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  1. Issue resolved. I think there was two instances of this scenery installed at same time. One from Iblue Yonder and other from Orbx. At any rate I have just one windsock on the pole.
  2. Is there suppose to be two windsocks on one pole at KAKC?
  3. Turbulent Design site doesn't function. Are they down? Link for freeware version of 2O3 no workee.
  4. I've got word that is KSUN airport; I checked it out and it looks to be the scenery used. On this link to it, there are images of the hanger. https://orbxdirect.com/product/ksun
  5. There is a demo of the KBT P3C Orion and I am trying to find out is anyone knows which airport is used in this video. I asked on another forum and one person seems to think it is Orbx Santa Barbara (KSBA) If anyone recognizes the hanger and other items in this airport scenery, please let me know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=J-Jue_IH9AM&feature=emb_logo
  6. I just downloaded BOB for P3D V4 and he will not load. Where does the FTX central down to? How do I uninstall it? Bob is not in the aircraft selection menu nor in the avatar types. I kind of like to know what is going where with files that download like this. So far, I can't find nor active BOB.
  7. I am a bit confused about the airports you mentioned above ^. I can located all but KCMW airport in the PNW Demo and the some of the others I can also find in the demo however some of those are offered as for sale as in $$$$$. Now, the 0S9 airport I found embedded in the demo however in the $$$ version you show a building called the Spruce goose cafe.and in the DEMO there is a One Stop Sandwitch building instead. In other words, there is a bit of difference between the two 0S9 sceneries, The ones you mentioned, did you mean to say that they are for sale and can be installed in the PNW Demo,. I do have the full blown version of NA PNW I got back in 2015 and as you surely know, takes up a bit of HD real estate. I don't fly that much in that area however, once in awhile, it's good to seen the nice trees and boonies that are depicted in the various Orbx sceneries. EDIT: W28 scenery in the Demo offers nice eyecandy as far as extra planes, building etc but in the payware W28 the detail is completely different, I know that FSX would not of created a detailed W28 scenery on its own. IMHO, it looks like an abbreviated version of the payware version.
  8. Curious to know if the coverage area of the Trial PNW would support the WA56 (Israel Farm) if I were to add it to the demo and the Concrete muni 3w5? https://orbxdirect.com/product/pnw-demo Also notice that while on the demo page for PNW, I scrolled down and saw that a required orbx library was required in order to make the demo function. When I clicked on the orbx library button, got a appears that page your looking for cannot be reached.
  9. Well. this is where the uninstall issues start.... On that last pic you supplied, I clicked on that uninstall box (in blue) and after doing that , Another screen comes up with a dialog where it is installing the program (not removing it) . This is what I am trying to say here. I can see all the installed files even thought I thought the program was being removed ergo file et al. Much to my chagrin they are all still there and I have to manually delete the files in question. The uninstaller was supposed to do that or at least that's my assumption..... Reinstalling it will only be a rinse an repeat of what I when through time and again,
  10. I looked there and did not see it. I had previously deleted some of the installed files as per deletion instructions in in the PDF info sheet.
  11. Where do I find FTX NA AI Control panel I accidentally installed this freeware and once it start to D/L I can't stop it so it installed all the way. Now, in the AI traffic PDF it states how to remove it. First step was to find the NA AI control panel I can't seem to locate that one. the other files I found and removed those..
  12. Where do I find FTX NA AI Control panel? I need to remove the Orbx AI traffic. To manually uninstall the FTX NA AI, there are five steps involved: 1. (Optional) Run the FTX NA AI Control panel and activate the FSX or P3D Default Traffic if you wish to revert to the default AI Do I need to follow the other four steps?
  13. How about texture files? Are there any texture files associated with the Orbx 2B2 that I need to find?
  14. Is there a way to find/isolate certain airports from the YUGE amount of other freeware airports contained in the one package? I would like to find the 2B2 Plumb Island files in the installed FTX NA airport pack in ORBX for a backup as I already have a iblueyounder payware version installed. (Conflict)
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