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  1. Scrub that - all sorted found the files now, deleted and redownload in progress!
  2. Orbx Central crashed whilst it was trying to install EGGP - it then also needed all paths etc resetting when it was restarted which was really odd. Pointed it back towards the Orbx library and also the Orbx backup folder. Now though when I press install on EGGP it says the install failed because 1 file failed to extract - it says to verify files and this just comes up with the same error. I assume I need to delete the cache of the downloaded file from somewhere, but I've checked the AppData folder and there isn't anything in there and there isn't anything in the backup folder either. Any suggestions folks?
  3. So sorry to hear Iain, get well soon
  4. Have you tried using the insert media button when posting? Just click insert other media and image from link and then you can just paste the link into the window.
  5. If it’s auto optimizing it’s definitely Nvidia GeForce Experience doing it.
  6. If you use the Nvidia GeForce experience application that is what will we doing it. I decided to just uninstall it and now update drivers as a download from Nvidia direct.
  7. Nice - think my Dad has had the bravo on pre-order since August and still no ship date! The alpha is a great piece of kit though.
  8. A fine shot it is too - happy new year Iain!
  9. If you go to the message and click on the three little dots in the top right hand corner it will give you the option to report the message. This will send the message contents and any comments you make on the report to the moderators. As Nick said they can’t see private messages unless you do this.
  10. Interesting point! It says the core features will be free but there will be some premium things in the future. Will be interesting to see how this pans out...
  11. Definitely made for a good set of shots!
  12. Stunning set of shots - looking forward to trying this one out myself tomorrow
  13. The used phrase probably comes from the fact it is available through gamepass and therefore those people have technically bought the game as such, just downloaded and used it.
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