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  1. Orbx and other sellers need to post in description that there is no navdata is available for this airport. Would like an answer from admin on this.
  2. So why on earth would you buy an airport where it is impossible to use navdata to fly into ?. Just gawp at the airport ??
  3. Doing some research a post was put on Orbx on July 9th 2021 about the same issue which apparently is unresolved. If I had known this I obvioulsy would not of purchased this. It is completely unreasonable for Orbx to still market this product as it is not fit for purpose. £20 of my hard earned money wasted on this.
  4. Hi I have just purchased EDDT from Orbx Central. However it is impossible to fly in and out of this airport as FMC is saying EDDT is not in the database. Really annoyed. Can you help ? Thanks.
  5. Good advice jaycee I put gbpro below orbx in ini. file and it works fine. No overlaying in gb south but works fine in rest of GB, thanks a lot.
  6. Yep correct Chris. you cannot use both. FPS drops down to 7 fps, millenium dome is flat so its a no go.
  7. Just about to try it again now. Will let you know. Think you were right about those blue buildings in London. Thanks for your help again the other night.
  8. Thanks guys. Just one more question. Can you run gbpro with Orbx GB south as I want to keep it for the rest of the UK ??
  9. Well success with Southampton now that second scenery file has disappeared.. Looking good but can someone with a keener eye than me tell me if the surrounding autogen looks OK ? I have got GB south but it looks a bit like xplane autogen still to me. It might just be me. Thanks.
  10. Well I am back now. Just checked the ORBX Southampton folder and all that was in there was a plugins folder !! File was downloaded correctly from FTX Central. So now FTX Central was saying that Southampton was not downloaded. So i have now downloaded it again and it is showing as a full download in the file. So ran xplane again (not vanilla version yet) and its still showing the default airport. Double checked the ini.file as procedures above and no idea why. Regarding the 2 scenery packs file, just deleted both again. Ran xplane as David suggested to the first menu screen. Only 1 scenery file showing now but it is not prefixed ini. Not sure if that matters or not. Anyway will run xplane again now and will report back. For some peculiar reason xplane was saving the old prefixed ini. file for some reason but creating another scenery pack file every time I started xplane.
  11. I have left about 30 mins ago and not back till tomorrow. Will upload it for you tomorrow. Pity there are not as many helpful people as you are in the world Chris.
  12. Hi again Thanks for your time earlier. Well I put orbx files on a virgin copy of plane. Southampton now looks fine but GB south is non existent. Put files in order as you said. Given up for now. Will try again tomorrow. Many thanks once again.
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