraph Line near Lake Eyre : "His story is famous in the family...he had a very long scar on one arm due to a fight against a group of native hunters ... they were more than hundred and against only six - fortunately the terrific thunder of their guns has been so impressive that it affraid all the group......All the way they found spinifex, grassy plains or drift sand hills, sometime a fine pool of water...incredible journey...and they finally survived !" #19 #19a #19b #19c #19d #20a #20b I did not find Tommy at the Lessueur botanical park. The rangers told me he left a few weeks ago to Karijini... From Geralton, flight along the coast to Kalbarri (72 Nm at 337°) and next to a small airfield in Karijini NP (406Nm 40°) #21 #22 #22b #23 #24 Close to here, for its 50 years old birthday, we took him on a plane - landing on the NW Coastal Highway near Nanutarra Roadhouse on a specific part of the road enlarged for this purpose (normally only in case of emergency !) : he discovered the reef, enjoyed to snorkeling ...and met a whale-shark ! "Maybe Rai, the father of all fish, Peter, so huge !" #25 #25a #25b #26 #26a #26b -------------------------------------------------------- . . . SEE PART 2 COMING NEXTLY ! ----------------------------------------- (NB : Previous posts : Something Different #1&#2 : How how I met Lucy on the Eastern Coast ... and travelled with her and a strange guy up to Wolfe Creek Crater, Peter, and their amazing adventures in Solomon Islands Something Different #3 :-D ... about the family of Lucy coming from Alaska in Something Different #4 )
  2. Announcing our next exciting Landmark City Pack - Brisbane! Our next destination for the Landmarks takes us back to Australia with Brisbane, the most populated city and capital of the state of Queensland. The city was founded upon the traditional lands of the Jagera and Turrbal people on the banks of the Brisbane River which took it's name from Sir Thomas Brisbane, the governor of New South Wales at the time. With its laid-back charm, Brisbane is a cosmopolitan hub for arts, culture and a subtropical alfresco lifestyle. The city sees clear blue skies all year round and is a popular tourist destination offering many landmarks and attractions. Our TrueEarth team, led by respected flight sim developer, Holger Sandmann, have recreated this global city with carefully selected POIs, custom orthos and terraforming refinements to capture the feel and vibes of the city. We have maintained balance and performance with our carefully selected 125 POIs, which include the Story Bridge, Eagle Street Pier and many of the hotels and apartments along the riverbank and CBD. Our hero assets allow you to get up close and personal and we have included the recently completed Brisbane Skytower (the city's tallest building), Suncorp Stadium and the Gabba for the all the fans of rugby league, AFL and the cricket. Key Features 4 high-detail custom landmarks: Brisbane Skytower, The Gabba and Suncorp Stadiums, Riverside Expressway bridge system 125 medium-detail custom landmarks, providing a comprehensive Brisbane skyline while balancing quality and performance Extensive terraforming across the coverage area, enhancing how our custom landmarks sit within the simulator’s terrain Enhancements to the Brisbane River between downtown and the estuary: marinas, moored boats, CityCat ferries, New Farm Riverwalk, etc. Detailed representation of the Port of Brisbane (Fisherman Island) and adjacent tank farms and industrial areas Custom orthoimagery with partially exposed tidal sandbars and wetlands east of YBBN and south of Fisherman Island Custom night lighting based on real-world photography Perfectly matched with our upcoming YBBN Brisbane Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator Landmarks Brisbane City has just commenced beta testing and we expect to see its release later this month. So in the meantime, enjoy these previews!
  3. Orbx is proud to return to our roots with our very first Australian product for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Cityscape Sydney! We know that many of you have been keenly awaiting news of our first homegrown project for the new sim, and as such we have to kick things off in style. Over nine months in development, Cityscape Sydney is an enormous project that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the current MSFS SDK. Acclaimed developer Frank Schnibben (Cityscape Honolulu, Melbourne Cityscape for AUv2) has brought to life Australia's largest city with his debut MSFS scenery with the assistance of our in-house team. A complete cityscape, the scenery captures the feel and energy of the harbourside capital, with thousands of details and features across the entire metropolitan area. Over 100 custom points of interest have been faithfully recreated, including the city's tallest skyscrapers, well-known icons, sports stadiums and bridges. Whilst most of these have been created with a high level of detail that prioritises high optimization and unique PBR texturework, we have created a few ultra-high-detail "hero assets" - models that rival airport terminals in terms of detail - perfect for exploring right up close. You can see this in action with our incredibly detailed Sydney Harbour Bridge - the centrepiece of this scenery. Custom aerial imagery replaces the default Bing ortho for the inner suburbs, airport and CBD of Sydney. We made the decision to use our own ortho as it is a vast improvement over the default; fidelity, colour quality, source resolution and tonality, as well as Frank's hand-editing bring this feature to life. Additionally, water colour and detailing is greatly improved; the world-famous beaches of Bondi and Coogee look far more realistic and vibrant. Watermasks in the central parts of the scenery have been totally replaced, more accurately depicting coastlines. Frank has also totally replaced over 28,000 primary buildings with his own custom-designed models in complete 4k PBR. This vastly improves the type, footprint height and roof types of the most standout towers, residential blocks and commercial buildings not covered as points of interest. These improvements extend far beyond the primary coverage zone - major suburban centers such as Parramatta, Chatswood and dozens more have been replaced. Lastly, Port Botany next to Sydney Airport has seen a major overhaul, with detailing and improvements to this landmark that is visible on all flights into and out of the airport. AT A GLANCE Our first Australian scenery for MSFS An entire Cityscape covering the City of Sydney Airport terminal-quality Hero Assets such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge 103 Custom PBR landmarks across the Sydney metro area 28,000 replacement buildings with corrected heights, footprints and building types 250km2 of pristine custom aerial imagery - perfectly colour balanced and hand-edited Thousands of placed objects to bring the Harbour City to life Stunning night lighting Replacement watermasking for more accurate coastlines Improved tree heights in select locations Improved suburban centres and POIs beyond the primary coverage zone Port Botany recreated From acclaimed developer Frank Schnibben, with assistance from our in-house team As the first of several major Australian projects currently under development, we look forward to sharing more information and shots of Cityscape Sydney over the coming weeks - be sure to keep an eye out on our previews forum and social media for more information. Enjoy!
  4. Because Australia updates and installation of the Brisbane International Airport I re-flew this flight. And ..... I liked it! Have a nice flight, Wil
  5. After the Australia v2 update and the free Brisbane International Airport installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a3xEwZjubc&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Have a nice flight, Wil
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXZnL5KurJ8&feature=youtu.be&hd=1 Have a lot of fun, Wil
  7. Landing on Great Lakes Airport put me into problems. Elevation seems to be weird. Is there a solution? Have a nice flight, Wil
  8. If your interested in Aviation museums there's a couple of incredibly detailed and free 360 degree virtual tours of the Darwin Aviation Museum, NT and also the Perth Aviation Museum, WA in Australia. Take a good look around a B52, Lancaster, Catalina, Dakota C47, Avro Anson, B-25 Mitchell Bomber , Wessex helicopter, COBRA AH-IG and many other aircraft and displays. There's also the B-24 J Liberator 'Milady' Wreck Site in Cox Peninsula, NT that you can explore without the humidity. Very little chance of international visitors stopping by these locations in person this year and perhaps even next year so a bit of support via online visitors will go a long way and you only need to register with your name and email address to access the tours. vuseum.com
  9. 1st Flight in Australia Version 2 SP1. Not expected and suddenly in bad weather what ended in a difficult landing. Well, that's fun, isn't it? Have a nice flight, Wil
  10. I'm hoping that someone can help me with this. I've decided to rebuild my Flight Sim in the spare room, since I have had little space until now to set it up. I purchased my original orbx product (see below) in June, 2015 and I am not sure if it is the same as the one currently advertised on the website. The difference in file size suggests it's not. Can you please let me know what differences there are between the two, such as graphics, compatibility, e.t.c. If I need to update, I'd like to know before the sales end. Thank You. ORIGINAL PURCHASE The Flight Sim Store: http://www.flightsimstore.com Product Name: Orbx - FTX: Australia SP4 File Name: OrbxFTXAUSP4003.zip File Size: 4.4GB Price: $ 49.95AUD CURRENTLY ADVERTISED Orbx Simulation Systems: https://orbxdirect.com/product/au Product Name: AU Australia File Name: Unknown File Size: 2.53GB Price: $ 54.95AUD ($ 30.22AUD Sale Price)
  11. Recently purchased the scenery on the Orbx website and have tried to activate the scenery in game but couldn't get much further. Everything still stays at the default scenery provided by FSX. Not sure what to do. Cheers.
  12. I made a flight form Ballina to Glen Innes and am busy to make an upload on YouTube, but did I discover a discrepancy? What is the village right of Ulmarra? I cannot find it at Google Earth Pro, neither on any other map. Have a nice flight and happy, healthy new year to all of you! Wil
  13. Was very excited to download the new Australia V2 and while the Melbourne and Sydney cityscapes were excellent, Perth, WA, was appalling. The CBD was old, there was no Elizabeth Quay, no WACA, no Optus stadium, Fremantle port scenary is nonexistant apart from the outline, Rottnest island is virtually completely blank and to be honest with you, I'm really disappointed that you've basically released an upgrade of Melbourne and Sydney and completely neglected Perth. I have the YPJT plugin which is also excellent, but the environment I fly around in in western Australia is rubbish. It's disinigenuous to release an upgrade entitled "Australia v2.0" when you completely neglect areas of the country.
  14. G'day everyone, It is with a great deal of excitement that the team is proud to announce our latest region for FSX & Prepar3D, Orbx AU Australia V2! A monumental redesign of one of our most beloved products, AUv2 brings to life the entirety of the Australian continent with the latest region-based technology. Clocking in at a staggering 8 million square kilometres, AUv2 incorporates an enormous diversity of topography and geography. From the tropical rain forests of far-north Queensland to the wind-swept coastline of south-west Tasmania; from the temperate urban metropolises of the east coast to the desolate beauty of the red centre, explore a variety of stunning landscapes not seen anywhere else in the Orbx world. AUv2 is a landclass-style region that brings together everything on a massive scale. Almost 700 airports have been upgraded or created from scratch, giving you the perfect opportunity to criss-cross the country in true VFR style. Coastlines, waterbodies, road, rail and powerline networks have been recreated from scratch, using the latest high-fidelity data to vastly improve accuracy and detail across the continent. Towns, urban centres and other settlements have been reworked too; diversity, realism and accuracy greatly improve the immersion, whether that be flying cross-country long-haul or local VFR hops. Terrain elevation mesh has been brought to the next level; incorporating the latest data from the Australian Government, the new HD mesh makes a huge difference on both a small and large scale. In addition to these major re-workings, over 50 large-scale photoreal points of interest have been created from scratch to represent well-known geographical and man-made features. Mine sites, dry lakes, tidal water bodies, unusual geographical formations and more have been expertly edited, colourised and blended to the surrounding terrain. The largest of these features is the Great Barrier Reef; recreated in complete photoreal quality, this feature alone is larger than many of our existing regions! The centrepiece of AUv2 is undoubtedly our high-definition Melbourne Cityscape. The inner suburbs of Melbourne have been lovingly brought to life in full photoreal detail. 30cm ground textures, complete custom modelling for CBD blocks, high-detail POI, beautifully hand-placed autogen vegetation, and stunning night lighting combine bring to life the city that is, in many ways, the spiritual home for Orbx. We will go into much further detail on this exciting component of AUv2 in coming weeks. We have all been very much looking forward to showing this latest work off to you; for a long time we have been listening to your requests for more P3D projects, and more Australian projects - we have been listening! We also hope you enjoy exploring just a small taste of what this huge scenery has in store for you. FEATURES Melbourne, Victoria Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Adelaide, South Australia Great Barrier Reef, Queensland AUv2 FEATURE LIST Our largest and most popular region; 8 million sq km in full Orbx region quality Ultra-HD Melbourne Cityscape 370+ upgraded and 280+ all-new airports Over 50+ large-scale photoreal areas of interest such as salt lakes, mine sites, tidal areas and many more High-quality mesh, with high-resolution LIDAR data for the majority of the eastern/southern seaboard, major cities and Tasmania Completely new lakes, rivers and shorelines - much improved quality and accuracy Entire Great Barrier Reef in photoreal Completely new road and rail networks Improved and new landclass types Hundreds of thousands of new geographical features; dry lakes, parks, railyards, industrial areas etc Much-improved populated area shape accuracy Completely new powerline networks, windfarms and other man-made features Improved and updated bridges, harbour objects and marinas Complete seasonal variations Airports optimised for use with AI traffic, particularly our enormously-popular AI Traffic for Australia Designed to work seamlessly with all 32 Australian HD airports and Cityscapes (on sale until the end of May!) Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4 COVERAGE MAP Note: this map represents the current development version of AUv2, with more features likely to be added for release. THE TEAM As to be expected from such a monumental project, many developers have been working tirelessly to get AUv2 prepared for you all. First and foremost, Holger Sandmann is the Project Manager and Lead Developer for the project; as our resident GIS guru, he has undertaken all major vector, raster, elevation editing and processing. Frank Schnibben has been in charge of the Melbourne Cityscene component, many of the exciting new features seen in this part of the product are his handy work. Contributing several of the ultra-HD landmarks located within Melbourne, including the beautiful MCG, is Jordan Gough. Chris Clack, alongside Graham Eccleston and Ken Hall, have been looking after the upgrades to all the airports included in the project. Mark Halliwell has cast his eye towards colourising, editing and blending the large photoreal points of interest. Lastly, it is very important to acknowledge the work of our good friend and colleague, Neil Hill. Before Neil passed away last year, one of his last projects was laying the groundwork for the complete AUv2 airport database. We'd like to recognise the huge contribution Neil made to this project. FAQ Q. I own FTX AU (v1), am I eligible for some kind of discount? A. As long as you have a copy of FTX AU v1 in your OrbxDirect account, a discount of 40% will be automatically applied at check-out. Q. How much disk space will AUv2 take up? A. Current installed size is approx 21GB, though this is subject to change for final release Q. Will all my Orbx payware Australian airports work with AUv2? A. Yes. Graham is currently working through all HD airports to correct any compatibility issues. Q. I have a third-party mesh installed, will I need this for Australia? A. No. The mesh shipped with AUv2 is the best quality and resolution currently available on the market. COMPATIBILITY Orbx Australia V2 has been designed to work with all versions of FSX and Prepar3D. An up-to-date installation of the OrbxLibraries is a must. AUv2 is a stand-alone product and as such absolutely no other Orbx products are required. We do recommend using AUv2 alongside our freeware Australian AI pack. All Orbx HD airports, freeware airports and CityScene products will be fully compatible with AUv2. PRICING Orbx AUv2 will be available exclusively via OrbxDirect for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $38.50/ €34.25 / £29.50). AUv1 customers who have a copy in their OrbxDirect account will receive a 40% discount. The team are working extremely hard in the background putting the final touches on this huge project, but in the meantime be sure to check out the following screenshots from across the country. Cheers! Use your mouse to explore this 360-degree view of Melbourne Cityscape Shark Bay, Western Australia Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Cocos (Keeling) Islands Hunter Valley, New South Wales Lake Eyre, South Australia Blue Mountains, New South Wales Great Barrier Reef, Queensland Melbourne CBD, Victoria RAAF Pearce, Western Australia. Also shown are new upcoming freeware AU AI Traffic updates (for P3Dv4 only) The Olgas, Northern Territory Adelaide northern suburbs, South Australia Victorian High Country Mount Warning, New South Wales Melbourne CBD, Victoria Jervis Bay Territory Near Alice Springs, Northern Territory Adelaide Airport and CBD, South Australia Near Byron Bay, looking towards Mount Warning, New South Wales Melbourne CBD, Victoria Darwin, Northern Territory Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland Adelaide Salt Lakes, South Australia Flinders Island Airport, Tasmania Port Melbourne, Victoria Brisbane CBD, Queensland Far North Queensland Melbourne CBD, Victoria Lake Amadeus, Northern Territory Keep an eye for more updates and info in the coming weeks!
  15. Following Part 1 (previous post) PART 2 CENTRAL NORTHERN AUSTRALIA (KIMBERLEY, GREAT SANDY DESERT & KAKADU) During the long flight to Karijini, I had time to remember also the week we spent in the Kimberley, flying from Broome to Kakadu. Tommy wished firstly to see Gantheaume Point. "It is about the origins of our world, Peter, not for the amazing dinosaur footprints...There is here a very important connection of Songlines, it is Minyirr...The First People came from here during the Dreaming..." Unfortunately he had to keep for himself (or for its Napangarti clan - but only according the age of each member) most of details of the Dream story : secret places, secret meaning, secret links... #27 #27b First we spent the evening in the mangroove - just taking care about possible fresh water crocodiles..."Better not to swim here !" Flying over the airport's baobabs, and going North-East to Kakadu National Park, we first passed near Windjina Gorge ..."This baobab, Peter, it was a Grand Fighter, he wan against the Giant Lizard Elder Spirit..." I told him my last enconter with a Giant...on Salomon Islands...just a giant monkey..."Are you serious, Peter ?" [see Something Different #3] #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 #33 When we were over the green plain, he told me he would like to paint on one Kakadu's rock : "It is something to do there, at Djuwarr, to protect the place..." He spoke in Pintupi to other aboriginal guys at the place, and he went on the top of the hill. I left him a few hours, walking around the Yellow Waters and Jim Jim Creek... "The painting is a call to ancestor spirit, Ngalyod, the Rainbow Serpent..." #34 #35 #36 #37 #38 #39 Coming back to Broome, we flied over the amazing beehives-shaped domes of the Bungle Bungle Range : "It is Purnululu, a very important site. A great Aranda is sleeping here, or sometimes walking around...The nights I can feel its breath on my skin ..." #40 #41 #42 "He is Tingari Baiame, Creator Father, he was bornt south of here - in the Crater" - Tommy was speaking about the Wolfe Creek Crater south of Halls Creek - I had been with him a few years before, it is near Balgo, its village in the Balwina Aboriginal Land (located between Broome and Alice Springs, North of Lake Mackay) #43 #44 I finally met Tommy at the ranger station of Karijini. I informed him for his mother... tiny consolation when he saw all the furniture for the school and dispensary I brought from Perth and put in the plane... We planned to take off tomorrow early : a first step from Barimunya airfield to Telfer for refuel (180NM at 69°) and after a long flight over the Great Sandy Desert (336Nm at 70°) to Balgo Hills. Beautiful desert...I have been there with Tommy a few years ago upto the Lake Mackay...amazing colors from a plane... #45 #46 Tommy told me how his mother was still painting upto recently. He is proud "She is very famous now. Her paintings are shown in famous museums everywhere in the world - lastly in China and Russia... Sometimes I painted with her, but my paintings are not as fine as hers ..." We landed at Balgo... I saw Lucy, who had arrived shortly before, staying with the all community in front of the small house... #47 THE END !! Hoping you liked the aboriginal world I tried to introduce and the wonderful landscapes and wildlife of Australia inserted in the views ... NB: screenshots in P3D4v2 + ftx Australia + Global + open LC + Jandakut + Broome (great airports area ... hoping to see in the future some ftx improvments for Natural Parks places)
  16. Hello guys, A few days ago went ahead and bought a couple Australian sceneries. Since the prerequisite was the Australia region pack, I also bought it; however, since I installed the AU region pack, flying in or out of any Australian airport is barely possible because of the poor frames P3D is throwing. Hope someone can help me sort this out... Mi specs are as follows: P3D V4.3, GTX 1060, i7 processor, Windows 7 64 bit. Best,
  17. Can anybody explain to me why the scenery of Australia differs a lot from Google Earth? Example: I departed from Wynyard (YWYY) and had to make a turn and came along this airport again. You can see Wynyard is located at the left-side of the airport: However is you look at Google Earth (PRO) you can see that Wynyard is located at the right-side of the airport. At the left-side is nothing: I am totally confused with this. I can generate more examples, but this one is illustrating it at the best. Before I made this flight I checked everything first, like an updated library, forced a re-migration again, verified the files of the Oceania Region and checked Add-Ons Setting in the FTX Global Vector. Have a nice flight, Wil
  18. G'day everyone, I am delighted to lift the lid on our very first Australian destination for XP11 - Broome International Airport! A project I originally developed for FSX a few years ago, Broome has been meticulously brought to X-Plane with the expertise of Mac Ottlinger and Chris Vezirgiannis. For those not familiar, Broome is a highly-popular tourist destination situated in the rugged Kimberley region of North-Western Australia. A tropical oasis straddling the red desert sands and crystal blue waters of the world-famous Cable Beach, Broome is a melting pot of culture and history. The town has a fascinating and diverse history, much of it centred around the pearling industry that was set up in the 1880s - indeed one of the many visual icons of the town is the sight of a pearling lugger sailing past Cable Beach at sunset. The town also came to prominence during World War II, when the airport (home to USAAF B-17 and B-24 bombers) and town centre were bombed by the Japanese. The most well-known casualties of this raid were a fleet of Dutch flying boats anchored at Roebuck Bay - these aircraft were on their way from the Dutch East Indies to Perth at the time. The airport itself is quite iconic due to its proximity to the town centre - the main runway at YBRM essentially cuts the town in half. From an eastern approach, short (short) finals take you low over the middle of downtown - when visiting the local outdoor cinema (Sun Cinemas - incidentally the oldest outdoor cinema in the world), it is common to be interrupted by a 737 flying over only dozens of feet overhead! When approaching from the west, short finals take you over the impeccably white sand of Cable Beach, passing just to the south of the Cable Beach Resort. Broome Airport is the major regional hub for the Kimberley and north-east Pilbara regions - expect to see a busy mix of airline traffic (Qantas, Virgin Australia, Skippers, AirNorth & Silkair), domestic and international corporate jets, and of course regional GA and heli ops. The airport is a daily host to a wide variety of aircraft, including B738, A320, F100, B717, E170 and DHC8 airliners, S-92 and AS332 helicopters, G550s and even the occasional Il-76. Over on the general aviation ramp, expect to see a flurry of aircraft activity; many small charter companies operating flights to rural and remote communities, in combination with local scenic helicopter flights, and a busy Royal Flying Doctor Service ramp. In recent times, Broome Airport has seen the re-introduction of international flights to Singapore, development of a large heliport to cater for the booming offshore mining industry, and a new control tower. On a personal note, this airport project has always been a bit of a favourite of mine - I spent a fair amount of time here as a kid, and to me it encapsulates the very essence of a unique northern Australian location. I have been very excited to see the development of this project progress; Mac and Chris have done a great job bringing our first "local" destination to life in X-Plane. An enormous amount of passion went into both the original development and the porting to XP, I really hope you all enjoy flying around the area as much as we all did creating it. A perfect fit for any style of simming, Broome really is the best way to start your Australian XP11 collection! KEY FEATURES Superbly-detailed rendition of Broome International Airport Ultra-HD imagery at 7cm/50cm/80cm Professionally colour balanced and edited Includes the entire town of Broome 15 static aircraft unique to YBRM Advanced rendering techniques Dozens of local landmarks & POIs Custom tropical vegetation library Atmospheric dynamic lighting Hand-placed autogen Painstakingly ported to XP11 by Mac Ottlinger and Chris Vezirgiannis Originally developed by Jarrad Marshall COVERAGE Development has progressed quite far down the track; we're now deep into testing and final adjustments. Whilst we don't have an ETA yet, we'll have more news soon, and be sure to keep an eye out for more shots from Emmsie next week. Enjoy! Jarrad
  19. my orbx ftx Australia ai package seems to be having a problem. when I select the "enhanced ai" button and then close out of the pane and then open it again it unselects it. is there a fix for this? if there is please tell me. (i have video proof) ice_video_20180609-084511.webm
  20. Hi, I obtained the ftx Australia pcDVD at a flightsim show back in 2012. I'm trying to install it but I get an error message (see attachment). Is there a kind of workaround to cope with this error? I mean, installation is aborted after this message... Hoipe you can help me with this problem! KR Theo Legters
  21. G'day guys, One of our beta testers (and connoisseur of all things Australasian) Jon Murchison has made a few shots of Broome International for XP11, which I wanted to share with you guys. We're putting the scenery through it's final paces as we speak; our first Australian destination for XP11 shouldn't be too far away at all. Enjoy!
  22. Any plans to update the Austrlian ai traffic pack? I wouldn't call it obsolete yet, but there are many thing that have changed since-qantas 787s, cathay a350s, no more 767s, no more embraers, less 747s, and a few airlines that didn't preiously fly here now do. There is plenty more stuff, but those are the main things I think. Maybe it's already happening. Anyone know?
  23. Hi, Love your product, you have managed to keep me broke for the past year or so! LOL Just a quick question in regards to Australian Landclass scenery, is there any plans to upgrade these products to newer high res versions? They seem to be getting a little tired compared to your later products. Thanks Brad ps. I hope I have put this posting in the right forum...
  24. Hello everyone. I'm here again, @Jack Sawyer My garage is bigger now.
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