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  1. This is near the end of a flight from Fresno to San Jose, Ca. Above the rudder is the San Luis reservoir. We are about 40 miles south of San Jose near Los Banos. Connected to the San Luis reservoir is its forebay. And off in the distance is the Los Banos reservoir, one of the premiere sites in Northern California for RC slope flying. When I was living in the SF Bay Area i went down there many times to fly. No matter which the wind was blowing there was good lift. And here we are on final to San Jose.
  2. Taking off from Palm Springs on a flight to Fresno, Ca. Heading back north with the Shed.
  3. I was flying IFR and the program tried to fly me into the mountains around Burbank. I just ignored the instructions to descend into the mountains. After a while the program went to the ILS approach and vectored me in to Burbank. Next stop San Diego. We will be heading to Palm Springs when we start back north after San Diego. The IFR sub routine tried to fly me into the mountains around Palm Springs when I was there a year ago. We'll see what happens this time around.
  4. San Luis Obispo, KSBP, is a mid California airport near the coast about halfway between Monterey and Santa Barbara with an easy ILS approach into runway 11. Next Stop Burbank.
  5. Here we are on approach to Monterey, Ca. This is a continuation of a flight from Portland to Medford, Redding, Sonoma, and San Carlos.
  6. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this already, just wanting to be sure - I just got YMML from Orbx. Since the jetways are .BGL and I use GSX, I have turned the file YMML_Lib_Aero.bgl to .bgl.off (these are most of the jetways) and within in GSX, have marked the parking positions for jetway exclusion. This allows GSX to place the customizable SODE jetways in. However, here is the issue - in about 8 parking positions scattered about, there are still jetways built into the terminal building model that would be for gate D20A if such was a usable parking position, but it is not. Therefore, I wanted to replace these jetways to allow for double gates at those positions for the heavy aircraft like B777 at for example gate D20. But since these jetways are built into the terminal model itself and share a model part with some pylons and roofs, I cannot find out how to disable these jetways without also disabling the scenery that shares the same model parts. Does anyone have any ideas? If it is not possible, then I will have to deal with the eyesore of having a GSX SODE jetway over the existing static model jetway. I guess that it is also a bit sad that this scenery does not come with SODE jetways to begin with, granted it is a fairly old product now.
  7. This is an ILS approach into runway 14 KMFR on a rather stormy day. Weather courtesy of Rex Sky Force. This is near then end of a flight from KSBA Santa Barbara.
  8. I recently upgraded my video card to Radeon 6900XT XFX black edition. It really smoothed things out. Now I can go right up the SF Bay at relatively high settings with good frame rates. This was on a flight from San Carlos KSQL to Sonora KSTS.
  9. I was going to do a flight from Blue Canyon Nyack, Ca to Elko, Nevada. But after seeing this courtesy of Rex Sky Force I just closed P3d and reopened it in Elko..
  10. I took advantage of the Halloween sale to add Diamond Point to my airports. This is on a flight from Diamond Point to Bowerman.
  11. Here we are coming into Santa Barbara from Hawaii on the final leg of our round the world flight.
  12. This is the beginning of an early morning flight from Klamath Falls, Oregon, KLMT, north to La Grand, Oregon, KLGD. About a two hour flight. La Grand is in a little valley that is very pretty in the summer time. I had trouble finding the airport and messed up the approach so no pictures of the approach to KLGD. Eastern Oregon is much like this. Not much out there compared to western Oregon.
  13. This flight originated in Broome. From Brisbane we go out to Pago Pago, then Hawaii, and the mainland to finish our around the world flight in the Sabreliner.
  14. A flight in the C195 Business Liner from KEKA Murray to KLMT Klamath Falls. That's Mt. Shasta in the background with Shasta Lake and Shasta Dam closer in. The lake is much lower these days.
  15. Touchdown at YBRN, Broome, Australia. The end of a flight from Phuket, Thailand taking the Sabreliner 65 around the world. From here to Cairns, Australia. Then out across the Pacific. The flight planner is P3d shows the flight from Phuket at 2110 miles so I loaded 5467 lbs. of fuel. But the actual distance I think is more like 2700 miles which is at the limit in my enhanced range model so I had to do an inflight refueling. Shutdown. Next stop YBCS, Cairns, Australia.
  16. Here we are coming to the apron at Ponta Delgada airport, LPPD. Its in the Atlantic, about 600 miles due west of Portugal. This is after a 5 1/2 hour flight from Princess Juliana, TNCM, Martinique, mostly at FL 40. Lots of thunderstorms along the way. I was surprised when the green night lighting came on. I think the illumination is pretty good. The stars are faintly visible. A bit quirky, but not a bad looking airplane.
  17. And here we are back with the Comanche Coming into La Grande, Oregon in the valley ahead. Fall is in the air and on the ground.
  18. On a flight from Tampa, Florida to Princess Juliana TNCM. FL 30.
  19. South of KMBS on the way to Tampa. Heading south for the winter.
  20. Out over eastern Oregon at FL 30 on a flight from Medford to Idaho Falls.
  21. Seems like every flight from Southern California to Medford, Oregon goes right by Mt. Shasta.
  22. Crossing over KBUR at FL 30 on a flight from KSAN to KMFR. Frame rates dropped a bit.
  23. This is a flight in the Sabreliiner from Edmonton, Canada to Medford, Oregon mostly at 40,000 feet.
  24. A direct GPS flight from Palm Springs to Medford takes you right up the spine of the Sierras, right over Lake Tahoe, and just to the east of Mt. Shasta. This flight is at 20,000 feet.
  25. I left the landing light on.
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