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  1. Bromma Airport + Visby Airport + City light version....for P3D 4.5 = maybe an alternative. Do it your best Marcus for your P3D fans.
  2. Hi TTM I have been with Orbx for a long time and have bought many many airports. I am 100% happy about. Many of them are masterpieces. I wrotte here about the last 2 purchases: Gaya ENCM there would be much posted about many autogen and mensh errors in p3d 4.5. Errors to this day still exists. No correction. Also in the p3d 4 I posted about some errors with the Ento scenery. Until today also no correction. Not happy about. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Orbx should also require partners to take care of bug fixing. Orbx gets paid for it too. It cannot be that defective products stay as they are. This is diminished by the company's good reputation.
  4. I repeat my statement again: Orbx please back to the roots: small to medium size high quality airports (for P3D & MSFS). Im very disappointed about my last 2 purchases here (1x Orbx & 1x Gaya Simulations).
  5. Others have already done it without success. This site is currently unavailable for me.
  6. Released on 5 march. Many autogen errors reported on P3D 4.5. Until today nothing about a bugfixing. Im really speechless.
  7. Yes KSBA is above. Now without the 4 BGL files (.off) seems to be working. Very strange. I will test this longer. In my opinion, the installation process from KSBA should do this automatically.
  8. Hi Nick No. i have NA Southern California.
  9. Shouldn't these BGL files be deactivated when installing KSBA ???
  10. Hi guys. Im not sure but i think a lot of the mark are double here. Please see attached pics. P3D 4.5. KSBA 1.21. Julio
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