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  1. I must say I do love Orbx’s landmarks series. Always great interesting choices for locations. Although I do love to travel in real life, and have been fortunate to go to some incredible places, there are some locations which realistically I won’t get to in my life time. Maybe Panama Canal is one of those. Orbx landmarks helps to provide a little bit of the magic of these locations and I find myself reading up on them loads so that I can really appreciate the flights I have around the landmarks scenery. Bravo!
  2. I would also add that, once the LOD pop in resolved then this will be another example of great talented work from Matteo. I have all of his other works also, and they tend to be the airports that I come back to time and time again.
  3. The popping is very apparent at 1000 feet+ above. The issue is with the LOD parameters that Matteo used. I know he has acknowledged to fix it so it’s not a matter of contention that the pop in is very obvious. FYI low level flights, in your case a helicopter in my case a Stearman, do not indicate LOD issues but that is because you are so close to the objects. Try flying GA a little higher up and it will become very clear.
  4. I would also add that the ‘pop in’ of customer objects on the island is very immersion breaking. Flying at 1500 feet around the island is just plagued with buildings appearing and disappearing. Matteo would you mind addressing the LOD issues please. I have ultra everything in settings and 400 terrain distance so it can’t be my settings.
  5. Just a quick note to advise that my previous issues experienced have now been entirely resolved with the latest update offered by PilotPlus. Thanks to the developers, this is an awesome product which I can now fully appreciate now that is fully optimised. Thank you :-)
  6. Thanks Pilotplus for this release. Unfortunately there is an inherent poor performance which appears to lack optimisation. Very laggy when moving camera around. It’s the only airport in my collection that has performance issues. I have a high end machine so that’s not the issue. Would be grateful for continued efforts to optimise performance please. It has loads of potential so hoping can be improved.
  7. One word to describe: Exceptional! Thank you Orbx. An incredible work of art.
  8. I also received CTDs when I take off/land/in proximity of the Skydive runway. I do consider this to be a major bug which requires resolving please, as it has been my airport of preference since purchasing the Dubai landmarks on day one. This bug has become apparent since sU5 only. I have no other Addons in community folder and receive no other CTDs with any other scenarios across SU5. Whilst I appreciate Orbx will not have caused this issue, I would be grateful if Orbx can work on the fix please. At this time I consider the Dubai pack unusable, which is a real shame as it is one of my favourites.
  9. I 100% concur. The Northumberland coastal route won't be the same without all major landmarks along it. The Flight from Newcastle to Edinburgh wont be the same without those mentioned. Please give consideration as Makapala rightly calls out, as these are extremely famous landmarks, and when the new Indiana Jones film eventually comes out, all will understand why ;-)
  10. Brilliant news, and thank you. I very much look forward to it's eventual release.
  11. Good morning all. I would be very grateful if I could be advised as to whether Rex Simulations’s new product (Rex Real Global Airport Textures for MSFS) will be available via Orbx Direct? I know they are already a partner etc. So if the plan is to release via Orbx direct, would be grateful of any timescales? Thanks in advance :-)
  12. Well done Orbx, the airport and surrounding areas are exceptional. I love the final approach in particular as it looks photo realistic for the most part. The only disappointing aspect is the excessive coast/shoreline LOD morphing/pop in. It does kind of detract from the otherwise beautiful scenery. I wonder if Orbx could combine products by creating their custom airport but also include terrain mesh out to a reasonable radius of the airport combined in the package. I thought the NZ mesh was incredible in minimising otherwise distracting terrain morphing. I get that ultimately this is down to Asobo to fix, but it is such a shame in this case as it impacts Orbx’s great work on KAVX.
  13. Extraordinary! The attention to detail here is off the charts! Superb photos :-)
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