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  1. Thanks for the info. Last question: I have 3 folders set up: Orbx Central AddOns Orbx Central Backup Orbx Central Download Temp Where in Orbx Central is the information entered where the Addons folder is located??? Regards Julio
  2. Thanks for the information Nick. I think the better way for me is a complete new installation. After installing P3D 4.5, I will download and install Orbx Central and then install all the Orbx data one by one. A lot of work but it gives me the possibility of a clean installation. Do I have to follow a sequence??? I think install global first and then the big regions??? I am looking for an introduction from Freddie - German Forum where he explained exactly how to make the different folders and settings in Orbx Central. Where can I find this information from Freddie?
  3. Version in Deutsch Hallo Piloten. Ich habe vor eine Woche ein sehr starkes Windows 7 Profesionall Crash. Die Batterie auf den Mainboard die zuständig war für meine C: Festplatte (M2 Samsung SSD) war leer. Nacch Umtausch der Batterie war die C: Festplatte komplett wieder da aber Windows 7 startete nicht mehr. Eine wichtige Systemdatei war kapput. Alle Versuche Windows 7 zu retten mit alle Einstellungen funktionierte nicht. Ich habe Windows 7 Komplett neu installiert inklusive Updates. Es Funktioniert. Ich hatte vorher folgende Ordner gesichert: Prepard3D v4 Add-ons Prepard3D v4 Files Users_Julio_AppDataLocal Users_JulioAppData_Roaming P3D 4.5 inklusive aktuelle Hotfix habe ich auf eine 2TB SSD Plane noch komplett. Meine Frage dazu: Besteht die möglichkeit P3D und Orbx zu retten??? Ich werde dann alle anderen Airports von FlyTampa , FSDG, Flightbeam, Justsim nach und nach neu installieren. Die Einträge in der Registry sind weg weil Windows komplett neu installiert würde. Auch in der Start-Leiste Programme sind die Eintragungen weg. Bei der neue Installation hat Windows ein Ordner erzeugt Windows.old. Da sind auch einigen Sachen. Bien bin den Nerven an Ende. Versuche Ich seit eine Woche mein Computer wieder einzurichten. Bitte hilft mir. Viele Grüße. Julio Garcia Version in Englisch. Sorry my Englisch ist not so well. Hello pilots. I have a very strong Windows 7 Profesionall crash a week ago. The battery on the mainboard that was responsible for my C: hard drive (M2 Samsung SSD) was dead. After replacing the battery the C: drive was completely back but Windows 7 did not start anymore. An important system file was broken. All attempts to save Windows 7 with all settings did not work. I have reinstalled Windows 7 completely including updates. It works. I had previously backed up the following folders: Prepard3D v4 Add-ons Prepard3D v4 Files Users_Julio_AppDataLocal Users_JulioAppData_Roaming P3D 4.5 including current hotfix I have on a 2TB SSD disc still complete. My question about this: Is there a possibility to save P3D and Orbx??? I will then reinstall all other airports from FlyTampa , FSDG, Flightbeam, Justsim bit by bit. The entries in the registry are gone because Windows would be completely reinstalled. Also in the start bar programs the entries are gone. With the new installation Windows has created a folder Windows.old. There are also some things. Bien am the nerves at the end. I have been trying for a week to set up my computer again. Please help me. Many greetings. Julio Garcia
  4. Hi Friends after the update today to version 1.0.2 the scenery does not work properly anymore. I have not changed my settings. I need help. Regards Julio
  5. This is well known. As long as the aircraft is on the ground, the pilots are visible. When it takes off, they are no longer visible. That is a error.
  6. My question to Finn Hansen: i have wrote about some issues on P3D. There will be a Bugfixing about or is this project completed???? Please Information about. Actually is not 100% OK for my opinion. Regards Julio
  7. Hi Frank any news???? Kann man das beheben??? Viele Grüße. Julio
  8. Many thanks Frank. I hope you can find a solution. Vielen Dank und viele Grüße. Julio
  9. Hi Friends What can this cause here??? I have FSDT PHNL installed. In PHNL Folder are all 3 files off and the Cityscape is the phnl modus activated. Please see the attaced pics. Regards Julio
  10. Bromma Airport + Visby Airport + City light version....for P3D 4.5 = maybe an alternative. Do it your best Marcus for your P3D fans.
  11. Hi TTM I have been with Orbx for a long time and have bought many many airports. I am 100% happy about. Many of them are masterpieces. I wrotte here about the last 2 purchases: Gaya ENCM there would be much posted about many autogen and mensh errors in p3d 4.5. Errors to this day still exists. No correction. Also in the p3d 4 I posted about some errors with the Ento scenery. Until today also no correction. Not happy about. Sorry for my bad english.
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