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  1. As far as I know, the product worked fine until the update of the simulator. I believe Orbx has sent them files to make it compatible again, so we are waiting for MS to rectify the Marketplace version. The non Marketplace version installed via Orbx Central does not have these issues.
  2. Hi Josh, welcome to the forums It will need to addressed by MS, because it is their version of the product that has issues, so hopefully you have also asked them?
  3. Hi, welcome to the forums Please first rename your Community folder to CommunityX. Then create a new Community folder and install just this one product. Then try again please. You could also try deleting the content.xml, and the .dat files in the Scenery Indexes folder, and also deleting and turning off the rolling cache.
  4. Hi Dieter Yes, Ireland and Northern Ireland should be fine with TEGB. You can still install England as it provides seasons, which TE does not. TE photo scenery will always override the England region land class when installed together so there would be no issues, but you would always be able to uncheck/deactivate TE in the P3D addons menu/scenery library or visa versa as you wish.
  5. Thanks The common denominator seems to be the Marketplace version causing CTD's. Not sure what Orbx can do about that? Those of us that installed via Orbx Central do not seem to be having these issues, I sure don't.
  6. Hi Thomas No, Orbx Central has not crashed. Could you please post an image of the error message? Also, does Orbx Central Open? If so, please post an image of the Settings/My Account page, you can cross out your email from the image.
  7. Hi Was your Landmarks London City purchased via the Market Place or Orbx Central?
  8. Hi Dieter With your Orbx products it doesn't really matter, the installer will put them in the correct position. But logic would dictate to start with the Global products, Open LC, then the regions, then the airports etc. If you open Orbx Central and click on "My Products", then just start from the top of the list and work your way down as they are listed as Global products, Open LC, then the regions, then the airports etc. Please note, that as soon as you click on Global base, Orbx Central will prompt you to install the Orbx Libraries, just agree with it and let it install the Orbx Libraries first. Then after you install all your FranceVFR items, start the simulator to let it do it's thing, then shut the sim down and Open Orbx Central and visit the "Insertion Point" tool and set as per the below image. Then finally, while Orbx Central is open, go to help/settings and run the sync simulator function.
  9. Hi Also maybe have a look at the below video, near the end he talks about a possible cause of CTD's.
  10. Hi Have you also asked at the non Orbx MSFS support forum?
  11. The older FTX Central won't work anymore for you. And no need to reinstall v4.5. I would go to the Orbx Direct website at https://orbxdirect.com/ and login, and go to "Account" and view all your products, then you should be able to select the product and click on the green "Download via Orbx Central" button, just make sure you are also logged into Orbx Central with the same email as you are using for Orbx Direct.
  12. Hi Maybe try logging out of Orbx Central, then restart your PC and log back in to Orbx Central and try again.
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