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  1. I recently took advantage of the Orbx Black Friday sale and purchased a number of products including YBBN Brisbane. I was very pleasantly surprised. I love flying in my home area and had previously purchased and installed Orbx Brisbane City Landmarks. When I took my first flight after installing YBBN Brisbane, it seemed to me that the scenery area along the Brisbane river and in particular, the Port of Brisbane area at the mouth of the river, were displayed with additional detail. Overall, it was an especially enjoyable flight in my home town. The combination of the two Orbx products provided a great VFR experience. Just wondering if the developers can shed any light on whether it was just my imagination or whether Orbx YBBN was designed to contain additional detail beyond the actual airport precinct?
  2. YBAF Archerfield has been a long held wish of mine. It was the place of my first solo in a good old faithful C172, VH-MDX. Can't afford real flying any more but flight simming comes close to filling the void, especially with Orbx products.
  3. Thanks for all the really interesting replies to my first post on these forums - very encouraging. I was particularly interested in Naveen's experience in using 3 monitors with his 5970 in Eyefinity mode. Have any other simmers used a 5870 or a 5970 in Eyefinity mode? I'm due to purchase a new graphics card soon and am thinking seriously about the 5870. At the moment I'm useing a faithful old 8800GTX and a Matrox TH2Ggo Analogue.
  4. I read a review recently of this card which described a feature that enabled a display over 3 monitors. I haven't noticed any discussion of this in the flight sim forums yet and was wondering whether anyone has used a 5870 card for 3 displays. If so, how does it compare to the TH2go? If the performance is equal or better, then this must surely spell the end for the Matrox product. The 5870 on its own would be a much cheaper solution than a TH2go plus a high end video card. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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