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  1. Hi For Volanta support, please use the below link to submit a support ticket. Volanta also has a Discord channel that provides support. https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000290675
  2. Then you will need to uninstall v1 before installing v2.
  3. Hi Carlos Have applied the standard go to after update process in the below topic?
  4. Hi, welcome to the forums. Please see the below topic.
  5. Hi Rodger Instead of uninstalling TE when it is not wanted, you could also leave it installed and simply uncheck/deactivate it in the scenery library or addons menu.
  6. Hi You will also observe the change of title on the previous support forums. Legacy Support Forums [Read-only] For official Orbx support, please submit a ticket
  7. For me, the amount of Vram is getting more important than FPS. I believe 8gb of Vram for MSFS is bare minimum, and can still be easily and quickly used up, and is why I am still enjoying my 1080ti with 11gb vram.
  8. Ok, then lets ignore that windows update for now and try the below items. Ensure your UAC is turned off and you are running your PC as administrator. Temporarily disable your antivirus for the OC download. Make sure your .net features are turned on as shown in the attached image. Then go windows updates and make sure your Win7 is fully updated. You could also try resetting your internet modem/router.
  9. No it doesn't matter, if it installs it will be fine.
  10. Hi Please try the below ink. https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=2533623
  11. Hi Darryl Please ensure you have the system requirements as outlined in the below topic.
  12. Hi Brian Below is a topic you may not have seen yet, although I do not see Melbourne on the list yet.
  13. Hi Peter, welcome to the forums. Please have a look at the below image. I have circled the configure button in red.
  14. Hi You guy's could also contact the developer. Developer This product has been produced by AmSim. For AmSim product support, please to go https://www.amsim.am/
  15. Correct, and the below forum rule applies. So please do not ask here, if it is safe to purchase from a Russian based company, which only provokes political discussion. If it is for sale on Orbx Central, then it is safe to purchase. Posts containing religious, political, sexual, discriminatory, or otherwise controversial/offensive content are not allowed and will result in an instant ban.
  16. If your products are already installed in a location that Orbx Central recognizes and see's, it will automatically write them to the appropriate simulator files when you open it. It will not automatically install them to your sim otherwise.
  17. Yes, just opening Orbx Central will and has always added the products to a default sim. If you transition your sim to default files and want it to stay that way, just don't open Orbx Central.
  18. Hi The below topic includes the official announcement for the support changes. In regards to your Orbx Central issue, Orbx Central will not add your products to a default simulator unless it is opened.
  19. Hi Chris, and yes as v4.5 and v5.3 are now mostly using different products.
  20. Hi Also please try the process in the below topic.
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