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  1. Hi Orbx Team, Firstly, I'd like to say how much I love your products that I use regularly and have around 75+ products of yours, of which is so great to use especially managed through the Orbx Central App. I did see a while ago a post on 2022 that you would be working on YMML for MSFS this year, and myself amongst many friends are super excited and looking forward to it! However, since then radio silence and we are all dying waiting for this product which I'm sure will be amazing when you release it. So, I'm reaching a point of excitement and frustration not knowing and have put myself on a self-imposed strike of buying any more until you at least give us at least a 1 line update on anything around YMML production. Please please share any update on where it's at, and then I'll lift my personal ban.. But until then.. no way... lol. Has it started? Is it still in the plan? Do you have a rough timeframe or just not yet? Sincerely, Orbx fan.
  2. For many weeks I have been flying across virtual Australia, now be prepared for a surprise. The choice of plane and livery in Melbourne already gives an indication. Get her up... ... out of Tullamarine, with the city behind. Such an office view is fantastic. Summer-y Melbourne at the end of Port Philip Bay. Here we climb along Wilsons Prom. NP, the southernmost point of Australias mainland. You may spot the oil rigs of Bass Strait below... ... and the Furneaux island group right/south of us. This time we do not visit Tasmania... ... but continue over water until we make landfall over Franz Josef and Fox - New Zealand welcomes. The two most prominent glaciers of the Southern Alps. Mt. Cook NP, covered with snow - in Summer. It gets warmer as we descend eastwards to the plains of NZSI. And Rakaia River brings the melted snow down to the Pacific. Here you can spot our runway at Christchurch... ... a bit more obvious... ... even more obvious. Now: grab your bags and go hiking!
  3. Completing my little Victoria tour I went out of Stawell near the Grampians... ... across Ararat... ... and south of Mt. Buangor State Park... ... to the western outskirts of Melbourne... ... and back to Tullamarine. With lots of potential connections to half the globe from here. We´lll see where this heads to.
  4. In my previous post I have already confused you by the move from GA to a small airliner, the (Majestic) Dash 8-400. And now it gets even heavier: After the traditional https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamworth_Country_Music_Festival in January I was scheduled to transport all the music instruments out of Tamworth, using a (PMDG) 777. Unfortunately, this year the festival is postponed to April. So I had to leave without freight... For this short flight with nearly empty tanks the runway was no problem. Heading southwest I crossed the biggest river of the continent: The Murray. Passing Shepparton, one of the world´s leading places for bird breeding, as far as I know. And that was the approach into Melbourne that was chosen by my ATC. Slowing down on downwind... ... with the Yarra Ranges ahead. Ready to land on the 26. And the ground crew did their job... ... reliable as always. 500 miles of a streightforward flight. Ignoring quite a number of Orbx & partner airports, beginning with Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie on the coast north of Sydney, Wollongong south. Cessnock, Bathurst and Canberra inland. Not to forget the Melbourne surrounding with Lilydale, Coldstream, Tyabb, Moorabbin and Essendon. Forgive my ignorance...
  5. After some days of hiking in the Grampians we leave the nicely OZx-ed airstrip... ... climb over the hills... ... and get a final view of the Balconies lookout. We wave goodbye to the cabins and B&Bs at Halls Gap, ... ... before we follow the road eastwards past Ararat. The M8 gets bigger and transforms into the Western Freeway, ... ... leading us over Melton... ... back to Melbourne. Amongst the numerous Orbx airports here we choose Tullamarine again, because we want to catch a connection to our next destination.
  6. Not many flights are currently left in real airline flight schedules. There is not even the direct connection I use today: From Darwin... ... climbing out southbound across the dams of Manton and Darwin river. The Red colour begins around Tennant Creek, ... ... some hours later the full glory at Simpson Desert, ... ... and Lake Eyre. Same area, different airline. And closer to the lake. Lake Frome and... ... Broken Hill are also dominated by red colour. The biggest river of the continent, Murray River, makes the landscape turn to green. Here we are descending downwind into Melbourne, ... ... with a nice city view for the cockpit crew... ... and the scenery on final. Touchdown and ... ... deboarding.
  7. If you wondered about the final destination of this repositioning after flight 1, ... ... I can give you the answer. VA1459 starts in Melbourne with slightly uninviting weather. At least the TrueGlass effect works as great... ... as precipitFX does. Climbing over Victoria in the rain... ... and over the clouds. Flying northwest, at Danggali Wilderness area the dry center begins. The green-red borderline near Adelaide, where Stuart Highway begins. You can even see the southern ocean in the background. Lake Eyre. For those who have not seen it in RL yet: Hours later we leave the red center near Tennant Creek... ... and cross Litchfield NP... ... on the way to the north coast... ... and into Darwin. To our left you can see the northern end of Stuart Highway. Parked. Without afcad and also without GSX services. But with the plan to spend some days here!
  8. After the Tasmania tour of the past days we now take a jetplane to change the state. And to drastically change the climate... A rainy morning sees us leaving Launceston. Boarding the way I like it. True Glass works, and the weather radar also has a clear message. The first gap in the clouds came right in time to spot Wilsons Promontory NP. But the approach into Melbourne was not so clear. Luckily the curtain went away soon... ... and we could set ourselves. Time to get a coffee and change planes for leg 2.
  9. My preferred domestic airline is getting ready in Tullamarine to cross Bass Strait. Having no advanced 737 in my hangar I have to cheat a little bit... Those passengers on the left side can enjoy a little view over Melbourne. "No, do not all move to the left side at once!!" Quite cloudy today... at least those on the right side could get a glimpse of Philipp Island. And soon after we approch Tasmanias north coast... ... with the mouth of Tamar River and the harbour of Bell Bay to be seen here. Turning into final... ... and here we are established. The summer was hot and dry, as we can see. Safely landed. I am still longing for a more actual representation of Launy aiport´s buildings .
  10. After arrival in Australia it was now time to explore the surroundings of Melbourne. Getting ready... ... and airborne. Two airports in a row. It seems that the Essendon elevation issues are solved now? A little Melbourne overview. Don´t get sick! "This is ReinAir, we do not have bags for you." I can´t name all the icons here. Therefore let´s follow the M1 southbound... ... passing Avalon, ... ... Torqay´s Tiger Moth World, ... ... and joining the Great Ocean Road at Anglesea. This photoreal OZx part does not longer fit totally perfect into AU scenery, ... ... neither does Airey´s Inlet. But still this is a fantastic landing challenge (not for the Lancair...). Uncomfortable flying between the cloud layer... ... and these fantastic-looking mountains. This time we did not land at Apollo Bay, ... ... and passed Cape Otway (with a lighthouse just placed for Jack), ... ... also the 12 Apostles, ... ... before crossing Port Campbell. The flying tourist has to go on to Warranambool... ... for a stop at the end of this day!
  11. I Installed Melbourne International Airport and noticed that a large part of the airport scenery is coverd by black tiles as shown in the image. I have a somewhat similar issue for ESSA - Stockholm Arlanda airport. I should mention that I have several other ORBX airports for Australia, Europe and North America installed and none shows this black tile behaviour. Things I tried: 1. Verified FSX Steam installation through Steam. 2. Verified all installed ORBX products through FTX Central. 3. Uninsalled Melbourne International Airport. 4. Installed Melbourne International Airport again. 5. Made sure that in the FTX Global Vector Configuration Tool the Add-on for FTX Australia is checked. 6. Ran Steve Parson's DX10 Fix - freeware version. 7. Ran the FTX Global Vector Configuration tool to correct airport elevations. My computer specifications are as follows: Intel I9 processor, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia RTX2070 graphics card running WIN 10. Installed ORBX products are as follows: The Global ORBX products installed are Global Base, Global openLC Europe, Global openLC Mesh South America, Global openLC North merica, Global Trees HD, Global Vector, Global Iceland Demo, Global Airport Pack, Global Lights Configurator and ORBX Libraries. In addition I have for Europe EU Norway, ENNK, ESSA and LOWI installed. For North America products installed are NA Northern California, NA Pacific North West and NA Southern California with KPSP and KSAN installed. For Oceania AU Australia, AU Tasmania Demo, and Brisbane, Cunderin, Hervey Bay, Launceston, and Melbourne airports are installed. In addition Holgermesh Australia and Holgermesh Papua New Guinea is installed. Any suggestions to fix the issue is appreciated
  12. ... but not, as the livery suggests, coast to coast. At least not today... Taking off from Melbourne Tullamarine... ... and initially heading into town. With a slight turn over Marvel stadium... ... towards St. Kilda. Lake Borrie, just before crossing... ... Avalon. Barwon Heads, I think I have experienced the elevation errors here for years now. At Torqay (with the Tiger Moth World) we encounter the Southern Ocean. Passing Anglesea, ... ... and Airey´s Inlet, ... ... before heading into Apollo Bay. With its sloped runway it was always a bit difficult to use, but the location is brilliant: Either to jump to Tasmania, or continue westwards the Ocean Road.
  13. Have many ORBX products and this only happens at YMML. The taxiway and runway lights cast a big square shadow. More pronounced when the sun comes up or down as the shadows elongate. Have completely reinstalled P3D V4.5 and these shadows are still here. Not using any texture tweaking software (tomatoe, pta, etc...). Have gone from Aus V1 to V2 and reinstalled YMML but these blocky shadows remain. Any ideas team?
  14. Hi, I've just installed YMML v3 and am experiencing an issue with a a section of the terminals and aprons ground textures showing blacked out. I've done some searching on the forum and long story short it looks like DX10 is to blame (See here). However, considering I dont have this issue with any of the other ORBX runways, and I dont have the option to use that Steve blokes fixer file, can I somehow get a copy of YMML v2 which I read works fine, or alternatively get the purchase refunded and return to standard FSX textures? Or is there some other simple fix? In case clarification is required, see screenshot of problem. Any help is appreciated? Cheers
  15. Hello everyone, A question that has often been asked is 'will you update YMML one of these days?'. Well the good news is that the guys at Turbulent Designs have begun work on YMML Version 3, a major update of this iconic airport which will feature the following improvements: Full ground poly for super crisp imagery at all gates, aprons and taxiways The new Terminal 4 and Transport Hub The new Control Tower Improved performance by optimisation Improved PeopleFlow and static objects Simultaneous release for FSX, P3Dv1/2/3 and also a version for FSX:Steam Edition via DTG This is a large project to undertake and we hope to have it completed by the middle of the year if not sooner. There will be an upgrade fee of AU$9.95 (£5.00 US$7.00 €6.50) for all existing owners of YMML V1 or V2. This upgrade offer will only be available for a month after release. Here's some of the improvements planned (from the official airport site): We will show beta screenshots when it's in testers hands.
  16. I recently installed AU, YSSY, YBBN, and YMML. The YMML installation resulted in an airport with planes hiding their noses in hangars, random parking spots, and jetways that were not connected to their terminals. My Traffic, I guessed, was the major problem. I removed the YMML BGL and the airport looked perfect when I reloaded the sim. Solving that problem seems to have created another problem; when I went to use GSX it gave me an error message that it could not find the My Traffic AFCAD file for YMML. In desperation I removed My Traffic from the P3D add-ons, reloaded YMML and GSX worked fine at that point. But it means I have no AI traffic except for the default traffic at ALL my airports. I've never run into this kind of problem before and not sure what to do next.At all other airports it seems GSX finds the scenery AFCAD and uses that. Not with YMML. I did locate the YMML scenery AFCAD and tried to trick GSX and My Traffic into using it, but that didn't work. Any suggestions or leads on how I might fix this? Frank Marafiote Order #: 5b7c4ad1aac5d
  17. Got her starting cold & dark, batteries and ground power running, intialisations ongoing, ezdok cameras adjusted. Only the weather is not as good as in my 2015 RL flight. To be continued. Once I got her in the air...
  18. I took these screenshots in YMML, but I see these in other Orbx airports, too. Imagine´s WSSS does not show this. I checked if there is any possible setting in Vector or in the lights configurator, but did not find an idea. Maybe someone here has it?
  19. This video is a FSX flight of a simulated Beechcraft Duke Turbine aircraft using PRO-ATC/X. The flight departs from Melbourne International Airport (YMML), a.k.a. Tullarmarine Airport, in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia and arrives at Launceston Airport (YMLT) in the rural area of Western Junction near Launceston, Tasmania. Based on YouTube analytical data, I’ve changed the format of my flight videos. The average person only watches for about 2 minutes. The best I can do with a flight is about 20 minutes. (Sometimes less time but usually because of the wonderful scenery more time.) I am concentrating on departures, landings and scenery while still having most of the important air traffic control (ATC) commands too. I am retired and a hobby flight simulator enthusiast user name Polymerman. I would be pleased for viewers to subscribe to my OVER YOUR HEAD PRODUCTIONS channel for new releases at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_zeEUvH6_33EI0tuBTfRw. This is a non-commercial hobby youtube channel. This channel enables me to have a year round fun hobby and share it with others of similar interests. The following credits are from my elder memory so please forgive me if I leave some out: (Please post a comment and I’ll try and update this area if possible.) Microsoft FSX Steam, Dovetail, Orbx’s scenery including YMML and YMLT , Pointsoft PRO-ATC/X, DX10 Scenery Fixer, Active Sky 2016, EZDOK EZCA V2, and the now defunct team at RealAir Simulations for their Beechcraft Duke V2. A special thank you goes to: 1. Marcel Verheydt for the Pro-Atc/X voicesets (http://www.mavecreations.weebly.com). I used voice “US Richard” as the copilot or PNF. 2. Samuel Freeman for sharing his AU Flight chatter sounds. 3. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.(https://obsproject.com/)
  20. Not certain if this is a UTLive issue or ORBX issue or even a P3D issue. I saw a couple of postings talking about it, but posts were old and answers were not helpful. Anyone else experiencing this: https://imgur.com/f30qTkF https://imgur.com/b1EtNqI https://imgur.com/KTq57rf https://imgur.com/5Y9zm0e https://imgur.com/7rwZkxf https://imgur.com/5yKBMYx
  21. I just wanted to start a flight at Melbourne... but I could not, as this light was simply fascinating me.
  22. Dear all, I am choosing YMML as my starting airport, the product works perfectly from initialize to take off. However every time when I flying back to Melbourne or after a certain time, the runway changed back to its default texture and some of the taxi way became blurry. I did try reinstall but it dose not help. P3DV3,FTX GLOBAL, FTX VECTOR
  23. Using the Carenado 850 in p3d failed two times, when I tried to do a flight from Christchurch to Auckland. Frustrated I was and went over to other planes. But now I collected all my remaining mental strength and gave her another chance: Out of Launceston (in the look of the early 2000s)... ... over the Northeast coast... ... towards Wilsons Prom. NP. Passing Moorabbin... ... and with two other city airports in sight. Oh well, with the CBD, too. About to land... Wow, there are some bigger jets than mine around here... Be careful, it sucks! 550 people deboarding from the A380, ready to hurry to immigration. Just 4 people deboarding here. We could be a bit faster at the bar....! PS: Yessss, this time the 850 was successful with no CTD! Great!
  24. I have download freeware airport KHQM which i have download from orbx site .I have downloaded and installed it with ftx central but the airport doesnt appear in p3d what should i do
  25. I have installed YMML v3 (via FTX Central v3) but am having problems with the graphics - see attachments. I also have some REX utilities installed including Airports HD and Textures. Is there an incompatibility between the two products; my search on the internet doesn't appear to show any. Please advise. YMML FTX v3 distortion3.doc YMML FTX v3 distortion2.doc
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