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  1. Are usually check on the website when they have some kind of sale going on. I also get them by email sometimes. When they do go on sale I usually pick up several. Also the homepage shows specials going on mostly Microsoft but prepare 3-D is in there as well. I did purchase the one that was on special right now so I’m glad they’re doing that with prepare 3-D
  2. The Mesh that Orbx has created much better scenery where MSFS uses a default. Australia could use this like NZ. The Orbx Mesh in P3D in my opinion is better. I use MSFS in Alaska because of the mesh. Thanks for what you do.
  3. This scenery in P3D 5 is amazing and I just purchased more airports. Could you add more of the Bravo Airports in Australia Adelaide Darwin Albany would be great.
  4. wow, I did not know that. I don't know if any vendor is doing that where you can get an update with that vendor but not in the marketplace. I gave up on the marketplace for a few reasons, not updating was one of them
  5. I tried the version 4 of Redding before it came out with P3D 5 and although it looked like it worked, it didn’t. When the version 5 came out I tested the scenery with a copy of version 4 and only had one enabled, there was quite a difference. So I don’t try anymore
  6. I wondered if that was the reason John. It's odd that the airport had the TE but just north and beyond is clearly the P3D scenery. I did not see how far it goes west before the TE scenery is seen again, but it goes a little way west into California. I have another photo image scenery I use to use, and it did not cover the area at the southern border, but TE does. So, it must be the supplier as you said
  7. I got this scenery when it first came out and I just discovered this. So if there is ever an update be nice to include this small area. The airport to take off from is KEED on RWY 20. It won't take long to see that the area just north is the default P3D (I have version 5.3 HF2) The missing area goes along the California Nevada Border and west of it. I know it is in place closer to the border near Las Vegas, so it is a small area. I discovered it flying along the Colorado River South from Las Vegas. It would be nice to see it there since it is along the river. I did do a verify files in case something was missing but no changes
  8. I am hoping to see those for P3D as well. I have them all.
  9. I have seen that error need to verify the files and I have tons of disk apace. I just click verify and everything works ok. As for saving the Orbx downloaded files, if P3D I copy the entire Orbx folder to a backup. Then if I ever need to reinstall, I just copy them back where Orbx will install them, and only the files that need to be updated are downloaded. Works very well. I do the same thing when using libraries.
  10. That is a great addon, it really brought Florida alive. I was hoping someday to see more TE states, but I am not counting on it anymore. I have the 3 western states as well
  11. When version 5 of P3D came out there was no vector update but now there is. I installed the vectors and all is fine. My question is do I need to keep the Global mesh 2020 from a vendor. The Orbx addons like South CA has a mesh folder but the Land Classes do not. So I am thinking this is how Vectors can help. Could you verify if having mesh that is 1m not really needed because I have vectors installed
  12. Thanks Nick does that include the P3D 5 Open LC for Europe as well. One reason I am asking is that I was interested in purchasing the one airport in Iceland
  13. I got this for P3D 5.3 HF1 and it is awesome. I am so happy to see new scenery coming for P3D 5. I am still hoping to see new True Earth for the States. The western states are amazing in version 5.3
  14. I was wondering if there is a conflict or advantage of installing these even though I have True Earth. I have the disk space or that is not a issue
  15. Most things in P3D 4.5 should work on in P3D 5.2 but there will be a few upgrades like FSUIPC that are not free. Most airports from FSDreams, Orbx, and LVRF are free to update. Most hardware like Saitek and other stuff works find for me. I just updated MSFS with sim update 5 and there are still issues when it comes to flying a plane. I use that sim just for simple VFR flying with no flight plan because MS did a nice job the scenery. Once you are like 8000 feet it does not matter anymore. I have EA on in P3d 5.2 and the scenery in P3D 5.2 HF1 looks better than when it is off. The TE that Orbx has looks great with EA on in P3D 5. So I have 2 sims, P3D for real flying and MSFS 2020 for low altitude 3000 feet. I just purchase Australia V2 frpm Orbx and it is just amazing Hope that helps
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