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  1. Hi First, please ensure SODE is registered and activated as in the below image. Also, I just checked mine and found no jetways, so I closed the sim, opened Orbx Central and did a verify files of the airport, Orbx Libraries and SODE. I then went back to the airport and the jetways are now working correctly.
  2. Hi I personally have no idea, but perhaps if you posted a couple screenshots with specifics and coordinates, it may be helpful, and some others viewing this might have some tips for you.
  3. Hi, welcome to the forums It will be either Envshade, Envtex or REX SkyForce or both that are causing your issue. The way to test is to delete the Shaders folder located at C:\Users\name\Appdata\alocal\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5. Then restart the sim to allow it to rebuild a new set of default Shaders.
  4. These aircraft are also very complex and will not allow your PC to keep up if they are flown at lower altitudes over the TE products. Maybe try the FSLabs and PMDG commercial airliners at their normal cruising altitude. Also try a Cessna 172 just for laughs and see what happens. What happens if you pause the sim for a minute or two when the textures are blurry?
  5. Just to clarify...you will only get the "activate addon" if you install a product to an external library...If you install to the root simulator folder there will be no "activate addon" message. Some products do not give the option and will install to users document folder, these are .xml based installed and will show up in your P3D addons menu, and will also produce the "activate addon", they will also show up greyed out in the scenery library but they will not be added to the scenery.cfg. Any product that is installed via the .xml method to any location will not show up in the scenery.cfg
  6. Hi Alex It sounds like there is something wrong with your P3D installation, or maybe a windows permissions issue? Have you maybe moved/rearranged hard drives or folders? Also please repost your scenery.cfg as well as the “add-ons.cfg” and the “scenery_add-ons.xml” file found at C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5.
  7. Hi I just did a search on your behalf using "waves" for the search and it seemed to produce some topics (link below) that may be helpful. https://forum.orbxdirect.com/search/?q=waves&quick=1
  8. Hi Alex There is nothing wrong with your scenery.cfg. Please first right click on your P3Dv5 desktop icon and select properties and then select "run as administrator", this should stop P3D from asking you to re enable the addons every start. Then open Orbx Central and go to settings/help and run the sync simulator function.
  9. Hi Donnie At this point it is only a personal preference, basically where ever you have the most space.
  10. Hi, welcome to the forums Lets ask @Mitchell Williamson You can also use the below link and submit a ticket. https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  11. Hi Simply delete the old files and folder, then open Orbx Central and go to settings/help and run the sync simulator function.
  12. Thanks Please open Orbx Central, go to settings/Insertion Point and set the insertion point using your scenery library entry #88 KAUS as the lowest non Orbx 3rd party entry to select as in the below example image.
  13. Hi My KSBD looks normal with Vector AEC disabled. Please post a copy of your “scenery.cfg” file and the “add-ons.cfg” and the “scenery_add-ons.xml” file found at C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. Please note: Do not open the files and copy and paste the contents, just attach the files.
  14. Hi Arthur The product has not changed and the existing manual is perfectly relevant. Global Base is a default texture replacement and does not require any special settings for P3Dv5, the settings included are just for reference, every PC is different. Below are my settings.
  15. Hi Fabian I have no idea where to find a specific file in Vector. The best I could do is point you to the Orbx\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_CVX\scenery folder, and you can have a look in there. But, if you have already unchecked/deactivated all the Vector entries in your scenery library, and coastline still looks the same, then Vector is not the problem.
  16. Hi, welcome to the forums Everything looks fine. Keep in mind that the greyed out items are installed via .xml method into an external library and listed in the P3D Add-ons list, there location in your picture does not matter. The other items are currently in the correct position, and you should use the #17 "JetStream Designs Nantes Altantiqu" as the lowest non Orbx 3rd party entry to set the insertion point in Orbx Central by using the below pictured guide.
  17. Thanks Have you tried creating a new library for a new install of Objectflow only? Have you tried doing a verify files of all your other Orbx products?
  18. Hi Juergen I said "Objectflow has not been a problem for anyone else, when it is properly installed and working." I hope you have very carefully read all those topics you refer to above to get an idea of the issues, Is there a common cause or solution? But of course as you can see there are many different factors that Orbx has no control over, like any piece of software, and can only do their best to help trouble shoot what the cause of the issue really is. Have you tried the other suggestions I have provided? Especially running your sim without the other 3rd party items? Have you checked for a second instance of an Objectflow installation on your system? I think we have found that the vast majority of issues with Objectflow are caused by other factors out of our control. We have also found that if a PC users name has an unusual character in it, will cause problems for other software using .xml files. Could this be the case for you?
  19. Hi Juergen Your Objectflow is not installed in your C:\users file structure, so this does not apply to you, but it got me thinking. Do you maybe have two instances of Objectflow installed? I could not see second one in any of your files, but please have a look at the below topic. You could also uninstall Objectflow, then create a new library just for it alone and see what happens. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/182553-double-instances-of-objectflow-2/
  20. Hi, welcome to the forums This is happening (your above statement) because the sim is being paused for a few moments while you make changes and allowing your PC to catch up to what is being asked of it, which is to load the scenery.. The TE products are extremely complex and were more designed for lower and slower flying....not too many PC's, if any, can handle the work load your screenshot's are showing with the fighter jet in afterburner mode. Please try a much slower aircraft, that allows your PC to keep up.
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