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  1. Hi Matty The only difference between your two pics is the runway surface greening. And no, it is not at all the same issue as in the topic you linked. I still believe it is a P3D issue. Have you tried doing a full uninstall and reinstall of both the NI and the airport? We could also ask @Finni Hansen
  2. Hi If there was a definitive answer, i am sure it would be shared. But there is also the concept that it is still an unknown at this time, and not possible to give a "yes" or "no" answer. It is obviously a "no" for being released before Christmas 2021.
  3. Hi Also, I don't believe the TE products do the seasons because they are photo imagery based, whereas the "Central Rockies", "Northern California" regions, etc are land class scenery and change for the seasons.
  4. Hi I assume you are referring to the greening of the runway surface? That's the only difference I see in the two screenshots. My first guess would be it is only a P3D compatibility thing that we can do nothing about at this time.
  5. Hi Rick Please also do a verify files of your Orbx Global base and the Orbx Libraries.
  6. Hi Just a friendly FYI...Volata support is done via their Discord channel or using the link below. https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000290675
  7. I have no idea, other than P3D keeps updating and creating compatibility issues?
  8. Hi I see you do have an active account, but there are no purchased products in it. What is the issue you are experiencing? Google Translate, salut Je vois que vous avez un compte actif, mais il n'y a aucun produit acheté dessus. Quel est le problème que vous rencontrez ?
  9. Hi Please do a verify files of Orbx Global base, and the Orbx Libraries. Also, in Orbx Central, go to settings/help and run the sync simulator function.
  10. Thanks Please check the options in the Southern Alaska control panel and disable the "Frozen Surfaces in winter" option.
  11. Hi Do you have vector installed? If so, please confirm it is the P3Dv5 version.
  12. Hi Does it show as installed in Orbx Central? I just did a full uninstall and deleting the Documents\REX 6\REX AccuSeason directory and reinstall with no issues.
  13. Hi, welcome to the forums Please try a verify files of the product from within Orbx Central.
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